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The kitty has arrived. o.o

Yuppers. It’s true! The kitty cat of the Poptropica Help Forums has arrived onto the PHB! *ahem* My story st- Sorry, force of habit, only some will get that… My name on wordpress currently is Tsuki~Yoha (go to my blog for more info on that) and I was Cool Wing when I first arrived; feel free to call me: CW, Neko, Tsuki or anything I can relate too! Music Freak works as well. :3

A bit about myself. o.o

I am a 13-year-old girl who lives in the USA. I love music, anime/manga, drawing, and kitties! Oh yeah, and Poptropica. x) I have over 24 accounts, some of them are GE’s; she gave them to me. My favorite island is Reality TV. I go on chats some of the time (PHC rules!) and I am a current mod on the PHF. I work on my own blog, and a couple of others! Oh yeah, I’m also the DJ on the Flamin’ Skulls band!

I also have a DeviantArt (username: KittyCatDayleaf), and I LOVEEEEE reading! Percy Jackson and the Warriors series are my faves… :3

Well I guess that’s all… *grows wings and flies away*


42 thoughts on “The kitty has arrived. o.o”

      1. OH NO!!!! :O :O :O Hijuyo would NEVER eat a comment. In real life. Considering that’s impossible. 😀

      2. Oooooh, that’s a line from the most annoying character ever in SoulEater… xD

      3. I LOVE Soul Eater!!! Death the Kid is my favorite!!! You’re taking about Excaliber, right? I wish that thing would just die…lol

      4. Oh wow I love Soul Eater too! Yeah, I just skipped the second and third Excalibur episodes on the Funimation website… xD

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  2. Welcome to the poptropica help blog CW!!!!!
    🙂 I am going to read your personal blog now!!!
    We hope you enjoy it and by the way I have a update right here:the creators have posted a new post on their official blog it says
    Graduation Day And Soccer Fever!
    Time for your first official post!

  3. WELCOME TO PHB!!! 😀 I can tell you will be a fantastic author.


  4. I’m almost just like you! Same country, age, fave books, and animal! Im not a DJ though……lol

  5. Ooh ooh!! An anime freak now!? So .. your preferred anime is Soul Eater eh? I might watch that next! XD In the meantime, I’m recommending REBORN!, or, the long version, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn/Katekyo Hitman Reborn! >3<
    The first 30 episodes = boring
    it gets better afterwards with all the fighting!! TAT
    I'm expecting a reply! 😉

    1. AHA!~ Now that I’ve visited your blog~~
      I don’t like Shugo Chara too. 8|
      Boring as yeah?
      I really need to watch Bleach, Death Note and Vampire Night too cause, well, everyone’s into it, and I just want to join in with the craze… :L

  6. Welcome to the Help Blog! I think your name is cool! I have about twelve different accounts! 😆

  7. I have the Death Note books. They are awesome. But the Shinigami from the Death Note is horrible-looking.

  8. Did anyone notice… THAT CC LIKED THIS POST?!

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, it’s more likely that it’s not the real Creator, but rather just someone who created a WordPress account to impersonate him. His hovercard description seems to sound unprofessional.

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