Red Dragon Island

Creators’ Favorites

So, for some reason, the Creators thought that we would like to know what islands are their favorites.Β  And they’re starting with Captain Crawfish.

You might think that his favorite island would be Skullduggery.Β  After all, he’s the star villain in it.Β  But I guess he likes being the hero better than being the bad guy.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Captain Crawfish’s pick

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Captain Crawfish.

My favorite is Red Dragon Island. I love the art for old Japan, and I especially like all the cool ninja powers you learn to use near the end. You wouldn’t expect an old sea salt with a peg leg could master the grappling hook, but I did it!

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A pirate in Japan…doesn’t quite fit…Β  Well, what can I say?Β  It’s Poptropica, anything can happen.

Bonus Items, Twisted Thicket Island

Free Makes Everything Better

The Creators have announced that the Twisted Thicket Guide is nowΒ on the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app. If you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to update it and receive the Twisted Thicket Guide for free. Not only will you now have the Twisted Thicket Guide, but the rest of the island guides will also be free. They previously cost 99 cents each.

To download this app, you must have an iOS or Android device. Then, go to either the iTunes store or Android Market, depending on what your device is, and get it.

But remember, these aren’t the only guides for Poptropica Islands! Check out theΒ Island HelpΒ page for help with any of the islands, as we have all guides up. If you also find the guides in the app are explanatory aren’t enough, we hope ours will be!

~Super Thunder

Poptropolis Games Island

Are You Ready To Begin?

Non members, grab your javelins! Members, move over! We had our turn, but on thisΒ  June 14th (Thursday), Poptropolis Games will be available to all! Which tribe shall you join? I hear one of the most popular is Wildfire. I considered briefly joining that one, until I remembered I’m scared of fire. I can’t even light a candle. It’s kind of embarrassing to finally light a candle, and then drop it and scream. So I joined Pathfinders. I don’t know, it sounded like something a water person would do.

Isn’t it odd to see an old-timey person holding a microphone?

Members can spend their last day as the inhabitants of Poptropolis Games redoing the island, before the flood of non members rushes in. Non members can spend tomorrow training for Poptropolis Games. That is, if you’re up for the challenge.

Remember members, you get an epic gear pack, and non members, you get, well… Tell you what, I’ll give you guys a cookie! Consider yourselves lucky, I never let people have my cookies!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The games begin in two days!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and the wait is almost over. Poptropolis Games will be available to all this Thursday. Get ready to choose your tribe and compete for glory!
Remember, only Poptropica Members can get the Poptropolis Games gear pack, not to mention the bonus quest that takes place once the main competition is over.
Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!
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Take one.

P.S. Did you notice that last sentence? Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!

Equality for all!

P.S.S. Happy Poptropolis Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

~Christine (Super Thunder)