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Racing to Witch Mountain and Multiverse!

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Poptropica brings out a new ad; Walt Disneys: Race To Witch Mountain. An awesome mini adventure about saving two aliens from captivity. We have even provided a video to help you.

Scary Tomato catches up with some new friends in the wickedly new Multiverse.

And we share with you some electrifying new glitches.

Race to Witch Mountain: advertisement game

There’s currently a new advertisement building for all ages, which you can find on Main Street on any island! This is featuring Walt Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain, and the game in it is pretty simple. Push the boxes onto a colored button (gateway switch), and the color’s gateway will be unlocked. Collect the key inside the gateway (there are 3 of them: red, purple, blue).

Watch out for security guards – try hiding behind the barrels so they won’t see you! A tip is that if you have the jetpack from Early Poptropica or the flying power from Super Power, use it!

The most interesting thing about this advertisement is the items we we recieve. Only one of the 3 cards says that its limited time only. What does this mean? Do we get to keep the costumes?

Here’s a video guide for extra help:

Multiverse Meet-ups!

Today I met some more people from the PHF chat! Turns out that I missed Dr. Hare’s visit at ASH62, but I still got to meet many others from PHB and PHF. Most of us were doing the jumping glitch on the top floor of the crystal cavern, with Shy Turtle (AKA Anti Super Grape) being the most enthusiastic of all.

Dangerous Claw (known as Johnmoo on PHF) was wearing his Medusa hair. Jumpy Coyote, Moody Skull and I were also crazily hopping about. Tiny Star (Happyflame on the PHF chat) and Bronze Scorpion were our audience, and they supportively stood around to watch.

And according to Johnmoo on the PHF chat, Dr. Hare had been seen earlier today carrying different items such as a fishing rod, toilet plunger, flower, and some Store items, but he kept disappearing from the room.

I was also informed by Anon8348 and Lazy Feather that the caterpillar in the Shark Tooth dungeon has returned! If you’re a fan of this creepy crawlie, why not go pay a visit? 😛

Electrify glitches!

Dark Purple Electrify

Golden Eagle recently informed us of a ”Dark Purple Electrifier” glitch, which you can get using the following steps:

  1. Put on the Gothic Cheerleader outfit on ENTIRELY (mouth, bangs, everything).
  2. Put on any colored Electrify. (Bought at the Poptropica Store for 250 credits!)
  3. Click on the Save and Quit button (log out).
  4. Log back in. You should have dark purple Electrifier!

Note: If you change your outfit, save and come back later, it will still be there. It will disappear if you change Electrifier colors, use Phantom, etc. Golden Eagle said that she once saw dark green Electrify, but doesn’t know how to get it at the moment.


Moody Skull and Magic Storm also mentioned a ”Electrify Glitch” where the sparks do not have color!

  1. Use the ‘Electrify’ item.
  2. Land on the Ice Planet on Astro-Knights. (Coordinates are 73, 83)
  3. Jump into the water.
  4. Now you should have Electrify sparks without color!

Black Electrify

Young Skunk told us this: “I (Young Skunk), was just having a fun Poptropica day (partying) when after a while I logged off, now later I’m back on, & I’m electrified black!”

She sent us some photos of her partying in her friends’ Multiverse rooms, in which she was wearing the light green Electrify. The photo on the right shows what happened when she logs back in – black Electrifier?! Here’s a pic:

Btw: The August 2009 issue of the PHB’s Poptropican’s 911 newsletter will be out tomorrow!

100 thoughts on “Racing to Witch Mountain and Multiverse!”

  1. Im kinda angry and taken back. you know the no-colour eletrifier thing? I said that in a comment last month only a said lava on the volcano planet instead of the ice water on the ice planet and now someone who said pretty much the same thing gets credit for mentioning it!

    ST: Ok, I’ll add your name. 🙄

    1. It is kinda boring but the rewards witch are the RTWM alien suit incredible fish mentioned, the RTWM agent hazmat suit and the RTWM UFO( which is like the space buddies rocket) arnt to bad

  2. I got that black electrifier glitch too on one of my accounts… I had a pink electrifier though!

  3. I know a glith to give me light red kind
    I got it when I saved ak island
    when your with the unicorn with blue eligricky on click ctrl shift s once your don you should have light red added to the colors

    1. Unfortunaly, ST might just be getting ready for bed… well, where he is, it’s 8:46 P.M., not A.M., like it is for me…
      But anyway, he’s twelve; he might be awake!!

  4. Oh boy…TOMMORROW!!! Man, I lost track of time!!
    I hope my ideas for islands get in… but I don’t know if you guys read them yet…

  5. *screams* I made the blog!!!! That makes me REALLY excited & I don’t have any idea how to do that glitch…(I’m about to leave for camp in like 1/2 an hour, so bye!)

