Mythical Mission

The Poptropica Help Team wishes you a

:mrgreen: Happy Easter! :mrgreen:

For members, a new mythical mission awaits them on the latest Poptropica island -Mythology Island. To all the non-members (*high-fives*) out there, this island will be released FREE for everyone on April 29th.

Poptropica Creator Shark Boy says on the official Creators’ Blog that “We hope you enjoy it, this was a fun one to make. We have more awesome islands in the works, so stay tuned!” (More cool islands are on their way!)

Evidently, Vlad the Viking (another Poptropica Creator) agrees, declaring that “Mythology Island is the stuff of legends!” For those who aren’t members yet, he’s got them hooked with the official Mythology Island video trailer:

What do you think of Poptropica’s Mythology Island?

104 thoughts on “Mythical Mission

  1. Hijuyo says:

    Poptropica wants YOU to succeed!

    Poptropica needs a hero to spare it from the wrath and thunderbolts of mighty Zeus. You must travel throughout Ancient Greece – crossing the River Styx, climbing Mount Olympus, exploring the underworld – to help Zeus find his sacred items. Don’t disappoint the gods, or else Poptropica might suffer.

    Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero – and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you’ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld. Will you emerge a hero like Hercules, or face the fiery wrath of Zeus and his thunderbolts?

    • Happy Fang says:

      !!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!: Myth island is all about Hiyujo’s first description of it above.Mythology island has nothing to do with the description after that one.

      Hijuyo: The first description is from the island notice e-mail, and the other one is from Myth Island’s info page… -.o

  2. Sunny says:

    Hmm…I can’t wait for the island because I don’t have Membership, but someone’s gave me their username and password and I played the island! It’s awesome. 😛

    Hijuyo: Cool! Just be careful about giving accounts away; we can’t always trust anyone. 😉

    • Quiet Moon says:

      Happy Easter!!! Anyways… the island looks so awesome! I can’t wait to coustumize the gods! If only I had membership…

      • Happy Fang says:

        You can only customize Hades,Posiedon,Athena,Hercules,Aphrodite,and the Minotaur! You can’t customize Zeus! You never get a chance to customize him unfortunately… 😦

  3. Zey-shomi says:

    I got membership, and the items you get are awesome! You want me to spoil it? ‘Cause it’s pretty cool.

  4. Green Boa says:

    The island is awesome! I saw that mytholgy was unlocked for me… even though I didn’t buy membership! Then I checked my email and I saw that Mum had bought me membership! Woohoo! Oh, HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! :mrgreen:

  5. XBrokenRoseX says:

    Yes, happy Easter from the PHB, even from the ones that don’t celebrate it. (*winks at Hijuyo and GS and CW and HS xD*)

    The sooner I’m on Mythology island, that happier I am. Same with getting 2500 dollars for that air plane ticket. 😛

  6. Incredible Fish says:

    I am Jewish So I don’t Celebrate Easter. But still Happy Easter..

    The trailer for mythology island is really nice.

  7. Incredible Monster says:

    I was planning to just wait for a month like I did with RTV, but then I saw the trailer. Dang my obsession for PJ. O_-

  8. Bronze Moon says:

    Best, and hardest island yet. And, you don’t get just two rewards, no, you get FOUR!
    I won’t spoil it, but they’re both similar to items in the store.
    Anyways, Mythology it a puzzle-memorization themed island, so if you used a guide, it would probably be easier than, say, Super Power Island.
    It has some of the best costume pieces and I recommend it to everybody.

    • Happy Fang says:

      I saw on the RTV tvs 3 new swords!They were long and slender.Maybe you’ll use them in the next island… 😀 🙂 😆

  9. vaati09 says:


    Mythology Island is the Best Island yet! After you beat it, you take Poseidon’s Trident and Hades’ Crown! If you press the space bar you turn into a giant Greek God! This island is the best! Oh, and Happy Easter!

  10. Llama Lover says:

    I WANT TO PLAY IT!!!!!!!! it makes me wanna be a member so badly!!!!!!!!
    why does it have to be released on the 29th??? WHY! 😦

    • Friendly Coyote says:

      I’m quite interested in mythology myself, too, and with all the compliments this island is getting,I can’t wait to play it. ^_^

    • Happy Fang says:

      It’s a bit strange to be walking around a giant in poptropica I have to admit.Still,the stuff that turns U big works an ALL islands so you can cheat with it! 😀

  11. Cuddly Scorpion says:

    Yesterday, I got a membership and completed Mythology Island. Found it really interesting!

