Welcome to the Jungle!

I’m sure at least one of you have seen that new Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial. “You see that tree? It’s not a tree.” Ahh, good times. As you know, it’s jungle-themed. Poptropica takes this theme and transforms it to a little obstable course. You have to traverse mushroom to mushroom collecting Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces as you go. Once you hop on a mushroom, you can’t hop on it anymore. Use them sparingly! What prize do you get? You get your very own jungle tour guide/person/dude outfit to wear!* See below:

Don’t think you can just costumize the outfit from her, though. They’ve made it so you [pesky little foxes] won’t be able to. After you complete the obstacle course, you also get to view the jungle Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial. If you haven’t watched it before, go watch it because you’ll be able to get the quote above. πŸ˜› Blog picture below:

Also, we’ve reached 80,000 hits. I wonder if it’s even worth mentioning these milestones ’cause we’re getting, like, 10k hits per week. o_o Anyways, you know the drill: even MORE cookies for everyone! Yay! *confetti*

*Only for a limited time. No purchase required. Guns N’ Roses FTW.