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The House is Open

Poptropica’s big Halloween event of the year, the Haunted House mini-quest, is now available! (Don’t be scared to log in; it won’t harm you!)

A huge thanks goes to MuddyDragon for helping out with the instructions guide, which you can read by visiting this link:!!

Also, there is a Tinker Bell advertisement building for some ages on Main Street (any island)! Check out the fairies!

Haunted House Out Now!

The Haunted House is now out so grab your pitchforks, grab your cell phones, it’s time to visit the Haunted House. Your task is to use the furniture around the large and haunted mansion to find the four treasures of the dead. Beware of the spooky ghost hanging around the shower… (Hint:ย It doesn’t play any role in this mini-quest!)

The Haunted House can be accessed via the blimp (any island)ย by clicking on the green Hyde guy in the bottom left corner of the map. Note that the ‘Haunted House’ isn’t an actual location, because when you’re there, the map shows the island you just came from through the blimp. Sort of strange and mysterious. ๐Ÿ˜›

On completion of the mission you will be rewarded with 50 credits! Also at the end there is a HUGE selection of Halloween clothing for you including awesomeย hand-held items to help you get into the Halloween spirit. There is even a Grim Reaper andย a scythe! Even better, pressing the space bar while wielding the scythe will hold it up (special action). Oh goody goody!


On a side note: Codien is back from his world trip. You can read what he got up to in his blog, which can be accessed via the PHB’s blogroll on the right.

106 thoughts on “The House is Open”

      1. By the way, when did Haunted House open? I was at school. And sorry I didn’t mean that first sentence. I wanted to type in “Done, finished at 4:30 P.M.” Sorry about that.

      2. i finished it before u golden rider.

        Hijuyo: It really doesn’t matter. We’re getting slightly off topic with this.

    1. Seriously, it doesn’t matter who finished it first. There’s also the problem of time zones, so 7:30 for Golden Rider might be some other time where MuddyDragon is.

      MuddyDragon did complete the Haunted House earlier than many of us, but there is no definite way to prove that he was the very first Poptropican to do it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. i personally could care less and so should all you other people. you guys are like those race people i’d like to give a whoopin to.

      2. Sorry Hijuyo, I got a little carried away with the Haunted House thing. It doesn’t matter. What mattered was the AWESOME costumes at the end. Right? Everyone with me on that?

      1. Sorry to you too. I shouldn’t have said that I beat it first. For all I know, some 8 year old in Taiwan beat it way before me. xD

  1. I beated it fast ๐Ÿ˜€ With help from MD of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ But sadly I already had the scythe after doing it the long, hard way…

    1. Sorry man, I thought that all the Hand-Held items you had to get it the hard way. But look on the bright side. You had the scythe before Haunted House opened. Eh? Right?

  2. Heres a guide to haunted house:
    go to the roof and chase the bat with the key until you get the key, then go to the left of the roof and unlock the door go into the house and go right to a ghost cat, the cat will tell you to get 4 treasures. go to the middle and jump on the knights head, and get the axe, then use it on the ice in the freezer, get the ice. then go to the dining room an click on the spider above the witch picture get the broom-stick and take it to the top level. go to the chest and click on it, this is the combination: Far right- up, middle- down, left- up, bottom- left, middle- right, top left, thatโ€™s the code.
    then go to the clocks in the bedroom and then click on them, this requires a lot of patience. wait for both clocks to ring at the same time twice then a lamp will appear in the fireplace below, go to the basement where you arrived and fill it with oil. go to the basement again and complete the boiler puzzle, stand on the boiler and float to a shelf to get the poison, go to the cat and then go outside to the angel statue and go down the hole next to it, you win!

      1. The PHB staff are not Creators.

        Hijuyo: No, but the Poptropica Creators are Creators. Trusty Hawk was thanking them for making the Haunted House.

    1. The clock thingy is HARD! Anybody have advice/tips?! Please?!

      Hijuyo: Try switching back and forth between speeding up each clock, so that they’ll both hit 12:00 (midnight) at the same time!

      1. It took me a long time to do that, even with speeding the clocks up. I didn’t even get them excatly the same in the end, but it counted anyway.
        I love all the costumes at the end! I was thinking, ‘I went through the whole Haunted House for THIS?!?!? Lol. But the costumes were worth it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. For da Grim Reaper if you customize the hand held item,try pressing spacebar.You can raise it !It has an action!

  4. I finished the Haunted House before you posted it.
    BTW: When is Smockers going to post the winners of the Halloween Contest? It’s been a few days since he last posted and we’re all dying to know the results. I used the Avatar Studio to post my costume, and now I really want to change it.

    Hijuyo: The winners will be announced hopefully soon. Thanks for your patience.

