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The Store is restocking!

The Poptropica Creators will be releasing new items for the Poptropica Store every week during this summer! Incredible Fish got some cool pictures of the new Astronaut outfit that is currently in the Store for 75 credits:


The helmet’s lights will light up when you press the space bar. This is what the astronaut looks like when the lights are off (see left Poptropican)…


…and when it’s on! (Image below is from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog.)

Blog Post Title: Summer Store Fun!
Description: We will be releasing new store items every week during the summer!
For this week we’ve added two new items: Multiverse and a new Astronaut outfit.
As many of you know the Creators visted some or your Multiverse rooms. It was really cool chatting and battling with many of you, but sadly a few of you totally destroyed us at some of the games…Ouch!
Image URL:
Image Name: astronaut.png
Posted by: Shark Boy

Check out the post below to learn more about the Multiverse, a new dimension of Poptropica. Once again, I visited some more Multiverse rooms from PHB and PHF users! In Graham’s (Spotted Bubbles’s) Enchanted Forest room, I met Spotted Bubbles (Graham), and Curious Fang (known as Trusty Hawk on PHB). Graham left after awhile, but Curious Fang and I were still chatting with eachother when Dr. Hare, a Poptropica Creator, showed up!

Dr. Hare is the first Creator I’ve met so far, and I’m hoping to meet the rest soon enough! Hare has a 4-star battle ranking, and according to Curious Fang (who was dressed up in Binary Bard’s jester outfit but carrying a sword), Dr. Hare beat her in Soupwords and Paint War (but she beat him in Sudoku twice!). When I tried to Costumize him, it turned out only his teeth (with the big tooth sticking out) could be copied.We also chatted with the Creator, and he in turn asked us some questions. After some time, Dr. Hare Curious Fang had to leave.

Soon, however, someone else came in. I got to meet Green Seal (known as Sparkle Star on PHB and on her Poptropica Updates Blog!), and we had fun chatting and playing games like Paint War, which she won. Congratulations! When we met, Green Seal was wearing her pink Electrify, which you can recognize in the photos I compiled from my Enchanted Forest Multiverse adventure here:

Met Dr. Hare

I also met some other guys from the PHF chatroom in some Crystal Cavern Multiverses. (One of the pics below shows Graham, Curious Fang, and I in his Enchanted Forest, which I mentioned above.) Yesterday, I saw Zany Glove, Lucky Spider (MonkeyTacoz), Squeezy Monster (and his clone, Skinny Chicken). Maroon Fly, another one of Monkey’s accounts, also joined in later, and so did a jovial fellow named Happy Spider. (I also found out that Invisible Bean, who I mentioned in the post below, was also another one of Taco’s accounts!)

Today I met Shoeless Runner, Silly Owl (known as Incredible Fish), Short Sun (or Technonerd), Shy Turtle (”Anti SG”), and a few others at Incredible Fish’s Multiverse. Maroon Fly wandered in again, this time dressed as Pinocchio. We later all met up at the top floor to take a jumping snapshot – speaking of which, did you know there’s a glitch up there which lets you jump up and down nonstop? Try it!

Multiverse Crystal Cavern

Update: A few hours later, I met some more PHB readers in Skinny Snowball’s Enchanted Forest room! Congratulations to Speedy Hawk (who also tried to Costumize me!), Moody Wolf, Young Skunk, Trusty Bubbles, Green Sword (known as Bashful Octo on the PHB), Zany Thunder (also known as Poptropicalthunder), Dangerous Shark (accidentally got covered in the first picture, but I left some space for you on the side!), Friendly Hopper, Skinny Snowball (owner of this Multiverse room), and Nice Turtle! Here’s everyone I saw gathered at the cool room:

BMN63 Forest

Also, the bottom part of the homepage has gotten a makeover! Thanks for the news, Lazy Feather. And apparently, Reality TV Island is missing from the game’s map now! Some think that the island is being abandoned like Monster Carnival Island was, and others think it means that RTV is close to completion, which would mean that this is temporary. We still don’t know for sure what’s up, but we all hope for the second option!

But part of the homepage update shows that instead of the RTV hippie asking you to sign up to be informed of TV Island’s release, it just says ”next Poptropica island”, and the picture has changed to an envelope. It looks like the Creators are ignoring the existence of Reality TV Island, which had been set to come out in summer 2009. What do you think is going on?

