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Sunglasses, Arrive Lounge and Choose Your Own Adventure!

The bonus sunglasses!
The bonus sunglasses!

Another Bonus, Sunglasses! – The golden trophy cup is no longer available, and if you were holding it, it would have been removed from your hand. But now there is another bonus to get: Sunglasses! Here’s how to get them:

  1. Go to Time Tangled Island.
  2. On Time Tangled Island, move to the right and jump on the roof of Pendulum’s Lab. From there, jump onto the nearby window ledge, then up again until you reach the top window ledge. There should be a wire with crows on the left. Jump on that, and you should be on top of a dome. If you aren’t, try jumping on the wire again until you are standing on the dome.
  3. On the dome, move around until you see a gray arrow in the middle of the dome. Jump onto the arrow. You should see a pair of sunglasses there.

Click on it and your character will wear it. The word “BONUS” will appear for a few moments, then fade away. Please note that the sunglasses are not an item, and will not appear as one in your inventory.

The Arrive Lounge – There is a new advertisement building in Time Tangled Island, Main Street, Super Power Island,ย Main Streetย and Early Poptropica Island, Main Streetย – The Arrive Lounge! It is at the right side of the island. Inside the building, you can try on 6ย sets different clothes. (Like the Masks & Capes shop on Super Power Island)

There is also a place where you can take a photo of your character. To take the photo, go inside the photo booth (located on the right side), make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled, and click on the green button with a picture of a camera! You can also save the picture of your character on your computer!

(Thanks Smockers for the Sears photoshoot picture!)

UPDATE: Sorry for all the confusion. The sunglasses bonus are no longer available. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Choose Your Own Adenture! – The Poptropica creators say that they’re working closely with the publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series to create a new island. They have said that this island will take you on a trek through Africa, where youโ€™ll be seeking out the stolen jewels of the Nabooti tribe.
You can read about it here:ย ย ย The Poptropica creators sayย they will be giving sneak peeks of the great new island.

In other news: The Shark Tooth Island Quest guide has just been added onto the blog! Check it out here.ย I hope you find this guide helpful! ๐Ÿ˜› Also, an FAQ guide has been added, so if you’ve got a question about Poptropica, why not check out the FAQ to see if your question is there with an answer? If it isn’t, you can always post a comment asking a question and I’ll try to answer it for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