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Godly Poptropicans… and ZURG!

Our thoughts have been CONFIRMED!!! Mythology Island is IN THE WORKS!!!!

First of all……

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…

Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store… ~Shark Boy

Aww, Sharkie Boy, we missed you. According to a review from one of the PHB’s readers, Ocean Clover♣, “Ooh, I bought the staff, and it’s AWESOME! When you’re in Costumizer and hold down the space bar, and hit cancel, instead of lightning, you get an earthquake! YAY!” Anyway, on the Poptropica homepage, it says “Mythology Island coming soon” with really cool lettering.

The description says:

Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero — and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you’ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld. Will you emerge a hero like Hercules, or face the fiery wrath of Zeus and his thunderbolts?

Available very soon with membership. Dates announced shortly. Come back for more details!

I. Want. That. Lightning. Bolt. NOW!
I, for one, cannot wait for Mythology – and costumizing the gods!
Coderkid: Sup guys? The iCostume has been upgraded – 2.0’s here! Check it out. Also, The Multiverse Project is back.

New PCB Post – and it’s a whopper! (Coskit here. 🙂 )

Credit to Detective Sneakyc / Scaryw just ’cause I saw his comment about the new post first. Sorry to all you other people who alert us constantly to new updates.


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

avatar image

The one and only Hades at 4:06 PM

Whaaat….in the WORLD… that emote??!!!!! That is just sooo totally AWESOME! The name of this pic is “straininghades03”, which tells us nothing. Although, don’t you think that the head of Hades is rather large? Strange…. But that EMOTE!!! Pulling backwards……red face…’s just incredible!

Not-so-fun Fact: At 350 credits (if you’re a non-member), the “Multiverse” is currently the most expensively priced item on the Poptropica Store. 😦

Ok, Coskit is on her way to her home planet. Buh bye.

And for those of you who think I’m Zurg’s boss……I’m not. 

I’m his twin sister. xD


~resurrected smox?

Hello, NW aka WhisperXSecret here. Listen, if you’ve seen the thread ‘Neatwhale’s Name’ on the PHF, you should know what I’m talking about. If this turns out ONE thing like the Coskit’s Name thread, if someone says ONE rude thing on it, than POOF! NW’s gone. Resigned. Just like GE and GW. And Motion, you should know what I mean.

241 thoughts on “Godly Poptropicans… and ZURG!”

    1. Nice! I guess that means Mythology Island is really gonna happen. I can NOT wait to Customize Hades. If you go to Quizilla on TeenNick, you can take a which olympian god is your parent quiz. It was really fun, I got Hades, no surprise. My Brother got Apollo, and my Sister gor Athena. You guys should try it! 10 bucks coskit gets Athena 🙂

  1. Omg! I NEED THAT EMOTE! Lol.. I also want his staff.. I must have it.

    Coskit: What, you gonna steal da Staff of Skulls from Hades? xD Jk….. Molly, it would be awesomely funny to see you with a staff….

    1. Oh, I’m not going to do much.. Just take over the world and all who inhabit it.. lol You’re right, I would look good with a staff.

      1. Ok, I need that staff! *hacks into poptropica* WOO-HOO! *drops staff on way out* NOOOOOO lol 🙂

      2. Wow guys… Some of you guys are a little behind the times…

        There’s this guy named motion/coderkid… And he can hack Poptropica… and get any costume he wants…

        There, now you’re up to date… 😐 😉

      3. Wow, some of you are REALLY behind the times. There’s this thing called the Golden Rule….it says “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Need I say more? 😐

      4. but tell us how to get it or i`ll mwahahahahaahaahaahaahahaha you do not wanna know
        me:*hacks into poptropica to get staff* yaaaaaaaaaay i da best man
        hades:hey give my magic staff back or i`ll send you to the underworld
        me:*zaps hades*
        zeus:what on earth is that racket
        me:oh nothing just hades
        poiseden:hades wake me one more time and you will die
        hades:how i`m immortal
        zeus:i`ll kill both of you if you don`t be quiet
        hades and poiseden:yes brother but all 3 of us killed the titans so can we just get along
        zeus and me:nonsense
        me:*runs away and drops staff*
        hades:you are so stupid do you know what you just did
        poiseden:don`t worry OUR WORLD IS JUST ABOUT TO END
        zeus:you stupid mortal
        me:*steals zeus`s lightning blade and poiseden`s trident* i`ll just take these as souveneirs
        zeus,hades,poiseden:blah blah blah blah blah wait where are our staffs
        me:*enters portal back to my world* now i have 3 cool souveneirs

  2. Ha-ha!Hades is weak!
    Hades:*pulls out knife of the underworld*
    Uhhh…he is strong as an ant!
    Hades:That’s worse!
    Hey, ants are strong!
    Hades:I’m goig to the gym.