RTV Missing, Homepage Update

There has recently been a rumor about the caterpillar on Shark Tooth Island being gone. (For those who have completed the island’s quest, you’ll know what ‘caterpillar’ I’m talking about.) This caterpillar was formerly on one of the statues in the Temple Dungeon, and if you bumped into it, it would knock you over.

We can now confirm that this obstacle has been removed from the game, making it much easier to finish the island. Our Shark Tooth Guide has been updated to suit this change.

You may have noticed a change in one of our Poptropica Help Blog sidebar widgets. The ”Recent Comments” section has been updated, and now it will show the Wavatar of the commenter. We’re hoping that this feature will make it easier to recognize the person, since you might often remember a blog commenter by their picture. A Wavatar is the WordPress avatar of a commenter here, and it is usually randomly generated.

In other news: The competition for Grumpy Wolf’s Poptropica account will be hosted soon. More details will soon follow. By the way, we might be making a Multiverse room for the PHB!

239 thoughts on “The Store is restocking!”

  1. THAT IS SO COOL! DR HARE IN THE MULTIVERSE! Hey, did you hear ifhe has any more evil plans for world domination? LOL! 😆 It looks really cool! And yes, Ive seen the new space suit outfit. BTW, YAY! FIRST COMMENT! 🙂

      1. It ould be even better if they kept Realitly TV AND brought out monster carnival island!

  2. Its scary! I mean what if thay get rid of reality tv? I mean, weve all seen the sneak peeks so ovbiously SOMETHING has beeen going on, but still! Does this mean the end of Reality TV Island????????????????????????????

  3. I don’t remember seeing you ST. Was I playing a game? Oh ,well. If I only stayed longer I would have had seen Dr. Hare.

    ST: I did see you, though. Check the pictures above, you’re in one of them. 😉

    1. You’re right. Maybe I was on another site for a sec. (Probably the PHB) but I hope to see you again soon! 🙂

      1. Oh, I know what happened. I minimized Poptropica and looked at the PHB for a sec, then it automatically took me out of the room. That’s probably what happened. So, I didn’t see you, but you saw me. I hope you see me AND I see you soon.

  4. maybe the reason reality TV island is of the map and at the bottom it says “sign up to be emailed when the next island comes out” is they want it to be a suprise. instead of telling you what the next island will be, they will hide the islands picture and name until it comes out. 🙂 but thats just a guess 😉

  5. the caterpillar is gone I just checked. to tell someone something..that caterpillar never bothered me because I always timed him.
    but if you got hit by him..Try try Again! well I’ll miss that dear old friend. Bye Caterpillar!!

      1. Actually, now the caterpillar is gone even if you didn’t finish Shark Tooth Island. (the post says it!)

      2. and we did it agian! but the catipilar has gone away even without finishing it?

        ST: Yes, I checked it on an account that hasn’t finished Shark Tooth yet. 😉

  6. St and anyone who is on, please come to multiverse room BMN63. Please come creators of poptropica, phb, and veiwers and players of both!

      1. I played against Shark Boy and Vlad the Viking and I won! I’m good at Hoops!

      2. Trusty Bubbles, can you please change your outfit? I don’t like it when people copy my outfit.

  7. Hey, guys, come to AWD41 for the real followup party. Only 7 people allowed, so be quick to get your spot! You must come as your most used character, and if you want, bring 1 hand-held item. See you there!

    P.S. Scary Tomato, please come this time!

  8. OMG!!!! I can’t believe ST in in a room with me!!!! Moody Hawk, Trusty Bubbles, Green Sword, Dangerous Shark, Zany Thunder, Speedy Hawk, Friendly Hopper, & whoever else was in here, do you know how lucky we are?

    1. LOL, yesterday, when I met Scary Tomato, no one else was there. They probably didn’t ST was there!

      1. LOL I barely got to see you there, I wanted to talk to you but you were just about to leave…

      1. I saw you too & I was about to customize your shirt because I always lose mine, but then you changed your shirt then left… 😦

    1. I’m there as Young Horse. I’m doing the Race to Witch Mountain thing, so don’t ask me to play until I start walking around.

      1. LOL I’m taking pictures (even though I don’t have a blog, so leave me a comment if you want pictures of everyone…) & this is too cool!

