Costumizer’s Sister: the Colorizer

Meet the Customizer‘s sister, the Colorizer! Like “sisters”, they both serve a similar purpose – spicing up your Poptropican character! Similar to the Customizer, this new wowing peek from the Creators (Dr. Hare this time) shows something called the “Colorizer”, where you will soon be able to edit your character’s colors!

Blog Post Title: The Colorizer
Description: The Colorizer will make coloring your character a breeze… anywhere, any color.
Image URL:
Image Name: colorizer.png

With this cool upcoming feature, we won’t have to use cheat codes or travel to faraway islands just to change our character’s colors! This sneak peek shows that we are able to color hair and skin with a never-before-seen shade of green as well as some other cool color tones to pick from. Maybe someday they’ll even let us change the color of our outfits! Speaking of outfits… the example character is wearing a really cool Robin Hood-like costume, complete with bow and arrows! I hope we’ll be able to Customize this on Astro-Knights Island, especially since it looks so medieval-themed!

Oh, and if you look closely at the background (which shows Main Street on 24 Carrot Island), you’ll notice a star symbol next to the Inventory, and the Games button is gone! Many think that the star button could either be the Colorizer or the Poptropica Credits thing from the post below, because the credits sneak peek also shows the star button there.

There’s also a new poll on the PCB: Which are you most excited for? This time there are only two options – ‘The Poptropica Store’ and ‘Astro-Knights Island’. AK Island is by far winning this one, with 77% of all votes at the time of my posting this. Therefore, the Poptropica Store has 22% of all votes.

Learn more about The Poptropica Store in the post below: