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The Not-So-Short Penguin

Whoops, Vlad! Looks like 24 Carrot isn’t made up of gold after all! Thanks again, Neat Whale, for the update. Today Vlad the Viking met up with another Poptropican named Short Penguin and got him captured on Snapshot Sagas! This is his tale:

I couldn’t believe that I had made such a mistake. I thought to myself: what better place for a viking like me to conquer, than an island with the name of “24 Karat”? I imagined gold everywhere, it’s wealth bursting from the ground. Also, it was only a short trip from Super Power island.

I realized my error as soon as I had arrived, learning that the wealth bursting from the ground was in it’s CARROT crop… not gold.

I decided to join the group at the closed movie theater for a bit of bubblegum and a game or two, and ran into a Poptropican named Short Penguin! He wasn’t short by any means because he was just as tall as I, and we all know that I am of great stature! He was kind enough to stand still for his portrait amid the bustle of the crowd. Now I have another friend to add to my list!

Keep ever vigilant in watching for me, because you may be the next one featured in Snapshot Sagas!

This has been mentioned before, but just in case you missed it the first time…

Poptropica Help Blogβ„’ presents:

Poptropica Links!

^Click above for the website.^

With Poptropica Links, you can advertise your Poptropica webpage, videos, and more. It’s free, too, and you can leave your advertisement up there for as long as you want (if you want it taken down, just contact us on that website). Or, you can look through the P.L.’s blogroll and browse the ads. Either way, it’s a fun and awesome place! What are you waiting for – check it out now!

For more information, see:

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13 thoughts on “The Not-So-Short Penguin”

  1. yo guys phb waz up u awesome guys! u provide me awesome help man!keep up with the awesome help!oh and short penguin is kewl i met him before!

  2. I love the Snapshot Sagas. They’re so…crazy. I bet that almost every Poptropican here will want to be in it.

  3. btw u forgot to post about the rocket at the poptropica blof. its before the snapshot sagas and plz gimmi credit

    1. Frozen Noni – As Nice Bubbles said, it’s in the post “Rockin’ Rock Stars and Rockets” which is just below this one.

      Also, don’t ask for credit. That will lower your chances of getting any, and we might even remove this whole credit system if people like you don’t stop your “Hey-you-didn’t-add-this-yet-now-can-I-have-credit” attitude.

    1. Ruthrose88 – No offense, but if you already knew someone else had commented about the new post before you, why bother saying it? You’re only wasting space here…

      It’s not a race to see who notices the new post on the PCB first, it never was, and never will be. Don’t have that attitude please.

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