Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Credits!

Hey guys, Neat Whale posting. It seems that the Creators are getting ready to launch Counterfeit island, so start saving your credits to buy an early access ticket! Oh, and speaking of credits… the Poptropica Creators are actually saying they will give not 100 but 200 credits if anyone finishes the island while it’s still in early access, and thanks for the update, Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23! Well, here’s the post…

Early Access = Bonus Credits!

Counterfeit Island is almost here! We are offering 200 FREE CREDITS for all the Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period. More details to follow!

Until then, please enjoy the world premiere of the new Counterfeit Island video!

The post also said that it was posted by Director D., but then says ‘posted by the one and only Shark Boy’ under it. (Thanks for the notice, Blue Dragon!)  XP, I think the Creators are either getting mixed up or are putting on a ‘Counterfeit’ name, eh? 😛
That video is seriously creeping me out… I have no clue if I want to play Counterfeit anymore… well, okay, maybe I do, but if there is a possible way that you can go without the lights going dark an someone attacking you I’m going that way… lol… well, I have nothing left to say, so, Neat Whale out!