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sɹǝʍoɥs lıɹdɐ

˙uʍop ǝpısdn pǝuɹnʇ sı plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝɹǝɥʍ sı

ʎɐp s,looɟ lıɹdɐ

Ssh… you’re being watched…

You do not know me. But I know you, and I’m here to offer you the chance of a lifetime. There are only two options, and you can either fail or succeed.

Some people don’t know fun even when it’s (literally) in their face. Take this glum guy, for example. I mean, come on. This is supposed to be a day of fun and smiles! So, who are you going to follow – the happy* or sad one?

Click on one of the two kids! Will you find success or failure?

*happy – This costume is called April Fool and can be bought at the Poptropica Store for 75 credits (unless you’re a member, in which case it is free). The bow tie really does spin! :mrgreen:

Mythology Succeeds Reality Tomorrow

Members: Play Mythology Island Tomorrow! Poptropica needs a hero to spare it from the wrath and thunderbolts of mighty Zeus. You must travel throughout Ancient Greece – crossing the River Styx, climbing Mount Olympus, exploring the underworld – to help Zeus find his sacred items. Don’t disappoint the gods, or else Poptropica might suffer.

~Hijuyo =)


152 thoughts on “sɹǝʍoɥs lıɹdɐ”

    1. Hijuyo, April Fools Day is an Athiest holiday,and you are a Christian. Athiest means a person who doesn’t believe in ANY god.

      Hijuyo: April Fools’ Day is celebrated by anyone who likes a good joke. We’re not against it as Christians. 😐

      1. Dude, try not to start a flame war. Just because he’s Christian, doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to “celebrate” April Fool’s Day. It’s like telling a Buddhist that he/she isn’t allowed to celebrate Christmas.

      2. And yet Atheist’s celebrate christmas… o_o

        Hijuyo: They celebrate Santa Claus, presents, and all the worldy goods that come with Christmas, but not Jesus’ birth.

      3. wooh hoo yay 4 christians, yay for jesus we luv u. GOd has a sense of humour too.
        yay 4 newzealenders woot woot put ure hands in the air

        and no we are not part of australia

      4. Just for the record, holidays aren’t religion specific. It’s just WHY you celebrate it that refers to religion.

    2. Funny! Luckily I am a trained professional at reading upside down. So, who made the Chicken Wing account? Oh, by the way, the goth guy is waaaay cooler than that April Fools Freak.

      Hijuyo: I made ‘Chicken Wing’ in honor of one of the April Fool links – GS’s cheesy train. 😀

      1. Oh, I thought Chicken Wing was CW. T_T Then I looked all over for her “joining PHB post”

    3. yeah i celebrate april fools day(best prank eva!) and im not athiest OR christian.(or budhist for that matter)

  1. Is Chicken Wing a new author? I didn’t see his name on the ‘Poptropica Help Team’ list…

    Coskit: Uh, dude, it’s April Fool’s Day.

      1. i began to think that was a virus! its a relief to know it was a prank

        Hijuyo: The rickroll site clearly states that it won’t harm your computer… 🙄

      1. You DO know there was a “Prevent this site from giving aditional pop-ups” option right? 😛

      1. Or you could go down to the task bar, right click to close the rick roll window and just hold enter until you’re out of there…

  2. When did U get the Myth island notice?

    Hijuyo: You’d have it in your e-mail inbox if you signed up for the island notice on Poptropica. 😉

  3. Whats the point of this whole april fools day quest?! You dont find anything cool or useful!

    Hijuyo: The point is to celebrate April Fools’ Day. 😉

  4. At first, When I saw the author “Chicken Wing” I thought CW was the new author. If you think about that, you’ll know what I mean 😛


    Hijuyo: Happy April Fools’ Day. No offense intended to CW… xD

    1. i put out of order signs on the bathroom stalls, replaced my teachers pens with trick pens, ect

      1. My parents totally bummed me out when i had high hopes for Chinese food by saying we wern’t having it after they told me they were…I got PWNED when I saw the dinner table full of dumplings and eggrolls ^^