  6. Me ( trusty bubbles ) is hosting a party at BQQ29. The room is sweet tooth !!!!!
    !!!!!!!PLEASE COME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. St, how come I always leave before you come in the PHF Chat? LOL…I’ll never make it into these snapshots! Anyway, I was in the room with Dr.Hare..he was using the All-In-One! He was on the PHF Chat…he followed us to the room we asked! He did whatever we asked, too! I asked him to use his fishing rod to fish in the hole…and that’s exactly what he did! It rocked!

  8. He’s a Creator…I think every time he left, he re-coded his Poptropican’s outfit using the codes Deathstalker (Seph) and I discovered. Oh, and Codien helped find them too. To answer your question, he got the fishing poll from the guy on Shark Tooth..I think he was fishing in Booga Bay.

      1. You can’t customize the guy in Shark Tooth – at least I don’t think you can. That’s why I said he RE-CODED his Poptropican every time he left our Multiverse. How ever, on the PHF we did figure out a way to make your Poptropican show with a rod. The feature will also be in MAP (which doesn’t change your actual Poptropican). Here’s the link to the thread where we editing your Poptropicans (and I made the Karate Guy have a fishing rod, like Dr.Hare did!):

  9. Here’s how to get the dark green:
    Just put on a ton of green stuff, turn on the green electrifier, and log out then log back in. It should work. It does not have to be the gothic cheerleader for the dark purple.

  10. if there going to let us keep the costuse they should let us keep the old ones too.they should also make a spot in the bag that says”ads”.

    1. Sorry. It was a coincidence, and I didn’t mean to copy him. I liked the outfit and I put it on, and I didn’t notice until I saw his sig on PHF.

  11. Hello Scary Tomato! It’s me, Spider880 A.K.A. Red Tornado, the one who told you the Binary Bard’s password. Anyways I just wanted to say hi.

    Scary Tomato: Hi Spider880! 🙂

  12. Invisble aliens?!?!
    That’s right! invisble aliens! yep theres a big giltch at the RTWM add. After you rescue the aliens, simpley click on the secruty key thing that you clicked on to rescue them. then the aliens will speak- although there’s nobody there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I found this heaps mad and toatally fun glitch! here’s how to use it:
    1. if you hav the Race to Witch Mountain (RTWM)UFO, head over to spy island. If u dont hav the ufo, play the add game until you do.
    2. go up to the bouncey wire at the top right of the HQ building
    3. Bounce on it
    4. activate UFO
    5. then move aroung on the wire and watch the hilasousily funny UFO try to catch u!

    1. its also funnyier if you have something like a wand that has sparkles coming out of it, than when the UFO finally catches u(wen ur boncing in the same place instead of moving around) wen the UFO goes up into the sky, u’ll see the sparkles going up and down up and down like they would wen ur boncing even though there’s no-one there! 😆

      1. i think the best part the ufo is if you us it right before ou fall in the lavaor ice water, you will fall in, but then you ill be invisible, then he witch mountain thing coes out and your visible again! note: yo will ned tobe quick and it may not work on the first try 😀 check. you. LATER!

  14. Scary Tomato NOW are you online?

    ST: Would you please stop spamming? I’ll be online when I want to, you know.

  15. Funny glitch:
    Stand on top of the Crop Circle Inn (THE TIP OF THE TOP!!) And you will jump multiple times with doing anything.

    1. Yeah! I did that before you posted this comment! its funny! (and you said with. I think you meant without). 😛

    1. When you made this comment, yes (it was 10:06am). You can check by looking at the date under the comment you just submitted.

      The time being shown next to the date is the current time in Hong Kong (where I live). A few other places also have the same time zone (like Lazy Feather’s).

  16. I just tried all of the electrify glitches and they didnt work! But a few weeks ago I got the black electrify…

  17. GLITCH: Trapped with the aliens

    In early poptropica, put on the jet pack. Go in to Race to witch mountain BEFORE you complete the minigame and free the aliens.
    Go UNDER the place where the kids are trapped.
    Fly up. Try and go down or out the door.
    You’re trapped.

    (Refreshing the page frees you.)

    1. I found a glitch to: after you free the ailiens and get the items, click the thing that you put the keys in and a speech bubble comes out of nowhere saying what the girl said! 🙂

  18. Man, I wish I still had my account. Awhile back, I was allowing a few people to exchange rare items via some program that I had limited access to on this website, of which I do not recall the name; my last costume switch was to a Santa Claus outfit, complete with a beard. I got so paranoid that I changed my password every time; the problem is that my password became incredibly long and I did not write it down. I did not even confirm my e-mail back then for cautious reasons, and now I fear that Jumpy Coyote will never jump again. I remember six months after the password switch where I wanted to return, and I just could not; it was probably deleted at this point anyway.
    Eh, I could start over for nostalgic sake; even though I am an adolescent now, this game has sentimental significance to me. I will pop in, casually for sure :D.

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