Bonus Items, Twisted Thicket Island

Free Makes Everything Better

The Creators have announced that the Twisted Thicket Guide is nowΒ on the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app. If you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to update it and receive the Twisted Thicket Guide for free. Not only will you now have the Twisted Thicket Guide, but the rest of the island guides will also be free. They previously cost 99 cents each.

To download this app, you must have an iOS or Android device. Then, go to either the iTunes store or Android Market, depending on what your device is, and get it.

But remember, these aren’t the only guides for Poptropica Islands! Check out theΒ Island HelpΒ page for help with any of the islands, as we have all guides up. If you also find the guides in the app are explanatory aren’t enough, we hope ours will be!

~Super Thunder