Nabooti Bugs, Problems and More…

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We have been getting a lot of comments saying that their items are disappearing, can’t get off this item, what do I do?

Well because we are a Help Blog, I think we should help them.



If your items keep disappearing (e.g. The Ebony Elephant), make sure you haven’t traded it for a Fingo first. If your items are disappearing when you walk out of the room then try this:

-In your Internet Browser, go [Tools]

-Then click on [Delete Browsing History…]

-Then delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files.

If your Problem is still persisting, then I think Poptropica might have a bit of a bug problem. Regrettably, the Poptropicans who can’t complete Nabooti Island due to this are going to have to wait until Poptropica fixes it.



Phone Disconnection

As many of you know. A couple of days after Nabooti Island was brought out, Poptropica got rid of the ability to get hand items from the Phone.

But Poptropicans can still get the Police Outfit-911, Ned Noodlehead-1337, the Brain Helmet-411 and the Christmas Outfit-1225.

But please remember that when you use one of these codes. The items from the outfit will replace your original outfit. The only way to get your previous outfit back is to find it again.

E.g. The Brain Helmet will replace your hairstyle. You can’t take it off; the only way to get it off is to get some new hair.



The Busiest Week

I would like to inform everyone that this week alone, we have gotten over 50,000 views. That brings our total of views past 200,000.  😀

I think everyone deserves Milk and Cookies all round.


In Other News…

The NEW simpler, easy to read Nabooti Guide will be brought out latter today. This is because some people are having trouble understanding some of the guide.


Remember to look at the previous posts so you don’t miss out on anything.


31 thoughts on “Nabooti Bugs, Problems and More…”

  1. Dang it! I never got to try the handheld items. Oh well… 😥
    You are up to 206,000 hits. Good job PHB! 😀
    P.S. Its later, not latter. 😉

    Scary Tomato: I didn’t get to try them either… 😦 Thanks for the hints! 😀

  2. Omg. I just tried that, and it works!!!!! How did you find out of all those things? And something else that’s totally off topic, but in those chatroom thingies I saw people with the same name: Name Unknown. I saw boys and girls alike having that name!!!

    Scary Tomato: I think Name Unknown is a glitch where Poptropica couldn’t find their real Poptropica name, so it’s kind of like ‘undefined’. I’m not sure though. 😕

  3. i really do miss that sword…. – crys – atleast i still have the axe that comes from the viking costume 😛 but now… the sword is lost. hopefully we will get the sword and the many other items soon!

  4. I have a problem similar to this… When I first saved I saved on spy island and when i talk to director.D i leave the building but have no items same with all the islands and when i try to go left or right or down a hole ( you know the ones with advertisments) The game takes me back to the login screen i think it’s cause i have vista home premium but i have no idea so.. HELP!!!

  5. I have completed the mission and none of my items Disappeared

    Scary Tomato: That’s a good thing. There was a glitch where some things disappeared for some people so that’s why we’re trying to help them. 😛

  6. Why on Earth would they need to delete their browsing history or cookies? The simplest thing to do would to just clear your cache. You don’t have to go off deleting everything you can.

    Codien: What i told you to delete is your cache. Don’t make asumptions.

  7. New post! Something about the past and future. It has a knight costume and barrels but they have lights on it. I wonder why. ❓

  8. In response to Comment 3: I think “undefined undefined” is also a glitch name like “Name Unknown”. I’ve seen a few different people: boys and girls with that name but it’s not a s common as “Name Unknown”. Whenever I make a new character, i never see Name Unknown no matter how many times I press “Change all.”

  9. Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+R , but this will completely change your character (clothes, skin, physical features, mouth, etc.) The only way to get your character back is to find the clothes your character previously wore.

    Cheer up, Shaggy Tornado!! 😆

  10. My poptropican has already finished all the islands but I went back to Time Tangled island to get the viking costume because I forgot to get it last time but after I got the costume, I tried to use my time device to go back to the lab.Every time I try going back to the lab, halfway through the loading,the system will always say that the room is not available.I have tried to go back to the lab with the time device many times but it keeps failing though I can only go to other time places with my time device except for the lab.I already tried creating a new account to redo all the islands but when I tried going to Time Tangled,the loading system said the same thing.Can you please help me?

    Hijuyo: There seems to be a loading error. I would try going to the lab again, but maybe on another computer.

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