    15 minutes later we find him watching RTV on TV

    I don’t get why he would god of the underworld anyway… 🙂

    1. I thinkz so too! It’d be cool if the creators put a ‘muscles’ attachment in the store for 50 creds or something! 😀

  3. Coskit, well, I couldn’t say I knew it.But you’re still just as evil. Hold on, I’m being attacked. *Destroys robots Coskit has sent.* BTW, what is the plan? To take over Poptropica as Queen or lord or something? I don’t think so! I will…. hey, I just thought of something. In Toy Story 2, Zurg says that he’s Buzz’s dad. Hold on a minute, if Zurg is Buzz’s dad, and I’m Buzz’s brother, that means you’re my aunt. Oh, my ride is here. *Gets on Bullseye with Buzz and Woody.* To Infinity, and beyond!

  4. Haha that’s sweet! But you can’t possibly be Zurg’s twin sister, because…because…because I am! MwahahahhahhahahahahhahahMwhahahhahahah! Mwahahahhahahah! Unless of course we are secretly triplets separated at birth, or your just an impostor…either way! Hehe 😀

  5. I’m soooo excited for Mythology Island. It would just really suck though if only members go to play it for the first month!

    1. I can’t wait for Mytholgy island either! It might be call Mytholgy Madness or Mytholgy Mayhem… 😉 idk. Yeah, I would hate it if members got it for anymore than 2 weeks. BRING THE EARLY ACCESS PASSES BACK! 👿

      1. I know right! I just saw the knew poptropica creator’s blog new post, and they said it would be called Mythology Island, but good alliteration!

  6. What does Hades want that lever pulled for anywayz? AWESOME EMOTE! The creators have pulled the coolest card out of the deck. Lol I wanna steal his skull staff while it’s on the ground >:D *evil grin* OK heres my plan………..
    HADES (Sweating as pulls lever):MUST…PULL…LEVER!UUUUUGH!
    GB: Um, yeah have fun doing that.
    *lever creaks* *Poesidon enters*
    POESIDON: By my giant waves! Cut that noise out!
    *Zues appears in flash of light*
    ZUES:By Oylympus mountain! Who causes such rachet?!
    *GB points at Hades*
    ZUES: How in poptropica do you think you can lift that thing Hades?
    POESIDON: Don’t worry, I’ll rust it with my waves!
    *giant waves crash*
    ZUES: By my lightning bolt! Your screetching could wake the dead… and all the underworld!
    POESIDON: Later Landlubbers! *SURFS AWAY*
    ZUES: Serves you right! *disappears in flash of blinding light*
    HADES: MY MAGIC STAFF! *cries*
    GB: I’ll go get your staff! For a reward, of course.
    HADES: *sniff* Really?
    GB: Of course! *you go into the cave from this PCB post http: // and find the staff and return it to Hades and he gives you a ticket for ‘Meet The Minotaur’, from here: *

      1. Who says you were the King? I thought it was Hijuyo… 😐 Trying to cheat are you hmmm?

        CW: Typos are awesome. Like ‘hev’. 😛

      2. >.>
        zD Is thupid….. xD Is much better. Especially in fancy letters x)

      1. aph-ro-dia-ty. nice name, really. if i get a papillion(dog) ill name it aphrodiaty

        Coskit: If I were you, I wouldn’t……….it’s spelled Aphrodite.

    1. I know. I don’t like Mythology….It’s weird, and I don’t believe in like, 500 gods…I believe in 1. So, I think this is kinda lame-o. But, That is only MY opinion….others may be fine with it.

      1. I agree! But at least we know that these gods are MYTHS. No way are they real. But still…I don’t know about Mythology Island… It will NOT be my favorite. Definately. :/

      2. Don’t have to believe in it for it to be fun. I mean, people watch Dragon Ball, right? 😐

  7. Hmm…sorry if someone said this already, but I think he’s on a moving seesaw type thing, pulling the lever to get pass something, like a wall. But you have to get something, like a wrench except more mythology-like, to pull it.