    One mistake, though, in the labyrinth: the “labyrinth” in the game is technically a maze, for it has branches and dead ends. A labyrinth has no branches or dead ends: once you go in, you’ll eventually reach the end, no matter what.

    Also, I found a new Easter egg on Reality TV Island (and today’s Easter!).

    1. Go to Reality TV Island. Jump onto the Billards green shade over the door. Try to get onto the bendy rope.

    2. Try to move yourself downward so you touch the bottom of one of the windows. This may take several times: if you get slinged to the top of the building, just try again.

    3. When you move off the window, you’ll be catapulted and will probably land somewhere on top of Mike’s Market.

  12. Neat Tornado says:

    With being a Giant, You aren’t a permanent Big god. when you are big, you turn a little bigger than the Big Three. Hadies’s crown turns you big and Posiden’s trident gives you a whitey electrified look, just like the electric card in the store, ecept it’s white. See you in poptropica!

    -Neat Tornado

    • Neat Tornado says:

      Forgot this, but you have to press the spacebar to be a giant and you can be a jiant anywhere in poptropica!(doing it in RTV is an advantage BTW)

  13. jag1235 says:

    I have a membership and it is great. You can custumize most gods but you can’t coustomize Zeus because he is only shown during things like battles or durring the main story when you cant use your mouse. You can turn big using Hades crown and make yourself look powerful with Posidens trident.

    • Happy Fang says:

      The first time it is really hard. !!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!:especially the battle with Zeus at the end is really hard at your first time!

  14. SilverStar aka Ying Yaowlak aka King and I Lover says:

    I hope this is harder than RTV cause Astroknights was hard and Counterfeit and a little easier and RTV was EASY!!

    Sounds really cool though should have good costumes.

    • Happy Fang says:

      I always wanted there to be other ways to earn credits.What if one day if you can win pathwise 50 times you get 300 credits!? That would be awesome! 😦

      • Friendly Coyote says:

        I think winning multiplayer games would be an exellent way to earn credits. I would visit Poptropica more often, if that were the case, in order to earn more credits.

  15. anahappysword says:

    Once i met a guy in a mutiplayer room and he said he wanted to be taller.
    I think his wish is coming true…

    • Happy Fang says:

      IT IS FUN!!!! I found a glitch that enables you to play Myth island again without making a new character and waiting or getting membership!!! 1. Go on poptropica 2. if you beat myth island and have membership type in UR user and password 3. push the back button and poptropica should appear 4.push the right arrow botton and you should have a new character on myth island without membership(just dont go on the balloon or you can’t go back and have to get membership or wait)also you can always log out and type in UR user and password and still have your old character saved.Hope this helps some of U! 😀 this also works on any island that is open with only membership! 😆

    • Happy Fang says:

      I found a cool effect!Get the minotaur horns and turn on torch.The flames will be coming out from between the horns above your head.It looks like in Hellboy the movie! 😀

  16. Abram says:

    I wonder what new islands are going to be coming out. Because they had 3 islands we all knew about, Counterfiet,RTV ,and Mythology Islands. But now they all have been released so we don’t know about nay of the upcoming ones do we?

  17. Happy Fang says:

    In the Myth of Arachne,Athena was disguised as an old lady and in Myth island Athena is disguised as an old lady at the start.

  18. kambanjo says:

    CAN’T WAIT. But when a new island opens up, i usually look up the guide for it on the internet, I was surprised i didn’t rely suspect this but it still looks like a fun island 🙂

  19. Wild Wolf says:

    Mythology Island sounds really fun. Triton, Poseidon, and Hades look awesome, and the old woman turning into Athena is awesome as well(Arachne, anyone-who-knows-of-Greek-Mythology?) 😀 Happy belated Easter!

    • Happy Fang says:

      Why is Zeus always so angry and Jealous? I think Posiedon would have been a better king of the gods!If not Posiedon,Hades would have been good too!

      • Wild Wolf says:

        Agreed, I’ve always liked Poseidon alot more than Zeus and Hades, though Hades is super-duper-awesomeness. 😀 It’s funny, Zeus became the king god because he won a draw between Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon being king god would have been awesome. 😀

  20. COLBY1318 says:


  21. Sjheerts says:

    I LOVE THIS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you grow bigger when your not defeating zeus??? it is possible cuz in the mutiplayer room on the island TONS of people just all of a sudden turned big. PLEASE ANSWER

    Hijuyo: You have to have finished Mythology Island first – “use” Hades’s crown and press the space bar to make your character larger.

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