  5. ROFL, Chicken Wing. xD I’m going to buy the AprilnFool costume just to spray water at random people on Poptropica. Happy April Fools Day everyone! 😀

      1. what can i say i fell for every joke on here yesterday from the chicken wing one to the rick astley one 🙂

  6. well since the normal titles are mostly square and a little bit of gibberish im going to do the guide here

      1. when you are in the tree area where there are a ton of signs saying “become a god” and stuff like that go inside and talk to the satyr he will say “the nymphs have hidden all my honey help me get them back and i will help you get the golden apple” once done talk to the satyr and he will say “thanks for helping use this secret path for the apple” then there will be a new path walk up it and jump and you get the golden apple

      2. then the satyr will disappear and zeus will come down with his lightning bolts yelling at you then saying he will give you immortality if you do one task and he leaves after threatening all of poptropica and you pick up a sacred scroll and it will say assorted items you have to get after fighting monsters

      3. then you leave the tree and you will meet athena goddess of wisdom and battle (who has the white electrify that nobody knew about a few months ago in a past post) and ask for her help she says look for the olive trees if you need help and then a giant olive will grow then you ask something else and she asks for you to talk with hercules

      4. when in the restuarant he will keep trying to get you to buy his autograph and you ask for his help and he will say “sorry i will need a better reason than that to leave this comfy spot” (hercules is no help right now)

      5. in the grove of temples go into apollos temple and pick up the reed pipes (they will come in handy later) then go off the cliff and help the poptropican clean the graffitti off of hades temple the kid will give you one drachma after that he says (may hades look favorably upon you) (i thought hades was the bad guy maybe not….)

      6. then try to jump on the next guyser and then talk to the guy standing there he will say something like some people are saying zeus is doing it himself

      7. then go inside and use the starfish from the museum at the offering table thing and now you can enter poseidons realm

      8. talk to the life guard he will warn you to avoid the underwater cave a “totally gnarly monster lives there” then you talk to aphrodite who is also there she wll make you guess a gods name go to the museum for refferences if you dont know they are all there she will have you guess 5 of them after that she gives you a mirror that lets you enter the gods realms then you dive to the cave and

      9. also while in the underwater maze you can find a giant clam near the cave pick up the pearl in it that is one of the 5 items you need. then go in the cave and that is where you fight the hydra to beat the hydra wait for it to strike and jump and land on its head that will knock it out afterwards click on the hydra and take a scale and there you have another item on the list

      10. now for the temple of apollo talk to the statue with the reed pipes and ask for her to help teach you a song after playing a game she will give you some musical bars that will later put cerberus to sleep so you can get a wisker from him

      11. now go back to the temple of hades and use those pomegranites from the sphinx’s garden (the pomegranites are directly above the sphinx)as an offering and the door will open and jump into the entrance to the underworld which is a giant pit then talk to charon he will bring you across avoid falling stalactites, flaming skulls, and river monsters

      12. finally across took a whole hour anyways back on topic right after getting off you run into cerberus now play that song that statue in apollos temple and put cerberus to sleep and take a wisker and now you should have most of or all of the sacred items on the list and now go back to the main street of the island

      13. now go to the fake become a god place and talk to athena she will say take a closer look at the five items it says “whoever wields the five sacred items will rule all of poptropica” meaning zeus is the the bad guy of the island not hades 😮

      14. then athena says you need to get poseidon and hades together to stop him and she says you need to ask hercules for help (luckily this time he doesnt try to make you pay 10 drachmas for help) and now you use the mirror again and go to hades or poseidons realm for poseidons realm you go there and in the opposite of the direction of the hydra cave is poseidons palace you go inside and talk to him and he gives you his trident

      15. then you talk to hercules again and talk with him now you go to hades realm talk to hades and take his crown now go back out and go talk to hercules and go to the area with a lightning bolt hercules will smash the lock and then you enter and you run into medusa who then turns hercules into a statue

