Enter into the realm Of The Haunted House (Soon..)!!

We notice a eerie new post at the PCB, by Dr.Hare (With Da Famous Fluffy Tail and Green Skin):

The Grave Beckons

The Haunted House is close at hand. Prepare yourself for an eerie adventure! It just might be your last…

avatar image

Wow. I’m getting really scared ’bout this haunted house thing (NOT!!). So in the amazing pic and sneak-peek-kinda-thing, we see what is to be The much awaited Deadly Haunted House, and a poor little angel crying. Poor angel, I think the Devil Himself got her. I really am getting impatient with these people. CURSE YOU, CREATORS!!! GOD, HURRY UP!! Hopefully, The Creators are gonna make a giant Halloween bash. I’m just totally excited about Halloween. Though I haven’t customized my Poptropica character (Yet), I’m real excited about Halloween. Like I said, It would be cool if the Creators made a  Halloween Par– HEY, WHY DON’T WE MAKE ONE!! Lol, I’m kidding. It wouldn’t really be possible. The multiplayer rooms have different servers (Though, looking at the number of readers the PHB has, it wouldn’t really matter), and A multiverse has a limit of people it can carry. Oh well, Creators, If you are reading my post, MAKE THE PARTY PLACE!! Also, My elder brother Aldraz, has entered the Web!! He’s made a blog which you can view over here. He’s also made an account on the PHF. Unfortunately, he won’t be as active as me. He’s in 10th grade, and he’s darn busy.

Thanks to MuddyDragon for updating us on this piece of news!

So I come to the end of this post. We are always waiting for Halloween to come, and we may even customize the PHB for Halloween.

OFF TOPIC UPDATE: This is A PHB Gravatar MILESTONE!! All of the PHB Staff members have changed their gravatars to non-poptropica Avatars!! Hooray!! Hijuyo has changed theirs to a juicebox-and-cheeseball pic, Smockers has a rock cantaloupe saying “Smockers”, Codien has his same splatter kinda thing, I have the same chibi thing (I’m Gonna CHANGE it!), GE has a manga kinda thing..  And motion has that smirkin’ human.

Saying Good By, And Also wondering why on earth Poptropica this text is in Blue Font,


80 thoughts on “Enter into the realm Of The Haunted House (Soon..)!!”

  1. i think the haunted house thing is really scary and stuff because when you go up your stairs when your door is at the back of you and its night do you ever get the feeling a ghost is behind you or a vampire or worse… A MUMMIE OR A ALIEN! well thats how i always feels it gives me the creeps since im not used to the house i have now i get creeped!

    1. Golden Rider, I think Fast Flame means costumes for the Haunted House. But Star Wars isn’t be related to the Haunted House, and you’d only get Star Wars outfits if there is a Star Wars advertisement, and those costumes could be only for a limited time, just like the ad.

    1. You do get credits for finishing it. It gets you 50 credits. At the end, it’s really funny. But I’m not gonna tell you the ending!!!

  2. On the show dr who, there were weeping angels. if u don look at them (or if u even blink) they will get closer. Then sooner or later, they will kill you. They may be those weeping angels! Ooh, scary!

    1. They don’t kill you, they send you back in time. Anyway, a Poptropican died in 1912? and in 1892? Plus that tree looks really creepy!

      Hijuyo: Lol, good point! Poptropica only started in 2007! 😛

      1. But don’t forget the pilgrm dudes in Early Pop! The sign there says they arrived in 1887 or something around that time

  3. I think you have to fight ghosts in the graveyard!
    I wish it would come sooner because it looks so cool!

  4. the adventure might be your last line makes me shiver a little since it makes it seem like a hint that poptropica is going to end.

    Hijuyo: They probably don’t mean that Poptropica will end. By ‘might be your last’, they were joking that you might not be alive by the end of the Haunted House to do any more islands (which, of course, is unlikely). 😉

    1. no they probabally just did that for effect like they do in graveyard/haunted house things the amusement park at my town does that all the time

  5. This is ssssoooooo creepy.
    There should be lots of monsters.
    If they have a devil that will be so evil.
    I think there is a monster who takes away your soul.
    That would be so evil!! 😈

  6. AWESOME! I can’t wait for it to come out! I hope ‘close at hand’ means SOON soon, not like how long Reality TV took (or should I say, is taking?). The Haunted House island sounds cooler than Reality TV.

  7. LOL, Gazek, its not a rock…Smockers icon is Smockers on a cantaloupe…because he is somehow “Cantaloupe”.

  8. Heres a guide to haunted house:
    go to the roof and chase the bat with the key until you get the key, then go to the left of the roof and unlock the door go into the house and go right to a ghost cat, the cat will tell you to get 4 treasures. go to the middle and jump on the knights head, and get the axe, then use it on the ice in the freezer, get the ice. then go to the dining room an click on the spider above the witch picture get the broom-stick and take it to the top level. go to the chest and click on it, this is the combination: Far right- up, middle- down, left- up, bottom- left, middle- right, top left, that’s the code.
    then go to the clocks in the bedroom and then click on them, this requires a lot of patience. wait for both clocks to ring at the same time twice then a lamp will appear in the fireplace below, go to the basement where you arrived and fill it with oil. go to the basement again and complete the boiler puzzle, stand on the boiler and float to a shelf to get the poison, go to the cat and then go outside to the angel statue and go down the hole next to it, you win!

      1. the far right column, move it up, middle column, move it down .etc.
        hope i helped!

      1. Okay, the square, is divided into nine squares. it is like a rubix cube. first go to the column on the on the far right, then drag it up one square. then go to the column in the very middle and drag it down one square, then go to the column at the far left and drag it up one square, then go the horizontal column at the bottom of the box, drag it left one square, then go to the horizontal column in the middle and drag it right one square, then go to the very top column and drag it left. REALLY hope I helped!!

      1. In the basement (where you entered) in the barrel under the stairs, labeled Kerosene!

    1. sorry left out a detail, on the clocks if you hover your mouse on a clock it speeds up, use this to help you make them ring at the same time.

  9. You know at the end when you’ve finished Haunted House, one of the people is dressed like a scarecrow. Costumize the pitchfork that he is holding and press the spacebar. You’ll twirl it.

    1. And there’s a person holding a scythe. Costumize it and you’ll step forward and put the scythe in front of you.
      Also, there is a broomstick too – press the spacebar with it and you will twirl it.

      1. It is the same one! they put all of the halloween and goosebumps costumes ever made there!

  10. It would be soooo creepy/scary if they had like the 7 diseases in the bible for it and the story would take like over 2 hours but they dont and it would be cool if u got like 250 for a special costume u would be able to get if u beat Haunted House.
    P.S.I completed it but gives u 50 credits and if ur smart u can figure out wat happens but a hint its like a birthday party and u can get the scythe and reaper costume!

  11. I beat Haunted House, and so did my brother. It was kinda easy. You get 50 credits for completing it. It’s awesome. It’s not really scary. It’s cool.

  12. I like it! I like it! I like the flying on the broom thing too! My brother didn’t have alot of luck though…

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