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Leaking items of Monster Carnival Island

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-Leaked Costume Investigation-

For the past week i have been searching for rare and awesome costumes for our new Costume page. But it was only a few days ago i came across some really weird items.

I found them on a fellow Poptropicans website. These weird items were been worn by Legoless. (As seen on the right)

I sent him an email about the items and this is what he replied:

Ok, firstly, these items are all but impossible to get now. There was an ‘item leak’ in the multiplayer buildings. Someone managed to get their hands on unreleased items that somehow happen to be on the servers (I am guessing they came from Monster Island). So, obviously enough, they spread like wildfire.
But when the creators finally got around to fixing it most people lost their items. If you logged on in the following 2 weeks (I don’t actually know the precise amount of time this went on for) they were removed. I hadn’t logged on in that time so, oddly enough, I got to keep the items.

Emailed to me by Legoless

The dragon wings were the same colour as your hair.

So apparently there was some kind of ‘Leak‘ just before the release of Monster Island. Due to the resemblance of the items towards ‘Monsters’, I’m guessing they came from the island too. Maybe this is why Monster Island never came out.

So when did this ‘leak’ happen. Well i have have found on many sites that it happened 2 to 3 months ago.
So what type of items were leaked. Well i went researching and this is what i found.

  • Unicorn horn
  • Scrawny wings
  • Face polka dots
  • Dragon Spikes and tail (One of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragon Wings
  • Bubble brain (Another of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragon wings (for head)
  • Goat Horns (Another of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragonfly wings
  • Body stripes
  • Body dots
  • Devil horns

After writing this it got me thinking. “Was this where the cat ears and whiskers came from?

If you see any of these items in Multiplayer Rooms, take a picture, get the items and send me your user name and Pass of your Poptropican wearing them.

Now this is where you can help in this investigation.

If you have any of these items, or you know a friend who does. Send me the Username and Password to the email given below.

All users sent to us will be only used by us, we will only copy the items onto one of our accounts. After we have done this you can use your account again. We will never tell anyone else your Users password and will be kept confidential. All emails sent to us with User names and Passwords will be deleted after we have used them.

If you have anything e.g Pictures, information. Send them here: [email protected]

Anything sent to us will be very much appreciated and you will be accredited for your research.


  Legoless – Thank you for telling me about the leak and what you know. Click here for the site.

  Poptropica News / Alejo – I found information on the investigation and the list of items leaked. Click here for the site.

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