Don’t get mad, Mr. Glove.

“Hello, sir. I hope you’re not feeling mad at anybody today,” laughed Vlad the Viking as he stepped into the Hair Club of Spy Island. He’d found another new friend to make as usual.

“Good day, Vlad! Nope, that’s just my name: Mad Glove. Would you like to go out to the BAD Bistro for lunch after a quick game of Soupwords?” replied the spiky, orange-haired boy standing near the entrance of the building. He put his hand to his chin, as if he were about to challenge Vlad to a game. This would make a great picture!, thought the Viking, as he raised his camera. FLASH! Vlad laughed again as he tucked his new photo into an album, to put into his blog later.

“Cool camera,” commented Mad Glove. “Thanks,” replied Vlad, “And yes, I’d love to go to the bistro with you. Spaghetti for the win!” 

When Vlad got back home, he took out the photo he’d taken of his new friend and smiled. Then he booted up his computer and typed in a new entry into his blog:

In this installment of Snapshot Sagas, I went on a trip to the Hair Club on Spy Island. While wandering around near the entrance I met another great Poptropican named Mad Glove! Congratulations Mad Glove, you are the newest Poptropican featured on Snapshot Sagas!

Keep watching for my viking hat and beard, you may be the next Poptropican featured on Snapshot Sagas!

And that ends another Snapshot Saga with Vlad the Viking. Remember to check out thy King’s announcement below, too.

And in honor of Earth Day, Poptropica’s Creators have designed a wonderful poster that encourages us to protect the planet! There goes the AK Island rocket, zooming round Earth!


33 thoughts on “Don’t get mad, Mr. Glove.

    • Incredible Fish says:

      okay so that is the best snapshot sagas ive known
      Congrats mad glove
      P.s. i totaly want to be in snapshot sagas

    • Golden Eagle says:

      I think it’s because he’s been to all the islands, and when he was first there, he could make a cool story about the place he just saw for the first time. I think when Astro-Knights comes out he’ll go there as soon as possible and make an interesting story. I’m happy the PHB made one up to make it more interesting.

  1. nervous lizard says:

    new post on PCB: Eye of the Tiger-Copter,
    After a long search for a cleaner, more sterile environment, I stumbled upon a whole world of snow and ice. It was the perfect place to live – not a speck of dirt or grime for miles. Unfortunately, the native robot-life wasn’t very friendly. I barely managed to escape with my suit intact and free of claw marks.

  2. Magic Monster says:

    Not that it matters, butthere is only one more post on the PCB
    Till there r 82 posts- they have almost tied last years count!!!
    🙂 🙂

  3. Cheerful Claw says:

    Really, look at all these different things for Astro-Knights! I bet it’s going to be the best island yet! 😛

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