Shrink Ray Island

The top 10 and an away notice

Hello everyone, it’s EP back again for another new post based on the..*drumroll*…TOP 10 FINISHERS OF SHRINK RAY ISLAND! Let’s give it up for the top 10 people! The new PCB post details the first people to finish. Personally, I think they should include an exact amount of time for us. Just an idea to keep track on how long it took to finish each island. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways, here goes the new PCB post:

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Shrink Ray Island!

Finishing Shrink Ray Island is no small task. These 10 Poptropicans went above and beyond, becoming the first to complete the quest!

1. Funny Lobster

2. Super Fox

3. Curious Popper

4. Squeezy Hamburger

5. Prickly Spider

6. Crazy Dolphin

7. Fearless Tornado

8. Sleepy Horse

9. Silver Foot

10. Grey Icicle

We can’t wait to see many more of you solving the mystery of the Shrink Ray gun and earning that Island Medallion.

Finished…already?! Boy, it t0ok me 30 minutes just to find out how to get shrinked to miniature size 0.0…a fail, I know :D. I was walking around and didn’t know what to do. I heard it took most people HOURS if not more than a day to figure it out. Luckily, I had help finishing the island and writing out my guide along the way (special thanks to Hijuyo for her amazing edits and publishing).

But the top 10 finished this fast?! Someone could’ve finished in an hour and still not be top 10. A lot of my friends woke up at 7 or 6 in the morning just to get on before the servers were flooded with people. These people must’ve finished less than my buddies’ times. Some people just work fast I guess ;). The top 10 people of epicness are:Funny Lobster, Super Fox, Curious Popper, Squeezy Hamburger, Prickly Spider, Crazy Dolphin, Fearless Tornado, Sleepy Horse, Silver Foot, and finally, Grey Icicle. Job well done :D.

On another note to all the awesome readers of this Poptropica blog: I will be leaving on Sunday at 5:00 PM to catch a 7:00 PM flight back to China to visit relatives and such. I really do hope the flight won’t be that boring and monotonous like last time. I had to be in a seat all night with a 10 year old telling me at least a dozen stories :/ about how “he liked squirrels.”

I’ll be on vacation there for some time enjoying the hot weather, enjoying the food and cuisine, visiting some people, and visiting some historical sights. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks of going to a communist country :(. The Chinese government doesn’t like “freedom of speech” so they’ve pretty much banned all religious sites, all email communication, like gmail and yahoo, unless approved by the government. So yeah, a really bad thing about visiting.

I’m telling you this because I may be inactive on posting for this blog for part of my stay because of sight seeing and such. But fear not, readers, I’ve installed a private proxy server to hide my IP so I can surf the web in an anonymous proxy location and visit sites that I normally can’t visit there like Gmail or Blogger or even WordPress (phew).

So I can still post time to time and be on the chat, although your morning is my night in the USA so no one will be on at the chat room..except maybe Hijuyo, since we’ll be living in the same region :D, so yeah. That’s pretty much it. I’ll post time to time on the blog and make sure all posts are updated each day when I come back from wherever I’m going. I’m still able to surf the web with a private proxy. I’ll be there for 2 weeks and be back in about 16 days to be active again. Wish me a good voyage, people! Thanx.

-EP signing out until I get to China.

28 thoughts on “The top 10 and an away notice”

    1. You just accepted that to put your comment XD

      Anyways have a great trip Elmo!! And congrats to the Top 10 finishers!!

      Hijuyo: Actually I think someone else already approved the comment before I got to it. ๐Ÿ˜› But it’s true that saying ‘first comment’ doesn’t really contribute anything. xD

  1. Actualy the train is the John Bull, a few Daily Pop’s back there was a Bar with the initials JB

  2. Some 10 year old boy telling you how he likes squirrels on your way to China? That sounds annoying and boring. (But kinda funny too XD) Wish you safe travel elmopwns! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: To all you people reading this. Who cares if you are the first comment! XD

  3. For some reason, Binary Bard does a whole lot of random 1s and 0s after his posts. I guess Binary Bard likes Binary CODE. Heh heh. Lame joke.

      1. I knew that. I just stick in the word “random” whenever possible even if it dosn’t make sence.

      2. The binary code after the post on the Creator’s blog when Binary Bard won the villan showdown translates “I couldn’t have done it without you, Mom” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. HOW IN THE POPTROPICAN UNERVERSE DID SLEEPY HORSE GET HOLD OF THE SHRINK RAY GUN…it looks so cool is there a hack or cheat to get hold of it as a hand held item or did he costumize it from someone else.

    1. Costumeize the shrink ray gun from despicable me ad,
      then go on shrink ray then it will appear as the shrink ray from SRI.

      i have it too ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. I completed the Despicable Me quest on Poptropica, but now I don’t see it in my inventory. Is there any way to get it back?

        Hijuyo: Unfortunately no; ad items are for a limited time only and once they disappear they’re gone.

      2. My account is the weirdest account ever. I have completed all the islands, but on Cryptids Island I have Ratty Darts instead of (I think) Pigeon Feathered Darts and Peregrine Feathered Darts. Plus, on Counterfeit Island and Red Dragon Island, nothing is in the “Torn Picture” or “Haiku” icon. What’s wrong with my account?
        Is there any way to fix my account, or if I can, will it happen again? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      3. Sometimes the ad items disappear quickly, and sometimes they disappear slowly. ??????

    2. Maybe it’s like Poseidon’s trident and Hade’s crown, and you get to take possession of it.

    3. If you got the Shrink Ray from the despicable me ad, then when you were it, it looks EXACTLY like the shrink ray gun. It even shrinks people. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Enjoy your trip, EP!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ ;D
    BTW… I think I have a bit of an idea of when non-members will be able to go ahead and complete Shrink ray island.
    According to Wikipedia, non-members have to wait approx 4 weeks for islands to be available after the members-only period.
    So Shrink Ray island should be ready for us non-members possibly around July 28th.
    It’s going to be a LOOOOOOOOONG WAIT. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Hijuyo: I’m sorry but in this case Wikipedia is not a reliable resource. The only way we can know for sure when exactly an island is coming out is if the Creators announce a specific date. (Wiki editors do not control Poptropica, but Pop Creators do.)

  6. Have the Poptropica creators released the date when non-members can play Shrink Ray Island?

    Hijuyo: No, but as of June 30th, nonmembers can play a demo of the island.

  7. I was almost finished with Shrink Ray Island before they annouced this. D: Darn it. I could’ve been in the top ten…But it’s casual for me to end up in the top 1,000. >_<

    1. Still pretty good though. I was stuck on Cryptids Island when you had to get that guy’s truck out of the mud for like, 2 days. Good job though, Miley the Brawler! ๐Ÿ™‚ :-)!

  8. Actually, I live in China, and they don’t block Gmail and Yahoo and WordPress. They only block Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Blogspot.

    It’s kinda cool how in the sneak peek, the miniature blimp can be used as a regular blimp for you when the dude shrinks you.

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