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Great Pumpkin Island is out!!

Yes, you saw that right! Great Pumpkin Island is out for members TODAY! (That was fast, wasn’t it? Sorry to all the non-members out there but you’re going to have to wait until it releases on October 14th for everyone…) So if you’re a Poptropica member, go log in NOW, YES NOW and go play Great Pumpkin Island!!

The rating for the island is “easy,” but if it’s still a challenge for you, a written walkthrough guide from the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB – that’s us!) is available here!

Trick or treat, Charlie Brown!

Looks like us members get a bonus too! (Yes, I got a member account :D) This exclusive “Woodstock Follower” gold card is available to any members who log in during the Early Access period, which lasts from now (September 30th) to October 14th, 2010 according to the official info page!

You could have Snoopy's little friend follow you everywhere and accompany you on your adventures!

The island’s plot closely follows the TV special “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” if you’re familiar with that. A fun and simple island to enjoy for October’s Halloween season – so members, go log on NOW and non-members, you get to experience the island for yourself in just TWO WEEKS! :O Sweet.

In other news (again :P): Shadoo, also from the PHC has a Poptropica band called Frost City (of which I am a part of 🙂 ) and would also like to share it with you! The link is and the official chat is .

20 thoughts on “Great Pumpkin Island is out!!”

  1. Arrive on the Island and go to the right. You will meet Charlie Brown on the way. Continue right to reach the Pumpkin Patch.
    Pick the widest, medium-tall pumpkin and check with the seesaw balance .
    Roll the pumpkin to Van Pelt house. Go slowly over bumps, turn back to reach each of the three flags. Don’t let the rabbits come up under the pumpkin. Roll it very quickly to get through the tree bridge. At the swing set, get as close as possible and stop, then roll through quickly while all three kids swing to the rear.
    Take the bag from Linus and give it to Pigpen, who gives you a sucker.Give the sucker to Linus, who gives you an invitation. Pick up a pen from the desk.
    Leave the house and go left into Charlie Brown’s yard. Help Snoopy corral 5 leaves by keeping them in midair with his breath as he moves them from the tree, left to the leaf pile.
    Linus arrives and jumps into the leaf pile. When he leaves, recover his blanket from the leaves and return it to him at the mailbox.
    Go back left where Lucy is preparing to again trick Charlie Brown with the football. Use the pen.
    After he falls, take the football all the way left and throw it into the tree. Knock down the aviator’s helmet.
    In the doghouse / Sopwith Camel, avoid the shots and bombs of the Baron for 60 seconds. (One way is to fly inverted along the top of the screen.) When he drops bombs, veer back the opposite way to dodge them.
    Crashing behind enemy lines, you will have to avoid being seen by the searchlight. Hide behind rocks, in a trench, in a haystack, behind a road marker, in the river, behind a bush, and finally a chimney.
    Take the mask from the scarecrow and wear it. Succeed at each of the Party Games:
    *Bobbing for apples : bite 6 of the apples, and don’t miss.
    *Drawing a Jack o’Lantern : any reasonable face will do
    *Pin the face on the pumpkin : put each of the 5 features close to where they belong, in the dark. (Stem, two eyes, nose, and mouth)
    *Schroeder’s Piano : to play the song, press the key below each of the falling balls when it enters a box in the row above the keys.
    Go with Sally and the group.Go trick-or-treating with the gang. Get 4 different types of candy from among the stuff thrown at the 4 houses. Take the candy to share with Linus and Sally.

  2. Atleast it isn’t like Skullduggery or Steamworks where we had to wait for a MONTH! This is only 13 days of extra waiting…

      1. 100 credits here I come! In 14 days… ,can some one get a time sign to make time fly?

  3. Wait a second…. if those other pictures with the jeep and the jeep with the dinosaur footprints…. what island are they from???????

    Shaggy: Different island. In a previous blog post, the Creators’ said that they were making other islands besides Great Pumpkin Island 😉

  4. Hey guys, just wanna let you know there’s a new ad in Poptropica. Its about the movie Karate Kid and its DVD release. If you have trouble finding the ad, I found it on Time Tangled Island.

  5. I accidentally logged off at the sneak preview, and when I logged back in, I was on the island. This might be a glitch or something……and I don’t have membership.

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