      16. now give the giant guy selling bags of wind at mount olympus the one drachma you got earlier for cleaning the graffiti at hades temple then use it to get up the mountain and its all jumping up from there then just go up once at the top and fight zeus use the items the gods gave you blast him with lightning bolts until he falls and you win and take your items back and get the medallion from athena and you are done

    1. now go through that tree place again and try to get a flower from the garden of the sphinx she will give you a riddle for watering the flower and basically you make the aquadettes open and water and once you get all of them they will water the rose once done take a rose (dont compare aphrodite to it she believes she is more beautiful than any flower) also while in there take a pomegranites from the tree above the sphinx

    2. also the door to the minotaur’s cave is there to use the reed pipes found in apollos temple to open the door do it in the order for the colors on the door and go inside (you can customize items off the minotaur) he will tell you to go through his maze but dont worry once inside athena will give you a majical ball of thread to guide you

    3. when inside the maze try to find the fading god pan when you find him you ask for help he will say (remember there is more than one way to read the bones) and click on the bones in the pillar and make them say ten after that go through when you find yourself in a area with a scorpion try to get past it and after that area you will find the exit for that area then you click on a picture of a minotaur click on the snake with red eyes 3 times and you can exit the maze and get the nose ring

    4. Wow, That was a long post o_O
      You know, that really wasn’t necessary. You could’ve just emailed the guide to Hijuyo, Or send a PM through PHF. This is pretty much off topic of the post =P

  7. Aww…. I was hoping for something like last years joke (LOVED IT)
    BUT This is still nice (Tip: DONT CLICK ON THE RICK ASTLEY THING)

  8. I have lots of questions….

    1. How does the name Chicken Wing get up there?
    2. How do you do that cool font in the title?
    3.Who is chicken wing?
    4.why is the title black?

    1. 1. I think it’s some sort of glitch. I don’t know how, but they could’ve just changed their username for the post, and after posting, they probably turn it back to normal…Just guessing/

      2. Not sure if it’s for the TypeKit thing, But you can also copy and paste letters (or symbols) like that 😛

      3. Chicken wing is FOOD. JK, But it’s a fake author. It’s part of April Fools you know 😛

      4. Read number 2 again 😀

      5. I think what you’r really looking for is number 2. xD

    2. We have lots of answers…

      1. We created a WordPress account with that name, added it to the blog so we could use Chicken Wing’s name to make a post, and deleted it off the staff list. It was only for amusement purposes.

      2. With skills.

      3. We can’t tell you, otherwise we’d have to kill you. o_O

      4. It’s stickied to the front of the homepage for now so everyone sees it.

      5. Define “the rest.”

  9. im not allowed on twitter u tube and i don’t know that other guy was… but i like trains

  10. coskit owns a company?!?! awesome.

    i own a company too, its called Flying Mustache inc. 🙂 and thats not a joke.

    we make (card board) time machines, sell cookies to raise money for charity, and specialize in duct tape products.

  11. Mythology Island rocks! It has to be the best island! The only problem is the only gods you can customize are Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Athena and Aphrodite. But there are loads of cool mythological characters and stuff! It rocks even though I cant be Hephaestus or Apollo, I can be the strongest god, MYSELF!

      1. Hercules is a hero, but dumb.
        Me:Yikes! Is that what I think it is!?
        Herc:It’s just a pesky snake. I’ll pull it out. (pulls out Medusa)
        Medusa:You messed with the wrong snake.
        Herc:Medusa! That can’t be good.(turns to stone)

  12. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I’m such a cheater – I tried everything!
    Besides, the goth guy is way cooler that Mr. Leprechaun (no offence, dude!).
    I’m pretty much a Ph.D. in upside-down words thanks to Lemony Snicket’s wonderful book, The Hostile Hospitals (not for people with acute pyrophobia).
    And Classic! I love the site! (Though there’s not much to do there.)
    *my annoying older sister screams “Are you KIDDING me? There absolutely NOTHING to do there! Except know that you Fail, which I happen to know already!”*
    Ignore her, she’s the sort of person who likes creeping out people by telling them the world is going to end soon. *sighs*
    Anyway, good work on the site! As you already know, I’m a born cheater so I love this site for the walkthroughs!
    *Hands over overflowing (?!) basket of cookies* Keep it up!
    – the Grammatically Blundering Poptropica Lover 😀

    P.S. Watch out for me. My poptropican is called Angry Monster (nice name, but I think it would suit my sister better 😀 ). He looks a lot like the glum guy.


