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Time Tangled’s Turn Today!

As the Creators mentioned yesterday, every day this week you will be able to vote for some of your favorite Poptropica characters from different islands! Medicine Man was the winner of yesterday’s poll – congratulations! It’s Time Tangled Island’s turn today, so please welcome Popularity Contest #2…

Oh, here they come!

Vote for your favorites: is it going to be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or J? ❓

I’ve chosen E, G, and I for my favorites, but of course they’re all cool! So far, it’s really close, but J is definitely winning. Go Aztecs!

To vote, simply visit the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and look for the poll widget on the right side. Once you find it, read through the options and use the picture above to help you choose! Click on the box(es) you want to give a vote for, and then press Submit. Happy voting! 😆

Remember to read up on the post below, too. You’ll meet some friendly fish and Medicine Man’s pals! 😛

20 thoughts on “Time Tangled’s Turn Today!”

  1. Time Tangled costumes results:

    A 3461 (30%)

    B 4068 (36%)

    C 3724 (33%)

    D 2865 (25%)

    E 2938 (26%)

    F 3312 (29%) VladTheViking

    G 2192 (19%)

    H 3814 (34%)

    I 3606 (32%)

    J 5339 (47%) Aztec King

    Votes so far: 11168
    Poll closed

    1. does anyone care adsuke is dying?!?!? wow, kids these days…

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