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Replay Castle!

If you visit your inventory, you may notice that your island medallions have more than just the “Put On” button – a new “Replay Island” button was added to every medallion card! When you click on it, it will ask you to confirm whether you really do want to lose all your items and progress for the island.

Unfortunately, nothing happened when I clicked “Yes.” Maybe they’re working on it, but this could be a cool feature we can be looking forward to! (thanks, Blueshield)

Update: The Replay button is gone! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Also, here’s a sneak peek of the next Poptropica island:

Not exactly the mightiest castle out there. What’s up with the bucket attached to a flagpole by roof? Construction of this fortress in the fog looks only half-finished. What do you think might be involved in this one?

According to reader Maximum Ride, the flag is Scotland’s. Could this have anything to do with the “French” island sneak peeks from before? Maybe we’re not just getting a France-like island, maybe it’s Europe-themed! Who knows. ๐Ÿ˜›

36 thoughts on “Replay Castle!”

  1. can u restart the island even it is not done because while im playing an island and i refresh the page then u went to an other place and u dont no to go next i think its a bug

    Hijuyo: No, because you wouldn’t have the medallion for an unfinished island.

  2. WOAH! Replay island? Maybe because they want people to keep playing poptropica if they stop making islands!!!! Also, just replaying EP would be a great way to earn lots of credits… >:)

      1. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

        Yes, and clans I think. I think the Irish did,too. (I know this ’cause I’m of Irish heritage. And French. And Cherokee Indian.) Hope this helped! ;D

      2. also during the 100 years war (between france and england)
        they got the idea from the normans i think
        (my parents are scottish so i know a lot about this stuff)

      3. One of my friends is of scottish blood!Her clan’s tarton I do not know.Her grandma does,though.My friend’s aslo irish,american,and native american!She is related to Pocahountas through John Rolfe.Her friend is related to Aberham Lincon through Mary Todd.=)

    1. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

      Thanks Shaggy!

  3. Yeah, I know what LGBT, and I saw the article about those people who comitted suicide because of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And you know what sucks? I told this one guy and he just laughed, I guess he hates those types of people…what a loser.

    1. Seriously? Wow. That guy must be a [INSERT CUSS WORD HERE] (XD) if he laughed at that. lol just kidding at the cuss word thing but still…. thats just rude. :\

    2. I bet that guy who laughed at that thinks he is brave.He might be afraid of death.Sirus Black from Harry Potter series was not afraid of death.He died to help Harry at the department of mysteries.Nearly headless Nick was afraid of death,so he stayed behind as a ghost.The vikings from the how to train your dragon books said that they laughed in the face of death.But they were afraid of the undead.

  4. I was just checking this out in my inventory, and I tried it out on Early Poptropica, but it didn’t work.

    BUT, I found a hidden item, called “Hypnotic,” and it’s a costume with a spiral shirt, funky glasses, and weird hair. O_o It says “You found a hidden item!” so… I dunno how this happened so I can’t tell you how to get it.

    Hijuyo: The Hypnotic was released as one of Poptropica’s secret Easter eggs sometime this summer. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. The replay island button been removed now. Maybe the Creators don’t want any really “dangerous” glitches to occur while they create something like that. I suppose then, that this blog is useful in preventing such things…

    1. I just saw on the front page a new icon that reads: “Cryptids Island- Coming Soon.” Doesn’t do anything, though… still, cant wait!

  5. Wow, the part about the LGBT teens is just sad (yeah, I looked the abbreviation up) and I hope we get credits for replaying islands, but then we probably wouldn’t because people will just play them over and over again so they get more credits more easily without having to wait for an island…

  6. It is also possible that it could be a Scottish battle against the French or the other way.

    Plus, the Scotti have the best longsword ever. Does anyone know the name of it? I want to see if you know?

    Sorry if I am off topic.

  7. I noticed at the bottom of the home page where announcements usually are, a thing for an island called CRYPTIKID I think. They took it off so I’m not sure about the spelling. It had a monster looking tail and a magnifying glass I think (I’m trying to write this from memory)

    Hijuyo: It was “Cryptid Island.” Read more in our next post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I wonder why Monster Carnival was never made . It has been 2 years since the mysterious dissapirance . Maybe the creator just gave up on the island . It is not like Reality TV island were it was supposed to open to the public of the summer of 2009 . It was replaced with Counterfeit Island I think and it came out maybe 4-5 months after the fact .

  9. I think the creators were just trying out their new creation then something went wrong or they “accendently” let it open to the players of poptropica and tried to take it back as soon as possible .

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