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Coderkid’s Colossal Contest – Prize Updates

UPDATE! Thanks to DaVinci we have now confirmed 100% for sure, that EARLY ACCESS WILL NOT be purchasable with credits. Some of you may have already known this, etc., but for those who haven’t, you can now officially begin running around and acting like an insane person, since we all know that this means the end of the world. Good luck, and watch out for those meteors.

On a less sarcastic note, I also just put up a page ( which will let you see and stay updated on the current statuses of projects. This way, I don’t get tons of messages asking when’s this and that gonna get done. 😛


Hey guys!

I’m REALLY REALLY sorry about the delay with the accounts. I finally got to them after finishing my homework early and setting aside some time. Took about 2 hours, LOL. Anyway, I finally got them done. Here they are! (These are just the usernames, the passwords for each were sent directly via email)

Each account is equipped with 1025 credits, and the custom name you specified.

  • DaVinci
    Username: davinci_phb
  • Pawsrent
    Username: pawsrent_phb
  • PostopiaLucy
    Username: plucy_phb
  • Moonlight91
    Username: mlight91_phb
  • MuddyDragon
    Username: md_phb
  • Friendly Beetle
    Username: fb_phb
  • BraveHero270
    Username: bhero_phb
  • Cool Wing
    Username: coolwing_phb
  • Squeezy Sinker
    Username: ss_phb
  • Mastermime212
    Username: mm_phb

I feel so free now that that’s off  my plate, LOL. I’m gonna go dance in the rain or something else equally overrated. 😛

If you didn’t get your email, or there is something wrong with the account, leave a comment FULLY describing the problem, and I’ll try and get back to you. Also, I may have gotten the genders wrong on some, so you’ll need to randomize (Ctrl +Shift + R) to fix that.

Hasta la vista,

69 thoughts on “Coderkid’s Colossal Contest – Prize Updates”

  1. ‘Dance in the rain’, eh? Jeez, Motion, I seriously think we need to get a doctor involved or something…

    (Please be aware that I’m joking with you. 😛 )

  2. did u know you have a possibility of getting 1,075 credits until new islands come out because you get 25 credits when you save your game for the first time. but if your not new you have a chance of 1,050 credits! cool huh?

    1. DaVinci, i know this is off-topic but why can’t i reply to anything on the post titled “Full of Hot Air”?

    2. Due to some of comments on the ”Full of Hot Air” post getting out of hand and being unable to follow the rules, comments on that post are now closed.

      For those concerned, Hijuyo was not ‘hacked’. As you may know, submitting a comment on WordPress blogs requires an e-mail address. Someone* happened to know Hijuyo’s email, and using it to their advantage, decided to pose as [a fake] Hijuyo. This (impersonation) is against our rules.

      Hijuyo is still able to access their WordPress and email account. All comments leading up to Hijuyo’s imposter have been deleted because it was not just off-topic, but inappropriate.

      *That ‘someone’ isn’t TerribleTrout/TT; the imposter only said this to put the blame on someone else and therefore cast suspicion off of their name. We will respect the privacy of the rulebreaker and not announce their name to the general public, so please don’t ask.

      Case closed.

      The one and only… Hijuyo x)

      1. I know your e-mail and you know I do, but I wouldn’t do something like this… you know that, too.

        Hijuyo: Right. We do know who the rule-breaker was, and it wasn’t any of the PHB staffers. 😛

      2. Agreed. Also, the culprit has confessed, so there should be no more to do with this business. If this ever happens again to the PHB staff, drastic action will be taken.

        So have a nice day.

      3. Also, shouldn’t Hijuyo sign as “the two and only”? x)

        Hijuyo: That would work too… but it might get confusing because we meant to say that the culprit who used our e-mail address wasn’t really Hijuyo. xD

      4. I was the first person to know Hijuyo’s passwor- I mean email address. 😀

        Hijuyo: Lol really? 😛 Well, it’s confidential… so don’t reveal it unless absolutely necessary. x)

      5. I know that guy. He cussed on the PHB chat and spammed. I knew he was nothign but trouble. So i banned him.

        Hijuyo: Potatotastic work, Xarr. x)

      6. Xarr, sorry, but I was the one who banned the culprit forever. So are you sure you know the right guy? By the way, the culprit is now saying that Terrible Trout was the one who pressured him to do the deed.

        Hijuyo: Terrible Trout probably has nothing to do with any of this. 😐

      7. Umm i banned him before you came on to the PHB. 😐 I was just saying I have seen him before…

        Hijuyo: DaVinci [Coskit] banned him forever, though. 😉

  3. sorry to bother you, but…. i didn’t get lockerz prizes you promised, or codien’s spray on beard. the lockerz prizes you proomised were custom name change for poptropica,, and something else.

  4. I had forgotten to add the advertisement cards, but they are there now.

    Problem: The inventory apparently has a limit. I mean that the accounts HAVE all the advertisement cards, but cannot display them because of the limit. I’ve no idea how to fix this. Sorry.

  5. Hey coderkid, congrads to all the winners, but do you know why Codien never put the beards on a lot of people. Sorry if it’s off topic but I won and never got one, and so did some others. 😦 But once again, congradz to all the winners! 🙂

    1. Most likely he never got the time. Preforming these tasks is never easy, and they can be very time consuming. I may be able to give you guys the beards myself.

    2. The sooner they get the prizes they rightfully deserve from winning Codien’s competition, the better – so if Coderkid could provide the beards to them that would be great. 😉

    1. K….how did u change your name?

      Hijuyo: Coderkid gave the winners’ accounts a custom name as part of their prize from the contest.

  6. If any of the winners did not receive their Email. Please Check your SPAM Box or the place where your junk mail in put into. Somehow Gmail did that to me.

  7. UPDATE, EVERYONE: I have just found out that EARLY ACCESS PASSES WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE WITH CREDITS! They will only be available with Membership! I repeat, EARLY ACCESS PASSES NO LONGER AVAILABLE WITH CREDITS, ONLY WITH MEMBERSHIP! If this was already known, I’m sorry, otherwise….BREAKING NEWS!

    DaVinci out!

    1. ahh, understand that. Thanks for telling me for the future. Of course, duh, that why you would want membership.

    2. I have also found something else: “For a limited time, enjoy our introductory Membership rates.” What can that mean? Do the Creators mean that the Membership prices are going to rise?! I don’t know about you, but this new info doesn’t make me a bit happier about Membership.

  8. when you said “we have now confirmed 100% for sure, that EARLY ACCESS WILL NOT be purchasable with credits” it should still be possible to get in…without membership… right?

    Hijuyo: There will be no Early Access for Poptropica credits, so if you’re not a member, you’ll have to wait until the island is released to the public.

    1. It only means that you must have membership to get early access. All islands will still be released to the public.

  9. Coderkid, the password for my account does not work. I tried at least 20 times to enter it. I checked the username too. It wont work! HELP!

      1. I agree with Coskit. A common pass is password, poptropica, and poptropica… xD

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