      1. I can’t wait! I love the generosity of the umm… Hippie Man Appreciation Club was it?

      1. you could always get the outfit saver, then you can change and keep your old look. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Well a very smart member(OMG I DON’T know WHO in the WORLD it could BE!) of this blog knows how to become a dummy just to let you know Seth… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I finished it and the hardest part for me is the clocks. and I wonder why the goast in the shower doesn’t do anything. I expect it to be WAY harder but it’s really fun!

    1. When you are on it, the hover your mouse over a clock to speed it up. make them go at the same time!

    1. haha lol… IN TIME and then theres CLOCKS… lol i get it but then i think i made the joke less funny lol

  6. Yeah…the clocks were very hard for me too… But im glad i finished it! Of course, with the help of guides…

  7. Awesome pic! And welcum Back Codien! Did you have a nice trip?

    Cool house! im only up 2 the part where i used the boiler to get a bottle on a high shelf and got insside the house… Im going to figure out how 2 solve it by myself.

  8. Tip: For everyone who is having trouble with the clocks here is what you do. First get one of the clocks to catch up with the other. After that, with your cursor in the middle of the clocks. NOTE: Make sure none of the clocks glow green. Then do not do anything and eventually one of the clocks will catch up with the other and then you get the lantern. After that you go into the basement with the kersone and fill the lantern. And that is how I did it. It worked for me. If it doesn’t work for you, sorry.

    1. tip: you will have to try alot. you have to get it at the EXACT SAME TIME. Like, you have to get the minute and the hour hand at the exact same time. When you do that once, the lantern will apear in the fire place. And I have a question. All of you that have finished, you know how at the end, all the people have hand held items that you can customize and how its to the side of the map?
      Well, because of those I think it might be limmited time. I hope not! (neutral)

  9. omg… its in every island… and wonderin bout the age thingy for this ad… my acc is 12 (i think lol) i hope this helps lol

    I noticed some really cool things.
    The first one is a useful tip for the clock bit. Wen your trying to get the clocks to strike midnight at the exact same time, wen u roll the mouse over one of the clocks, that paticular clock spins faster. quite the HANDY trick, huh? (get it? LOL! ๐Ÿ˜† )
    The second is wen you finish and your at the halloween party thing, weh you roll over or click on a balloon, it moves! COOL!
    And lastly, you may notice that the Witch, the Scarecrow and the reeper guy all hold item. You can actully costrumise those items. AND wen u press the spacebar they actully do something like the hand-held items in the store. The witch’s broomstick and Scarecrow’s rake/hoe thing both spin around(You can spin them hile walking and swimming too, and I should know: I tried it!) while the Reeper guy’s axe works like the sameri sword(at least I think it’s that sword): you thurst it out, pointing upwards while grining.
    It’s really cool!!!
    I recommend that you try it.

    1. Thanks but…. we allready know all this… but i misheard about the hand held items like on the grim reaper. grim reapers sword is called a Scythe and the scare crow holds a pitch fork! bye

  11. Thanks for the tutorial. I needed that for lighting the lantern and finding the cup. I also finished it on my other account, got s pumpkin costume, and became a pumkin witch!

      1. Man, that makes me mad! They need to make that girls ONLY! I had just camme from the haunted house, so I looked creepy, and there were a bunch of fairies! Awkward huh!

        Fairy: Greetings traveller!

        CT: I have completed my evilly evil army! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        Fairy: Oh no, we are not prepared for attack! Fairies are peaceful! Grab the moonstone!!!

        CT: I ate that stupid stone! Let us see how giant robots of doom go against tiny fairies! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        Not a very happy ending! ๐Ÿ˜†

      2. well i guess they changed it cuz at bout the day the ad opened… boys couldnt go in and i culd use my 12 year old girl acc to go in it

  12. Hmmmmmm……..
    The plot thickens.
    Anywho, I havn’t been able to ggo on this site for two weeks so I missed the halloween contest! Boo-hoo!
    And I had the coolest costume…..
    Oh well! I’ll just post a link so you can see my costume!!!
    Here it is:
    P.S this is my first halloween on Poptropica! But then I do live in Australia and we don’t (not counting a select few who do) celebrate halloween, so in a way, this is the first time I have celebrated it!

  13. Hey PHB, what was the hardest part you guys did on Haunted house?

    What was your favorite part?

    And everyone, I’m sorry for the conflict between Muddydragon and me Golden Rider but let just let it go and Hijuyo just delete the the comment. I personally didn’t like or mean it.

    Hijuyo: It’s okay. Anyway, I found the clocks one of the hardest, but the one of the cool parts was connecting the boiler! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, I know. Also getting the costumes was pretty cool too. Flying on the broomstick was cool too. Every island (half-island is what I call Haunted House,) should have the power to fly or fly on something.

  14. If you’re too young for the Tinker Bell Ad, or can’t access it for some reason, try using this Multiverse code: CWK63. It will take you directly into the ad.

  15. Hurray it worked! And sorry for the gloating I wasn’t thinking. I think it is cool and stylish for my Halloween costume! And I am not a girly girl or a tomboy- kinda in the middle if you were thinking.

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