    1. You cheated? Dude, I used Google Chrome to see what the links were before it was possible for me to get rickrolled. xD

  13. I’m late sayin’ it but, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS TO THE WORLD PEOPLE!!!! :mrgreen:
    I am the worlds greatest practical joker.
    I phoned my gran and pretended to win the lottery!!!

  14. Once you have all of the sacred items,go to the tree of immortality and talk to athena.(you defeat the hydra by: When the heads come to attack you,jump on them and stun them.You have at stun all 6 heads and the heads wake up in about 30-45 seconds.It may take some practice.Then go down to all the stunned heads and get a scale)

  15. You have to get a flute from the musical temple at the grove of temples,then talk to the statue holding the flute and ask her to teach u a song.You have a simple memory challenge after that.Then she gives you the notes for the song to put cerberus to sleep.Hope this helps. 🙂

  16. I have! And, to answer your question, have you gotten all of the items? If so, go back to the Tree Of Immortally and Zeus should be there. He’ll take all of your items and then, after he does, talk to Athena. She’ll tell you to go to Hercules again. When you do, after you persuade him to come, use the Touchscreen Mirror Aphrodite gave you and go to the Underworld. Hercules will move the rock for you. 😀

  17. Thanks a lot! I finished my quest of Mythology Island.Special thanks to Lone Bones & Happy Fang .Looking forward again in YAM SREWOHS !!!

    ON LIRPA LOOF Ha !Ha! Ha!

    1. I finished Mythology island on the day it released without ANY help though it took a couple of hours of straight playing to figure out everything. 😀

    2. It took me anout 15 minutes of battling Zeus to defeat him! I can’t name the amount of times I got struck down by Zeus! 😆

    1. The gods are really not that huge.Aphrodite and Athena and Hercules and Pan are the size of 1 and a half of your poptropican.Zeus and Hades and Posiedon and the Minotaur are the size of 2 to 2 and a half of your poptropican. 🙂

  18. OMZ! Mithology island is out! It’s fun and cool!

    P.S. OMZ Means O My Zues.

    P.S.S Great job with the upside down Lettering Coskit! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    1. I know I said I wasn’t a member, but I am. Sorry, but I went to the dark side. *Dr hare gives me cookiies* Hey, they have cookies!

      1. I’m not on the good or dark side.I’m in between but I always try to help the good side more.(I have 4 characters,1 has membership) 😀

  19. !!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!!: some tips for the battle with zeus at the end-when zeus is throwing the electric miniclouds,try to spin around zeus,if U cant,do zigzag patterns.When zeus has the white electric thing on him,don’t shoot at him and when he is about to charge at you,keep moving(preferably in a circle pattern).When zeus throws his 8 lightning bolts,run away and the space between the bolts will widen allowing u to not get hit if you go through the widened space.Also,if you get hit a lot or by the charge of zeus’s wind,retreat and recollect some pink clouds.You have to keep a majority of pink clouds to stay in the battle.If you lose all of your pink clouds you lose and have to try again.try to keep zeus’ attacks away from your clouds.When you have just one or two pink clouds left,you should retreat temporarily and recollect some pink clouds. 🙂

      1. Be sure not to give him too much Hiyujo cheese or he might go insane and try to conquer you again. 🙂

  20. PHB, which April Fool’s did you like better?

    This year?
    Or last year? The one when you faked quitting the PHB.

    Just wondering
    Golden Rider

    Hijuyo: Depends on whose perspective you’re looking at; different PHB staffers/readers will have different opinions. 😛

    1. Chicken Wing is a secret agent. 😉 You can Google “type upside down” and use one of the text translators to turn normal text around. The site used to be a blinking “You Fail” with music, but unfortunately it’s been taken down.

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