  8. i cant wait for mythology island. i love mythology. my favorite god is…(drumroll please)….HADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he rocks. i think im the son of him. *bursts into flames* YES! I AM!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! HADES: quiet down in there son!

  9. Omg! i love mythology and hades!!
    and is that sweet bow from reality tv island??

    peace people,
    Friendly Beetle

  10. ME: Shocking newz!! Hades is not strong
    Hades: What? That is a total lie…
    Me: Look above
    *a small rock falls down*
    Me: See WE HAVE PROOF..
    Hades: I have proof!!
    *picks up a REALLY tiny piece of dirt*
    hades: HEAVY HEAVY
    Narrator : THe End

  11. hey guys new ad on poptropica,froot loops AGAIN weird, well i believe the age is 6-8 or something idk but there is check it out

    1. Thanks for the update! 😉

      In the ad, you go inside an Egyptian looking temple and have to find the 6 Froot Loops pieces, solving various puzzles along the way.

      When you beat the ad, you get a “Froot Loops Pharaoh” costume and the “Froot Loops Color Changer”, a prize from an old ad that lets you change any Poptropican to any color.

      And btw, I got into the ad with an 8 year old account, so try that if it won’t work on your normal account.

      1. Like I said once before…The SuperTV on RTV showed this! I’m tellin’ y’all! It’s a great way for sneak peeks! Oh, and it was the staff it showed.

      2. On the superTV I already found zeus’s lightning bolt and posiedon’s trident! 😀

  12. This Poptropica Mythology looks Kewl, I’m reading Percy Jackson. Also, the Castle that Hades is on, this is a Prediction:
    Hades turned of Water. Under the Minitour Button it looks like,a place for water to drift down.

  13. Mythology Island will be so awesome! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove mythology. I could name the greek gods and their wives/husbands, kids, and parents right off my head! Oh, and Neat Whale-XD 😉

  14. Dude, you like, so rock, Coderkid. Thanks! So that’s a 100% complete on iCostume, right? Love the new look on it. 😉

    -Happy Storm

    1. is the link to it! In the pic, we already see the fish nuggets resturant, a gate gaurded m=by two statues, and a skull cave-like place. Hmmm…what could it be? And, it says available very soon! …….With membership. 😥 Yes, I have membership, but my other accounts won’t get the costumes! I’m just as sad as y’all. And, also, about this post, I liked the boy’s costume better than the girl’s, so I made a boy account and put it on there, and went into a multiverse with my main character and got the talking mouth. Dat dude of mine looks awesome! I’m sorry for not posting all of what I said in one comment. Oh, and the lever thingy Hades is pulling could open that gate in the picture! Maybe. I dunno. Again, really sorry for not putting all of what I said in one comment. Can an author put them together? If so, thanks. And I hope this reply works…lately, my comments have been messed up. If not, I’m sorry! I was replying to my comment about Mythology Island coming soon.

  15. Hades, how the heck did you become a god if you’re weak?
    Me: Come on, TELL US!
    Hades: NO!
    Me: WHY NOT?
    Hades: Um……
    Me: Oh I get it! You’re not really an official god! You just made yourself one! HA!
    Hades: NO, it’s just….uh….um….
    Me: Wait a minute, your skull staff’s still on the ground! *grabs skull staff*
    Me: Why? What could possibly go wrong? *twirls skull staff*
    Hades: You could—
    *the undead wakes up*
    Hades: Serves you right for touching my staff, you stupid mortal.
    Hades: WHAT?!
    Me: AHHHHHHH! *runs from the awakened undead, screaming, drops staff*
    Me: WHAT CAN I DO?!
    Hades: Oh yeah…..
    LOL! XD

  16. Hey Guys, New Mythology lightning bolt on the creators blog, also description for MI Has been released! It Rocks!

  17. awesome new store item and members get it really soon (im a member)(i hope mythology island isnt a big dissapointment like that last mini quest)

  18. That sign says “HERC’S HERO HUT”. The place comic kid was at had an “H” inside! This (for now, the creators can make changes) means that Hercules will be on the island! i’m so excited!

  19. Mythology Island is coming out!!!! New post on Poptropica!!!

    This is pretty weird. OK…Astro-Knights Island opened in like, June 2009, last year. And then…we had to wait at least SIX MONTHS for Counterfeit in January 2010! Now, RTV is opening, and Mythology is coming soon!!! What’s with all the news islands at once??

