And dere aww coot and fuzzy! Da End


I wish.

There’s a new Barbie *choking sound* Girls *gag* ad for girs (yes I had to make a girl account. The sacrifices I make for you guys…)Β Thanks to 101ab.boon for posting this on the PHF.Β Β I found it on a 12 yr old account on Steamworks, Early Poptropica, Shark tooth, Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Super Power. Comment if you find any other ages or islands!

Basically what you do is go inside the ad (obviously…) and talk to *choke* Barbie *gag* and she’ll explain her problem.

I thought her legs were abnormally long...?

After you overcome the horror of talking to a plastic owner of the highest pitched and most annoying voice in all reality she’ll tell you what’s up. Or down, or nowhere really…

Life in plastic: Not fantastic!

You help her choose a costume when you say “What choices do I have?” And you need to choose the coustume that *Cough* Barbie *choke* is describing. E.g. “I need a costume with a bit more of a buzz!” A bee. When you choose the right one she’ll give you a ‘Cat Costume” (So bad luck if you’re allergic to cats like me) You costumise that, and run to your right. Talk to the Secret Agent (who fails to reconise you as you director so remember to fire her later) and she’ll let you go into the party. Basically that’s that except you get to meet a few old friends! Do you reconise these two?

Having a Fang-tastic time with old friends... who forgot their punch?! :O

That’s all for me now,

*Walks off cliff and falls into different dimension*

45 thoughts on “Barbie MONSTERS”

      1. How long have those barbie dolls been in the stores? 60 years? I never
        really liked them, the barbie poptropican’s hair is WEIRD.

    1. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

      I’m not really a fan, either. (And I’m a 9 year old little girl!)

      1. I used to play that website (the Barbie girls thing) when I was 7.
        Now I remeber why I quit the site…lol
        (I quit the site 2 years ago….I dun playin’ it anymore…)

  1. I found it on my 10 year old girl account. I HATE Barbie even though I am a girl. Almost everyone in my 5th grade class hates Barbie as well.

    1. Hey there are little kids watching this comment, Enclosed Lighting!

      sorry about that…

  2. Lol, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble creating a new girl account. I would have let you borrow my pics. πŸ˜›

  3. Hey the AD keeps showing up and I have a boy account! To make it worse, somehow it makes you customize into a girl’s outfit! Holy cow! At least when I was done I copied the outfit from the boy vampire (I was looking for some fangs)

  4. If you go to any of your island medaillions in your inventory theres a new button that says:

    Replay Island


    (Sorry about the caps I was excited)

  5. kind of stinks you cant copy those other costumes……and that’s weird that its appearing on boy accounts. I think its dumb you have to copy the costume to get into the party. I didn’t see any other party quests wearing that costume. Boys in that cat costume…..yikes. And um I saw a Toy story 3 ad with my one boys account just so you guys know.
    Anyways who has square hair like that? (no one)
    You are right,life in plastic not so fantastic.

  6. I’m a stupid ad, givin’ boys cross dress…lol…
    I want the stinkin’ pirate costume of the vampire or wizard one…stupid rip off poptropica

    1. I hate barbie,you hate barbie.
      Let’s get together and kill barbie.
      With a big fat laser gun
      I forgot the rest of the lyrics….

  7. It was bad enough there WAS a Barbie ad… you have ta costumize the comstume to get in the party?!?! Way not worth it…

  8. I never really liked *gag* Barbie. *choking on the words* AND i just so happen to have a sister who LOVES her and made me buy a collection just so we could play together as i slowly die from lack of interest just so she could be happy so she would leave me alone which she never does! *cant catch breath* So… you lucky *cough cough* people should be……be….be glad you don’t have a *gag* Barbie loving sister.
    B.T.W. I was around 3 when i flushed my first Barbie down the toilet.
    I could have just ran away from home the minute my sister, (who wants to join poptropica, who will be known as…*ugh* Loud Thinker, who has to have Barbie somewhere in her username, who LOVES pink, who wants to paint my room pink, and who wants to paint EVERYTHING pink) was born. but no. i actually love her enough to survive living with her. LOL

  9. Oh, and sorry i wrote so much. I’m not as social or talkative as that. i just thought i could add in my suffering. -looks down- Really sorry. *sniffle*

  10. I love the *Walks off cliff and falls into different dimension*! Unfortunaly, green boa falls into the twilight zone. There he meets my friend who has a third eye and loves to wear it.=)

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