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Green Boa: Yep! 2 things that people love to do. BOTH could be useful on Poptropica’s new adventure Great Pumpkin Island. Now, in this post we’re gonna have a whole lotta guests, so I thought would only be suitable to make this in talk show format. Now, let’s meet our co-host for today, Binary Bard! (:

Binary Bard: *peeks out from behind chair*ย Uh, h-h-h-hello?

Green Boa: What the radish are you doing there?

Binary Bard: Well it’s not like this is the safest place in the world, you know! You’ve eaten all 3 Captain Crawfishes! I could be next! And I know Hades got away, but it’s not like I have a plant monster to guard me, nor can I send any of you lot to the underworld! The PHB is savage and ruthless!

Green Boa: Would you like to go back to your faraway galaxy with no means of escape?

Binary Bard: Urrrr, no.

Green Boa: Good! Now, GP island is kinda tricky. But 10 skillful Poptropicans have just nailed it. We’d like you to welcome, Great Pumpkin island’s first 10 winners!!!

(Crowd cheers)

Binary Bard: Well… let’s give a great big cheer to…

(Bieber like squeal from crowd)


Binary Bard: And they don’t call you hyper?

Green Boa: Oh, shut up. Of course, nothing is finished without a bit of competition, so, right on hyper shark’s sharky tail is…

Fierce dog with a moon-coloured bone

Binary Bard: Hmm. I like dogs. Maybe I should’ve made a robot DOG instead of a robot owl…

Green Boa: Didn’t you see the sign when you came into the studio? “NO THINKING UP WAYS TO TICKLE GREEN BOA’S FOOT WHILE HE IS ASLEEP EVIL PLANS WHILE ON AIR”

Binary Bard: Moving on… next to beat this comical island was…

Now THAT would scare me into handing over the treats... ๐Ÿ˜›

Green Boa: Lol, LOVE the costume Cooly! Great job!

Binary Bard: Yeah! But I REALLY like this one. Smart looking fellow. Maybe he could think about becoming a cyborg sidekick…

Green Boa: Stop it! Anywho, you’re right BB, this does look like a wise guy.ย  Andย his name is…

Does he study the slipperiness protocols of atom factor plugs? No, he just beats islands really really fast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Binary Bard: Atom factor plugs? What?

Green Boa: It sounded scientific, so shut up. When I gave CC a science lesson a while back he got eaten alive, so button it. >:)

Binary Bard: Uhhh, anyway. Next on the list has a good taste in fashion. A dash of pirate, a little techno, a bit of ancient Greece and mystical powers. ๐Ÿ™‚

Green Boa: Since when did you get into fashion?

Binary Bard: What, you never want to try anything new? Never been bored out of your mind deserted on a planet 10 million light years away from civilisation?

Green Boa: You raise a good point. ๐Ÿ˜›

Binary Bard: Yeah, but anyway. Put your hands together for…

Hmmm, tough... bite... could be useful for nomming... *evil giggle behind hand*

Green Boa: Hmm, yes. Very good. Space cowboy has worked well, so why not pirate/ancient greek gamer?ย Love it.

Binary Bard: Yes, but this next costume is VERY dull.

Green Boa: What? I love this costume! It’s a classic!

Binary Bard: Not much good for trick or treating though.

Green Boa: Sure it is! 1930s young boy or something like that. Anyway, welcome…


Binary Bard: Well, even if he’s not too good with fashion, his island finishing skills are fantastic.

Green Boa: Exactly. Wow, this is a really really really really BIG post! Well, it can only get bigger by delaying. Next to complete Great Pumpkin was…

Look at her name. Blue Sky. BLUE SKY. That just CAN'T be a coincidence, can it?

Binary Bard: Seven down, three to go.

Green Boa: That’s right! And surfin’ is in. Or so says or next winner…

Singin', in the waves. I'm just siiiinging in the waves. What a wooonderful feeling...