    If you didn’t notice, the Poptropica map is getting really crowded with all these new islands coming out. 😀 I wonder if they will have to have 2 pages…or 2 maps.

  20. Woo, can’t wait for Mythology Island! 😀 Zeus looks so awesome, and they better have Poseidon and Athena in there! And I seriously have to go buy the Lightning Staff… Can’t wait for MI. =)

  21. The title for Mythology island has 3 symbols on it… A trident for the ‘y’, a lightning bolt on the ‘o’, and a skull for the other ‘o’. They stand for the ‘Big Three’ gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. 😉

  22. Thunderbolts and lightning is from a song called Bohemian Rhapsody, by the band Queen. Shark boy has probably heard it! I play it on the piano!

  23. Sounds like they’re copying the Percy Jackson series! 😮 I loved that series, so I’ll probably like Mythology island. I think that store in the background is the one with the fish nuggets.. lol

    1. Just because it has to do with the same subject as the PJaTO series doesn’t mean it’s copying. Not all books about wizards are copying Harry Potter, for instance. 😉

  24. Me: Hey hades, how are you gonna work out?
    Hades: Shut up. I have to go to Reality Tv Show.
    Me: WHAT THE HECK?!?! you ARE a star of RTV?!?!?
    Hades: Yes. Deal with it. 😐
    Me: That’s so awesome!! I won grand prize last time in RTV. Ooh look at this.. *gets Lightning Staff*
    Hades: PUT THAT THING DOWN!!! I DARE YOU!!! I don’t want to get shocked!!
    Me: This is MY Lightning Staff not yours.
    *zapped Hades*
    Hades: AAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!! i give up i give up you Giant Penguin!!! You’re such a fool!!
    And GP lived happily ever after…

  25. The staff causes the clouds and the sky to turn grey, the ground to shake, and lightning to flash. I got it with membership!

  26. The staff is awesome. Thanks, Ocean Clover, for that tip! I think it still turns dark though, right? The staff’s effect is sweet along with the Meteor Shower item.

    NW, plz consider all of what you said. I really want you to stay.

    1. Oh! You mean the poll saying: “What are you TOP 3 favorite islands?” xD That was funny. The staff is pretty cool, although I wish it would come in different colors.

      1. Yeah! That’d be a good idea! Green, blue, orange, yellow, red, pink and purple. 🙂 lol, I noticed that typo and laughed really hard. XD 😉

  27. OMG! ok on the 911(2nd 3rd something like that) i wrote an island idea as mythology island here look,

    MYTHIC ISLAND: you go to a strange island where an anciant wiseman tells you the greek gods have been captured by an evil emperor.2 gods and goddesses are hidden somewhere protected by a strange beast such as centaur,medusa,griffin,pheonix and so on. when you save al the gods exept 2 ,zeus and hercules, you face the emporer you fight him using a weaopon of strength,courage and beauty combined to defeta him.once you save zeus and hercules you get an island medallion and become a god yourself!

    ok so its not the same but still!

    me is happy

  28. Really, I would much rather a ROMAN mytholgy island, not greek, sigh :/ Oh well at least its a new island! 😀 Really the creators are doing this really fast! I mean, the first mytholgy post on the PCB, ‘Hades is the Howsssss!’, was only on the 31st of December….. so this is going pretty fast! 😮 XD

    1. no offense but I HATE roman mythology! Roman mythology is almost the same as grek mythology only some small event changes and god’s names changed.

  29. I GOT IT!I think basiclly you keep pulling it until you relize you can’t,then go around until you find an item that couldpull the lever,pull it,find Cerberus and fight Him and get to the Underworld.Or it could take you to that Hill with the ‘Meet the Minotaur’ sign.(Have you forgotten about that,people who suggested you get to the Minotour behind the wall?HMMM?)

    1. Oh and if Percy J readers havent noticed,t he Island has a trident,lightning bolt and skull.That’s the Big Three.

      1. Well, there’s really no such thing as the Big Three in Greek Mythology. But it makes for good plot in Percy Jackson, so that was a clever idea that Riordan came up with.

        Hijuyo: It may not directly be called the “Big Three”, but Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are recognized as major characters in Greek mythology. 😉

      2. Also, reffering to the “Meet the Minotaur” post, it’s kinda weird that they would have that sign. The Minotaur lived in the Labyrinth, before Theseus slew him, of course.

