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Furry monster… carnival?

Just look at these guys!

Justly named Furry Monsters 1-4 (see above pic; 1-4 are in order left to right), these new [and so far, unannounced] releases to the Poptropica Store mean you can now get what used to be ultra-rare leaked costume parts (wings, horns, fur bodies) for only 75 credits per costume! Here’s what they say:

  • Furry Monster 1: “Monster is the new black.”
  • Furry Monster 2: “Don’t hate me because I’m spooky.”
  • Furry Monster 3: “Be a hit at the next monster bash!”
  • Furry Monster 4: “Guaranteed to shock and frighten!”

And apparently, the available furry monsters are actually different by your gender! So there’s actually more of a variety available, and the good news is, they’re all AWESOME!

Girl mon-STARS! xD
Monster madness for the boys!

These creatures resemble the leaked costumes of “Monster Carnival Island”, the unreleased island that appeared on the Poptropica Map in early 2008 and mysteriously never went live. (Instead, as older players may recall, it was replaced by 24 Carrot.) As far as the Creators are showing us, they probably won’t be releasing this Monster Carnival Island.

For reference: The Poptropica Help Blog has given away 13 of these epic monster-type costumes back when they were unobtainable. You can read all about our PHB 1 Million Monster Competition by clicking here.

So these monster costumes aren’t very rare any more, now that anyone can obtain them… but they’re still cool! Don’t you just love those critter bits? 😀

What do you think of being able to easily access what were once known as ultra-rare Poptropica clothing?

Ad building news according to Sunset1624: “There’s also a new ad for girls (I found it on my 12 year old account) called Barbie Girls Halloween Bash. You help Barbie pick out a good costume for the party, and when you pick out a costume she likes (it could be any) you get a cat costume for yourself and you get to go to the Halloween party. You can’t costumize any of the good costumes though. The only costumes you can costumize are the costumes of the same people from the Haunted House.”

20 thoughts on “Furry monster… carnival?”

  1. Aw, I kinda wish they hadn’t put those in the store. Now if someone has part of a Monster Carnival outfit, it’s not rare anymore. 😦 But the outfits are still cool!

    Oh, and what happened to the PHF iCostume? Is it still up and working? Does anyone know? New costumes are supposed to be up every week, but the same outfits have been on there for months! I hope it’s still working. I enjoyed getting those costumes!! 😀

    Hijuyo: Coderkid is working on improving the iCostume. For more PHF news, check the PHF blog. 😉

    1. They had a lack of details, characters, ideas, and props. So they just eventually shut it down and replaced it with 24 Carrot Island.

  2. I went to the poptropica store and they were there! I do admit this ruins the whole challenge and fun of finding them. At least it will be much easier to get them now.

    Hannah, 10 years old( 11 on the 21st on October!!!!!)


    Wait. The costumes. Like those RTV ones, but the monster costumes were WAY rarer. Not like the Creators confirmed that any costumes [except 3rd Birthday] would be forever rare.

    Talking about Birthdays, did Poptropica celebrate their 1st and 2nd? How did they do them?

    Hijuyo: The Creators never intended for the Monster Carnival items to ever be released until now when they put them in the Store. Before then, they were mysteriously leaked to multiplayer rooms. We have no record of Poptropica celebrating their 1st or 2nd birthdays.

  4. oh man, for the pros: at least u can get monster oufits easily, for the cons: I SPENT ALL 2 YEARS SEARCHING AND FINALLY FOUND ONE! OH THE AGONY!!!

  5. ????
    I have furry monster 2 for the girls in my inventory from the leak the exact same one!
    I mean really this is just like what if you had a really cool item like a beard or something that no one can ever get any more and then the creators put that exact same costume in the store!
    I mean no offense to people who like these costumes but some people (like me) who worked hard in the competition and maybe even won a costume but now i guess the costumes are useless because other young ones can buy them!
    What do YOU think?

  6. i’m actually glad they made this public, because my monster carnival clothing were deleted in the patch so now i can get them back

  7. But in my store, I already bought the old ones, so the new ones arent showing up!!! 😡

    Slanted Fish: What do you mean? There aren’t “old ones” and “new ones” – these costumes were all released at the same time.

  8. Ummm… How do you get the Unicorn horn on the boy’s version of “Furry Monster 3” MAP isn’t working right now, and I couldn’t find it’s ID anyways. Could somebody who has that costume make an asg of it?

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