Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Credits!

Hey guys, Neat Whale posting. It seems that the Creators are getting ready to launch Counterfeit island, so start saving your credits to buy an early access ticket! Oh, and speaking of credits… the Poptropica Creators are actually saying they will give not 100 but 200 credits if anyone finishes the island while it’s still in early access, and thanks for the update, Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23! Well, here’s the post…

Early Access = Bonus Credits!

Counterfeit Island is almost here! We are offering 200 FREE CREDITS for all the Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period. More details to follow!

Until then, please enjoy the world premiere of the new Counterfeit Island video!

The post also said that it was posted by Director D., but then says ‘posted by the one and only Shark Boy’ under it. (Thanks for the notice, Blue Dragon!)  XP, I think the Creators are either getting mixed up or are putting on a ‘Counterfeit’ name, eh? 😛
That video is seriously creeping me out… I have no clue if I want to play Counterfeit anymore… well, okay, maybe I do, but if there is a possible way that you can go without the lights going dark an someone attacking you I’m going that way… lol… well, I have nothing left to say, so, Neat Whale out!

136 thoughts on “Counterfeit Credits!”

  1. Counterfeit Island sounds awesome! 😀 Congrats on your 2nd post, NW! ^_^

    Not to be rude, but wasn’t it Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23 who gave the update?

  2. I Think I know your way NW, But I thought Torch and Electrify didn’t work in the dark… But Great post! And I don’t know how to post videos either! XD

  3. Well, thee question is, how much does the pass cost? Nothing less than 100 probably. So basicly you get the same amount of credits if the pass is 100 credits, or nothing if the pass is 200 or 250. (like the other pass.)

    1. That’s true; the pass for AK Island was like 250 credits, so if we buy that for Counterfeit Island, then finish the island, we’ll get the 200 credits and the regular 100 credits… so that means we only get 50 credits? 0_o Wow, pretty crafty, Creators. xD Well, it might be different if the price for the pass is less than 250 (which I don’t think it will. 😉 )

      1. Gah, I can’t remember things anymore! X_X

        OK then, we’ll lose even more credits if the pass for Counterfeit Island was the same as AK.

      2. Zippyfish4–When Astro Knights came out, CoderKid found a glitch that allowed you to get into Astro without the early access ticket. To read more about it, click on ‘Issue #1: June 2009’ under the Poptropica’s 911 in the side.

  4. AWSOME!!! That is so cool. I wonder when they will let us start buying early access. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me because I have 75 credits one and 25 on my other 2. Maybe I go on I game I don’t save and get some credits…. Just to see what the island is like. Anyway, I can’t wait.

    1. And by the way, I saw the video…. It’s awesome!!! This is going to be the best island ever. Too bad for REALITY TV.

  5. My goodness if it will cost 500 I got to make a new account and save the credits! :Scared:

  6. its good that finally a new island a new island is coming out but i guess that RTV will not come out *cry*

    Hijuyo: The Creators told us Reality TV would be coming out (click here), but we haven’t heard about it in a while.

      1. exactly! rtv sounded ok, but i mainly wanted to explore/see the new graphics. i always do that. but with CI, the plot sounds awesome and the graphica look amazing!

  7. I just cant wait for couterfeit island. just hope that if there’s an early access past it’s free I’m short on the credits 😦

    1. Me too. It’s ridiculous paying 500 credits or so that no one has to get 200 of them back. Besides, no one has enough credits.

  8. But does this mean reality TV won’t come out?
    Just think counterfeit is coming out soon.
    So what happens….

    Hijuyo: We don’t know… but the Creators say Counterfeit Island is almost ready, suggesting they have spent more time on that than RTV. 😉

  9. The video made me want to play it like crazy! But no getting acess pass for me… oh and LOL on the creator mixup!

  10. No way I’m getting the acess pass… it’s a rip off!!!

    Hijuyo: The Poptropica Creators are looking for chances to earn money from their impatient customers. 😛

  11. omg as you guys remember a while back there was a post in like a clown store, and if you look very close you can see bobo’s clown store and if you look even closer you see a clown on the same building

    1. Acelerated Reading. I think you can’t have this kind of test because it’s a American online test for reading an “AR” book.

  12. GASP! BOBO’S CLOWN! THAT EXPLAIN TE STORE WITH THE MULTICOLORED WIGS AND FUNNY GLASSES! Wow, they worked on this for a long time. Hope that doesnt mean aong hard island! Wait, and EVERYone is a suspect? NOOOOO! NOT HIPPIE MAN!

    1. Sorry fo all these comments, and it IS sort of related to the post, since it is on the comments, butif you look under the last comment, in the corner is small, but cute, smiley like this 🙂

    1. They usually travel with people for safety reasons and as a travel guide, or showing people where they are and that. BTW, I don’t think she’s a librarian…

  13. This may be OT but I think I may know why RTV got canceled.

    Ok on there first post where they had us vote, most people voted on a “Survivor” (Its a TV show More on that later) Island, They said it would be like a Reality TV show. See this post:

    Survivor is a reality TV show, its dangerous and there is blindsides and COPYRIGHT INFO. I think RTV got canceled because Survivor found out and canceled it because of Copyright issues. Because near when Survivor Samoa (The season finale is tomorrow night 😀 ) Started, RTV DISAPPEARED. And nobody knew what the heck happened. Sorry if this was so OT but This may have sorta been related to RTV Well the post a bit….
    It’s a Bummer for the 500 credits to get to it early and receive 250 back. Personally I will wait.

    sorry for writing in allcaps I just wanted to make my point.i finished all the every thing in the 200 the heck am I going to buy the pass!unless they make it free(probably they won’t :/)i got to get credits!