      3. @ Hijuyo- Yes, because of their lots. After the gods defeated Cronus, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades drew up where their domains are. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades(woop) got the Underworld. But you guys seem to know that. Not to mention that they were all brothers. 🙂

    1. Lol, I was like that when RTV was launched for members… “Need that 100 creds now! need to get cool new action! Need get 250 credits! 😮 😉

  30. I found an awesome glitch! U need lightning staff and meteor shower for this. 1. put on the lightning staff and go in the customizer spacebar and click cancel in the customizer 3. go to your stuff and use meteor shower (the place where your pptropican is in darkens like night!!!

  31. Mythology island coming very soon for members !! That prabably means the creators will make mythology island come out in a few months and make nonmembers wait a month or even more this time!!The creators better not get a habit of making nonmembers pay for not getting memberships!! That would suck! 😦 Also I looked at the MI info page and I looked closer at the statue gate.Turns out it is posiedon on the top of the gate! I can see his trident and trident in his hair. all for now :mrgreen:

    1. I hope that us, non-members (who’s mummy and daddy don’t pay for their little child to get a membership *no offence to members, Im just jealous a little bit*)won’t have to wait again about a month to play a new island.

      I really luv Poptropica and i get really angry when they do sth like this. Some time ago,Poptropica was fair for all.But now,it starts to turn in a game like club penguin.

      An advise:When u earn coins don’t spent them so fast!The store releases some very cool stuff,and if u are a non-member,wait to find sth that REALLY deserves coins to spent!Trust me!

  32. This post is excellent I can’t wait until I can play it, course I also can’t wait til I can play RTV, I’m a fruity non member and I have to wait but that’s ok, good things come to those who wait. 🙂
    I do have a slight problem though, this is only a suggestion to you, don’t take it too harshly. The President comment at the bottom could lead to major controversey (excuse my spelling as I am much too lazy to look it up) as he is so close to making America a Communist country and that probably would not be ‘awesome’ in some peoples minds.
    Keepin’ in Simple!
    ~Simple Peach 😉

  33. “Hades look at this!” I said
    “Isn’t that Neptunes Trident?” He said.
    “I wonder what happens if I turn it to the Other Side” I said.
    “Listen Kid, you can’t play with that. Someone can get really Hurt.” He said.
    “Um, nice to be hearing that from someone who wears Skulls and Kills People.” I said.

    Thats a Description of a Part I think might be in Mythology Island.

    1. Here’s one part I think may happen:
      Me:*walks in and finds Neptune’s trdent*Wow, ths is my lucky day!
      Zues:Is that my brother’s tridant?!
      Me:I wonder what it does.*twirls it around*


      Hades:*lifts weights*This exercise is harder than I thought*sees flood*AHHHHH!!!!!!!

  34. I soooo want to costumise Zues! I mean, the angry eyes,the robes, the lightning bolt, the little golden necklace thing with a lightning bolt on it, his beard, it’s awesome! 😀

    1. You know he can eat you right?

      According to Myths, Zeus got married. His wife had a son. Prophecy says that the son will overthrow Zeus. Well in order to prevent it from coming true, Zeus ate. Yes ate. He ate his wife and son.

      Gross right?
      -Golden Rider

      1. actually he never got a son from his first wife,he got athena and she came out of his head from a big headache fully formed and clothed! cool huh! 🙂 😀

      2. Something more gross:One of Zues’ messangers was born from his ear. 😐

      3. Thats Kronos, he was the god of the titans. Zues was his son, Kronos’s wife had kids, the prophecy said one of his kids would overthrow him so he ate them then he ate them. His wofe had Zues who gave him a poison that made him spit up his brothers who were still alive. They were the gods, a war was started and the gods won.

    2. Silver Wolf- It is true that Kronos ate Hades, Posidein, and all his brothers and sisters. But once Zeus was put onto the throne, a centaur told Zeus the exact same thing he told Kronos.

      Enclosed Lighting- I am pretty sure one of the messangers was born somewhere else. Plus it wouldn’t be a messanger but a son or daughter.

      Happy Fang- Zeus never gave birth himself to Athena. It had to be a godness.

      You are welcome for the correction. Sorry if this was too long of a post. Sorry

      -Golden Rider

  35. RTV island finally opens on Wednesday!
    I hope they don’t release Mythology island a month later from early access.
    But no money,no honey!