      2. Awww…..Vlad left. I need to defeat Dr.Hare, Comic Kid, Director D., and Thirsty Whale in Soupwords to reign over the galaxy!!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. Hey ST? Maybe since so many people want you to take their picture, you can add a separate page for Multiverse pictures…? (Just an idea)

  10. i met binary bard then shark boy then st then vlad hey st did you see me in one multiverse i was young ring

    1. I’m trusty bubbles i’m new to this blog and although i had this outfit for a long time, sorry if i offended u sparkle star and i changed my outfit,
      Trusty bubbles (Ashli)

      1. I saw you costumize me, though. Well, anyway, thanks for changing your outfit.

    1. I just went to Super Power Island and did it. That way, I could fly around instead of jumping and having to hide behind cans.

      1. That was a smart move. 🙂 I had to do it the hard way too. I wonder if the guards could see you if you had on the chameleon suit from Spy….

      1. I can’t even get into it! It says, “this room is not available right now.”

  11. I am green hero! I have the full dog costume, so meet me at the top floor for customizing! (Autographing)

  12. noo!! the hippie guy is gone! 😦 man oh well, i just hope that there’s nothing wrong with RTV island.

  13. I’m hosting a big party at AWH22 for 3 reasons: 1- Multiverse is out! 2- 1 year birthday! 3- I just got back from vacation! Come to my party! 🙂

    1. Yeah, my computer went crazy and I couldn’t throw the ball. Then when you won, I couldn’t close the game, so I had to close the window and log on to poptropica again.

  14. Am I going crazy? There are 2 Bony Pears and Brave Icicles in my room! AAAHHH! I AM CRAZY! Gorbeldygibby! Loopymania!

    1. Whoops! I meant BSW33! And if I stand still and don’t respond, it’s because my dad called me off to do something.

      1. And if I dissapear, the screen froze and I had to X it out. I’ll be back in a few moments.

      2. My screen froze and I can’t get back on the room, so I made a new one. So go to BYW14 to have the PARTY OF YOUR LIVES!

      3. Thank you to everybody who is here! And thank you to Strange Seal, who showed me some Monster Carnival items! Unfortunately, I couldn’t Costumize them. 🙂

  15. weird glitch in the new advertisment biulding! once you finished and you get the items and they’ve left, and you click the key hole again, a voice comes out of nowhere saying what the girl says! it weird!

  16. If anyone wants to hang in the Enchanted Forest, visit AKH12. I’ll warn you, Soupwords and Hoops are my specialties!

  17. Um, ST, you’re probobly awake now… so I was wondering, can you go to a room with me? I’ll make it when you reply…

      1. Yeah, see you too!
        *Smiles and yawns*
        Sorry, I’m kinda tired… and my brother is driving me up the wall…

  18. To anyone who wonders why I disappear a lot, my internet stops and I can’t move, so I x it out, refresh the internet, and log back on. Sorry if I offended anyone!

    1. Mine too! A couple days ago, something really weird happened. I was trying to chat with my friend Friendly Hero, but when it finally loaded it said: This is the first default question. And the next one said: This is the second default question. And the next one said: And the third. And when I tried to exit the room, it said : Address not found. And when I tried to go back to the homepage of Poptropica, it did nothing.

  19. hmmm. . .I want multiverse. But I don’t have the credits, and I only one island left unfinished. I think I’ll start a new account and buy the cool new stuff! 😛 🙂 😉

    1. oops, I meant PoptropiCat!! Not purple paw!! 😳 (we both share the same email address, that’s why our icons are the same. . .I forgot to change his name back to mine!) whoops! (unicorn)

  20. Party for those with a sweet tooth! Room: Sweet Tooth Code: BZQ46 Objective: PARTY! Don’t just stand there! Or sit there, lay there, or levitate there! Come and PARTY! I have faulty Internet, so if I disappear, don’t be offended! I’ll be back in a few seconds!

      1. cause i just finished doing the advertisement. It’s really cool! anyway are some people on right now?

  21. yes SERIOUS FOX on summer I can stay up till midnight so im up all night when it school its eight im 8 years old and started poptropica the first day it was

  22. OMG HAHAHA LOLZ ROFL!!! I just got trapped in witch mountain!!! in the room where the aliens were held captive!!! P.S. the aliens where not in the room!!!

    OK if you want to do this you have to have completed super power, and have the flying ability.

    Here’s how you do it: First go to super power island, then go in the race to witch mountain ad building then go to the door where you get into the roo where you get the key cards to open the door but dont go inside instead fly all the way up. You should now be trapped in the race to witch mountain ad building!!! P.S. to get out simply log out and then log back in.

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