“It’s graduation season and we have a free cap and gown for all of you! Also celebrate the World Cup with a cool color changing soccer outfit!”

Well, from what I heard on the PHC, it seems as though the soccer outfit is free for the guys, and the graduation outift is free for the girls! Honestly, I would prefer the soccer outfit free myself. 😉

Update: This seems to have now changed. The graduation costume is free for everyone, but the soccer player clothing costs 75 credits (unless by some chance it is also free for random accounts).

Graduation Day & Soccer Fever!

“We’ve got two great items in our store this week!”

Guess the creators are happy bout us getting out of school so that we can play Poptropica a lot more huh?

Which costume do you prefer?

Now go get your graduation caps on and your soccer balls ready! It’s almost Summer!! ;D

Now this may not be the time to do this, but I just wanna say some things about the PHB authors that have left. :c

GrumpyWolf: I didn’t know you all that well, but you were cool with your simple styles and such!

GoldenEagle: My best friend… End of story. :c

Gazek: WE HAVE NO CLUE WHERE YOU ARE!! :c Come back soon! =)

Green Seal: You were my cheese buddy and music buddy for a while, we will miss you greatly. :c

Neat Whale: Well, I still get to see you, but we will miss your posts on here!

Coskitty: You were the smartest one on this blog. I am really sorry you had to leave. :c


25 thoughts on “GRADUATIOONNNNN :3”

  1. WOW! Nice First (Maybe Second) Post! LOL I refreshed the Blog, and this came up! It was posted Mere Seconds Ago!

  2. Uhhhhhh…I had a boy Poptropican, and I went on it and…I CAN HAVE BOTH CUSTOMES FOR FREE! And when I was girl, only that I can get the Graduate custome for free…

  3. Huh? Im a boy. I went in the store, and only Graduation was free… not soccer :/ I dont think its based on gender, I think it might be random…

  4. AWESOME BANNER! Which teams are you supporting for The World Cup. I am supporting two teams, first, SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN! Second, Japan cos’ they’ll go kamikaze and use their kung fu skills

    Japanese player ” Too fast for you! Too fast for you!”

  5. Ok, I don’t really care if you don’t believe me, but I am gazek. I’ve just changed my name (and account) to xaiio. I won’t be joining the PHB again. I’ve quit poptropica, and with it, the PHB. I’ll definitely miss all of you guys, my readers, fellow authors, and I hope to make an acquaintance with the new guys. Well, cya. I’ll check sometime soon!

    P.S: I SWEAR, I am gazek. If you don’t believe it… Well, I just commented because Tsuki~Yoha and the others all cared, and I wanted to give a heads up. I’ll be getting a new blog soon, and now I have devoted my self to song writing. And playing the guitar.

    Hijuyo: Great to see you again, Gazek/Xaiio. 🙂

    1. Good luck. You will be missed Gazek/Xaiio. Hope you are successful in song writing. Let the PHB know when you compose a song. That is something I have got to hear.

      Best of Luck

      ~Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain Rider of the Narrator- Servent of God

    2. You will be missed deeply by the fans of PHB. Good luck on those songs and the guitar. Thanks for being a awsome poster. Cant wait 4 ur blog. Here are some goodbye choco-chip cookies with extra choco. 😉 see ya later.

      ~ Magic Hero/ Little Dragon

    3. Well, thanks guys! Also… my unfinished blog… Not finished yet. Remember that.

    4. Geez, i cant believe i said i wont join again o-o.

      Jk, i probably will join if hijuyo says yes.

      Hijuyo: Maybe, but we already have enough authors at the moment (7). But it’s nice to see you again. 🙂

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