  36. The island looks pretty cool so far, but of course, all we really have to base our opinions on is screenshots and a few captions. We’re starting to read the Odyssey in English class, so hopefully that’ll get me ready for this new island! 🙂

    1. I am a complete expert on greek mythology! There is very little don’t know about greek mythology! That probably means mythology island will be a breeze for me! 😀 Some pointers: 1. The medusa can turn to stone if she looks at herself in a mirror so I think you’ll have to get her to look at herself in a mirror to defeat her on Myth Island! 2. To get to the undeworld,you have to ride in the river Styx on a boat.You will have to pay the ferryman(Charon) to be able to go to the underworld unless you’re dead.You will probably have to pay him gold coins so watch if you may find gold coins in the future to Myth Island!

  37. What are u saying?That they copied the Percy Jackson series?
    Why, is Mythology island going to be about a teenage boy who is the son of a god (I don’t remember who’s) and lives his everyday life?
    No,I don’t think so.
    They’re just inspired from greek mythology
    (which I love).

  38. Tommorow RTV will be open to ALL(i know u know that, but mentioning it over and over again isn’t bad).Also,for me it’s tha last day of school!:)
    Helloooo Easter!
    Oh wait,that means no meat,cheesse and milk for one week…

  39. Hey guys, isn’t RTV out tomorrow for non-members? Can’t wait! I’ll finally get my Costume Collector… 😀

  40. Srangely enough,I don’t mind people copying off me.I even like it when have a rare costume on and people copy off me because I am spreading rare costumes to other players! 😀 when all my 3 boy characters had the binary bard costume(it took a LOT of work to find the full binary bard costume for 3 characters!) I did a campain to spread the full binary bard costume and I called it spreading the “flu”! I even saw the actual poptropica creator binary bard character while spreading the costume! I was on the computer on poptropica for many weeks nonstop looking for the binary bard costume and spreading it! 😀

  41. Reality TV just OPENED! And Mythology Island is already ON the map!!! The map is getting crowded…lol ;D

  42. I was playing Poptropica just now and a message popped up saying Poptropica was down for maintenance. I hope they are working on Mythology Island!

    1. yeah, I just noticed that, I am glad yo saw it to… it was the only time That I could get ontoday.

    2. The first time I can get on the computer, and is so excited about RTV island!!! Then it’s down for maintenance. What a letdown….

  43. It’s kinda funny how Hades is older than Zeus and Zeus has grey hair. I took the quiz and got Zeus king of the gods. What about Poseidon and the other Olympians? Poseidon will probably be there but the other gods? Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Athena, Hestia, Dionysus, Hermes, and Demeter? I know Greek mythology pretty darn well.

    1. Hades and Zeus are brothers. They had to be born at the same time because Kronos ate all of his kids but his wife gave him a rock instead of Zeus. He rescued his brothers and sisters (Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades) and the reign of the gods began.

  44. Mythology Island is on the map, I saw it early this afternoon. It had a picture of the Island and “Coming Soon!” written on the picture.

    1. BTW, I just got on poptropica and Mythology Island will be coming soon! It’s place on the map is there! All I can see is some trees and a palace. Almost like the one from the Poptropica’s facebook page.

    2. O MY GOSH! So, I go to fill out the RTV aplacation, WHEN LIGHTNING FROM THE BACK ROUND CAME UP. It was like the lightning from the lightning staff. IT was cool.

  45. dudes and dudettes mythology island is on the map! its like uh two palace things and a big tree. there is a new challenge on reality tv. its fun and its called hang glider. i was in the middle of playing the challenge, and it automatically took me off and it was down for maintenance. ive beaten reality tv the first day. i have all medallians. i love poptropica!

  46. Ummm…when I was playing, I saw it on the map.Could this mean they’re making Mytholagy out EARLY?! Let this happen! :mrgreen: 😈

  47. Ok so I got the staff and used, but after the lightning was over, the darkness and earthquake was still going! Cool glitch discovery 🙂

      1. See, when you use the staff in costumizer and either accept, or cancel it, it will make things darn and shake. But when you press space without the costumizer, it stays dark, but doesn’t shake. 😉

  48. RTV is really cool. Love the games, even though it took me awhile to understand how to play. Played 13 of the different games.

    -CC-328 out!

  49. Too bad I already know what happens (I watched a walkthrough in Youtube) I really wanted to do this island by my self XD NOT ZD

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