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Happy Valentine’s Day to Hyper Snowball and all other Poptropicans!

Because on Poptropica, we share the love too.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the new header at the top –ย  a special edition only for this weekend, designed by Codien!ย 

Poptropica released another Snapshot Saga, this timeย Vlad hasย ventured over to the new island “Big Nate”. Thanks Shiny Leaf! This is his interview with his latest pal, Hyper Snowball:

Yesterday was a big day! I was marveling over the Future Machine inside Pendulum’s Lab when one of the assistants burst through the door excitedly. All I heard from the anxious scientist was something about a new island being discovered and I bolted outside! I was almost too late to board the airship as it began to float away, but I was able to grab the rope that dangled from the basket before it could soar out of reach.

I arrived swiftly with tired arms and raw hands, and was greeted by an unfriendly bird that knocked me from the rope. Why do I always have such difficult travels?

I soon found my way into Cap’n Salty’s, where I made friends with Hyper Snowball! Here is a snapshot of us in the kitchen looking for the cook. We were both very hungry, but couldn’t find anything to eat!

Keep looking for me as you travel the world of Poptropica, and you might be the next person featured in Snapshot Sagas!

If you need help on Big Nate click here:
Enjoy, and comment on the guide page if you need further help! )

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