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Adventures…on a blimp!

Everyone knows the Poptropica Blimp, the yellow floating vehicle with the Poptropica logo that flies around and takes you to certain islands. You can use it for your many various travels in the game of Poptropica

Well, I bet a lot of you also heard news that the blimp has been made into a toy! Yep, you can now purchase an inflatable toy version of the blimp-your very own authentic Poptropica blimp! Cool, huh?

Well, this new post on the Creators’ Blog is all about that new toy. Here’s a new pic of Jeff Kinney holding one of these toys…pretty big if you ask me.

But wait…hold your horses. If we carefully scrutinize the photo…zoom in, you’ll see that there are some things to be noticed in this photo. First off there’s a standing poster of a Poptropica rock star, unseen before, yet possibly a future product. You’ll notice their office is located somewhere in a tall building because of the look out the windows, and also by the window counter appears to be a fossil track mark, a school bus, and an almost unnoticable similar standing poster. Except this poster is of Shark Boy. Hint…hint…

Anyways, the blimp comes with a special code for you to play a special game on the virtual world of Poptropica! With the blimp comes this unique code. Here’s a video on the PCB demonstrating the game!

The basic plot is that an evil genius named Dr. Cumulo Nimbus has come to conquer these lands in a weather balloon. He begins to “go insane” and strike lightning with his weather balloons on the land. In this adventure, you must go around in your balloon and extinguish the flames by pouring water from a bucket tied to the water balloon. Then you win when you successfully put out the fires igniting in a fiery inferno on the villages, which are placed on islands.

EP out!