Counting Down!

It seems like years ago when the PHB first hit the 10,000 mark.

It felt like months ago when the PHB hit their 100,000 mark.

But never did Scary Tomato, a kid from Hong Kong, ever believe that a simple passion for helping people on Poptropica, would become what it is today.

So today we are celebrating. The PHB’s biggest moment (besides their first year aniversary 😛 ).


1,000,000 Hits!1000000!

 And as of today, we have exactly 10,700 comments in the whole blog!

Help us count down to the huge milestone in the comments below.

Because it is you, the viewers, that made the hits.

The PHB Team

Scary Tomato |  Smockers

Codien  | Grumpy Wolf


188 thoughts on “Counting Down!

  1. Smockers says:

    999,764 hits! =O It sure has been fun along the way to 1,000,000 hits! It really is great that all of you were apart of this. *sniff*

    Oh, yeah. The PHB also wishes a Happy Memorial Day to those in the USA! =)

    • Incredible Fish says:

      thank you smockers i can’t believe your site is going to get 1,000,000 hits p.s. i have a question why do you rarely post? -Incredible Fish

      • Smockers says:

        Hopefully, I will be able to post more often in the summer, as I am busy most of the time during school. I do have some time to myself, but I usually am busy with other things than school work. Of course, I’m usually free on the weekend, but the PCB doesn’t post on weekends. =( School ends sometime in the middle of June. So, maybe I will be more active when that time comes.

      • Incredible Fish says:

        hope Scary Tomato and other PHB members leave some pcb posts for you to post good luck with school!! -Incredible Fish

  2. Neat Whale says:

    Oh man oh man… my Excitment is too Huge for words!!!! 🙂 😀 :mrgreen: I can’t wait till 1,000,000!!! This will go down in HISTORY!!!
    *1,000,000 years later*
    “And I herby say that 1,000,000 years ago the poptropica help blog got 1,000,000 hits!!!!”

  3. Purple Sword says:

    YAY!!! 1 million hits! Straberry cookies! Blueberry cookies! Chocolate cookies! Striped cookies with blue and green polka-dots! WOOOOO! 🙂 😉 :mrgreen: 😆 😀 😎 😛 PHB RULES!

  4. Graham says:

    Congrats!! 1 million hits. You guys are great! You have truly helped us with all of our poptropica needs. Thank you!- Graham

  5. Shifty Shadow says:

    WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PHB!!!!!!!!! (: Let’s CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jake says:

    WOOOHOOO!!!!! congrats for 1,000,000 hits!!!!! im so glad for you guys. and thank you commenter people. for the hits. im throwing a little party at home for my 2nd best site award. (first is poptropica)

    knaht uoy

  7. californiar1p says:

    1,000,854 hits! I’m so proud of you guys. I started coming around when it had only like 6,000 hits or so… and to be here now, wow. You guys rock so much, I have you on my google reader!

  8. Cool Wing says:

    This is the Most Greatest day in the History of Poptropica! I think that this is Better than Astro Knights!

  9. Little Melon aka Director Melon aka Shy Crush says:

    1000000 cookies for all!
    One for Super Power
    One for Grumpy Wolf
    One for Scary Tomato
    One for Smockers
    One for Codien
    One for Blooberry96
    One for Cool Wing
    One for Serious Spider
    One for Magic Storm
    One for Popfan (Golden Eagle)
    One for Shiny Leaf
    One for Poptropicat
    One for my BFF, Sticky Heart
    And most importantly,
    Anyone I forgot?
    =D =D

  10. nice Dragon says:


    • Cheerful Claw says:

      Maybe, maybe not. The ‘French Island’ thing isn’t confirmed. There’s a HUGE chance it won’t come out.

    • Scary Tomato says:

      Golden Fox – We’re not sure, since we don’t know much about it. In fact, we don’t even know the official name of the island, if it’s going to come out. But check the archives for a few sneak peeks of what we do know about the French Island:

      I hope it does come out some day; it looks great. Anyway, let’s stay on topic: the awesome achievement of PHB! It’s still hard to believe, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

      Scary Tomato

  11. Rough Panda says:

    This is so cool! 🙂
    So exciting! 😀
    So AWESOME! :mrgreen:

    1,000,000+ Hits! Great job PHB team! You finally did it! Did you ever think this blog would be oh so popular!?! 🙂

  12. californiar1p says:

    I’m SO proud of you guys! I came as the 6,128th person I write all these things down. (I’m so dumb) But, PARTY TIME! Lets go to the Party Time Tower on Time Twisted island! 😀 *starts dancing*

    • Scary Tomato says:

      Shiny Mosquito – Cool idea! May 25, 2009 shall always be remembered to the Poptropica Help Blog as the day of our first million hits. Hopefully, we’ll have another million by next year to celebrate! 🙂

  13. Oumer26 says:

    Theres a new post on the creators blog.I guess I’m excited for the suprise.Sorry for sounding so gloomy it’s just that I have a horrible cough on a great day like this.

  14. Caioh says:

    Wow-cool-awesome-wow! I missed the countdown, but I’m so happy to see the PHB with 1,018,701 hits and counting!

    Congratulations!! Keep up the superb stuff, ST, Smockers, Codien, and Grumpy Wolf! :mrgreen:


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