Binary Bard: OK, we’re almost done. Finally!

Green Boa: Yep, we’ve seen the great and the good, but this guy looks just a tad… suspicious. ๐Ÿ˜•

Hide the paintings! No, wait! Hide the rockets! Uh, hide the paintings of rockets? XD

Binary Bard: OMCF! My agent! I told him to stay put! And he’s gone off on islands with PUMPKINS!

Green Boa: Well he probably took you for dead! You hadn’t spoken to him since you got stranded on that planet!

Binary Bard: Well how was I supposed to tell him? I wasn’t in mobile phone reception!

Green Boa: *eye roll* ANYWAY, we’ve seen a shark of the hyper kind, a moon that looks like a dog and could attack at any moment, a green faced typhoon with a low temperature, one of the smartest plugs in the world who has a habit of slipping out of tight spots, a closing jaw with a lot of muscles, a miniscule crush, a beautiful sky of its natural color, a musician who can pull a few tricks on the board and someone with the body of the tortoise but the speed of the hair. Now without further ado, I will announce the 10th winner of GP island…


Binary Bard: Gee whiz! What a look!

Green Boa: Yes and that’s all of our lucky winners for this post! But, it’s not the end of the post!

Binary Bard: Mumble grumble grumbly mumbly.

Green Boa: SHUT UP!!! I have to apologise for my lack of effort on posting Poptropica updates. I would’ve done except the other authors were as speedy as the above Poptropicans and my computer doesn’t connect to the internet properly until 3:00 PM. Some of you may have thought that I had abandoned the PHB, but that is absolute BALDERDASH. I am NOT leaving the PHB anytime soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Binary Bard: Very emotional. ๐Ÿ˜

Green Boa: And now for the feast!

Binary Bard: Oh, goody! Food! What are we eating?

Green Boa: *stares at BB*

Binary Bard: :O

Green Boa: >:D

Binary Bard: *whimper*

Green Boa: We’re going to McDonald’s. *gets up and walks away*

Binary Bard: Wait, what?

Green Boa: We’re gonna go to McDonald’s. C’mon. We’re leaving.

Binary Bard: Oh, phew!

Green Boa: Unless you want to stay here, mind you, the audience looks a bit hungry…

Binary Bard: McDonald’s it is then!

(GB and BB leave, go to McDonald’s, and have the new ‘Crawfish Special’)


26 thoughts on “ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! or… MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH”

  1. Loved the post. Congrats to the first 10 finishers. ๐Ÿ˜€

    (Btw, I put together a Great Pumpkin Island/Halloween 2010 header for the PHB! Woot. ;D Click here to see the permalink.)

      1. Stupid pirate! It IS your opinion, Captain Dragon! Either vote or get nommed! I’ll bet your beer if you decide to get nommed.

  2. Great job to all the finishers!!! I hope they read this blog…

    OMG!!! I am wearing the exact same outfit as Blue Sky!!!

  3. Awesome post!!! BB should’ve figured out we can’t nom on him, we can’t eat metal! ๐Ÿ˜› BTW, awesome new header!

  4. I am soo glad, that Binary Bard did not get eaten. Really I don’t really like it when they do get eaten. I now its kinda just for fun. But really, it the creators decided if you wanted to eat them, then.. BOOM! No more creators, no more Poptropica. Except maybe Binary Bard making a mini quest or a island once every year. And maybe Black Widow maybe some discount offers on Membership.. Or are you going to eat The Black Widow too?

    I just want to say: Thanks for not nomming Binary Bard. — Postopialucy/Yellow Hawk

  5. Where did they get those masks from?

    Hijuyo: The green Halloween mask item is from the Great Pumpkin Island quest.

  6. OMG!!!!! THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!!! goin 2 Mcdonalds….mmmm i love Mcdonalds too…or maybe like it. Anyways, PHB RULES!!!! keep up da awsome work!

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