    Hijuyo: If you can’t afford the credits, you can buy them at the Poptropica Store page or wait for the early access period to be over. 🙂

  15. How much is the pass? when will it be released? I wanna know right now.

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, we don’t know as of right now, but Counterfeit Island seems to be close to its release date, so the pass might come out really soon. 😛

  16. This is exciting! The video is kind of weird though. When you watch the video, try pausing it in different parts.

    It is interesting to see that you have to “paint” something.

    And YOU will be put in JAIL!!! Did anyone notice THAT part? Will the police suspect YOU and put YOU in jail? That was weird.

    On one part, you will be carrying a painting too.

    And you have to search through a garbage can to find something. Pretty strange…it sounds kind of like Spy and Super Power mixed together! 😀

    And did anyone notice the black widow spider “timer” theme? (I forgot what you call that design on it’s abdomen)

    Did you notice the clown on top of the Bobo Clown Shop building? If that is on Counterfeit Island, than who would NEED to get the clown outfit in the store? You could just customize that clown.

    ALSO…did you notice that Master Mime looked like a lady? Actually, it WAS a lady, in the video. Maybe she should be called “Mistress Mime”. lol 😀

    These are just some observations I noticed.

    1. I don’t think the ‘Mistress Mime’ and Master mime are supposedly the same person, but excellent detail Shy Lobster 😀

    2. You [might]have to paint an orange smiley.
      You [probably] have to steal something from the museum,when you touch a laser you get caught and end up in jail and you have to find a way out.
      You also have to jump up a building with a green roof and red flag to get a piece of paper.
      As for the underground tunnel,you have to get 2 tickets for yourself and the French girl [although she looks like a curator] to enter the tunnel.When you’re in the tunnel the lights go out and you get hit.Ow.
      You also have to ride on a scooter and chase someone[look at the top and and cursor].

      Referring to the previous post with the swf pictures,who do you think eats the crepe?
      Besides,since you have to get the cottage key,what do you do inside the cottage? Stop a thief?

      1. Oh and referring to:

        – 0:23,why and how do you get the red balloon?

        – 0:37,you use a green balloon to fly.

      2. At 0:27 there’s a sign that says “CUBISM” and at 0:40 there’s a sign that says:
        and ‘your character’ (or at least the character that you’re supposed to be playing) carries a painting of a man playing a violin in that direction.

    3. Oh yeah, the “timer” thing that I mentioned is called an hourglass. Did anyone notice the hourglass pattern “theme”? Hmm…it might have an important part in the story!

      1. I did kinda see an hourglass, but most of the time I saw spiders like at the end with the spider shadow over the ‘hourglass’.

  17. I just watched the island video a million times. I slowed it down and saw so many things. I can almost put it all together. I pretty much know what the island is about. I have a good idea of how to solve it too. And I would watch out for that “girl scout” someone posted a while ago. By the way she is a tour guide for that under ground tomb from those sneak peak pictures. I am going CRAZY over waiting. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

    1. Maybe there’ll be a scene like this:

      Tour guide:To enter this underground tunnel,we need tickets.I bought 2…wait a minute,where are the tickets???Oh no I lost them!!! 😥 I have no more money to buy more tickets…I’m afraid I can’t start this tour…
      [Player goes away and returns with 2 tickets.]
      [Player gives tickets to tour guide]
      Tour Guide:Yay!!!Lets start the tour!!![starts tour]

    1. Im gonna buy the early access pass how much are they?

      Hijuyo: We don’t know yet, but the Astro-Knights one costed 500 – so we’re assuming that they will be the same price. 😉

  18. Hey I just noticed that the guy who is gaurding the mueseum when its all red in the room and the lady who is gaurding you when your in jail is saying “Freeze you runder arrst!” has the same face as the detective in the desc. of counterfit!
    Maybe itsa coincidence.

  19. At 0:41 in the video, if you pause very quickly, you could see that the librarian (girl with the green beret and clothes) is the one who turned out the lights in the catacombs and beats you up later.

    1. How exactly does the librarian turn off the lights? How do you know she was the one who hit you? Anyway,’you’ were on a chain that acts as a rope when the lights were turned out…

  20. i think the villian is the girl scout cuz in the video when all of the lights turn off the girl scout was with the character

  21. Hey, what if it turns out to be TWO theives? You know, like partners in crime! That lady who is next to you in the jail, and who shouts “You’re under arrest!” seems creepy to me…I don’t know why. And who is that man with the sunglasses, hat and the scratch on his face? Maybe they are both partners in crime! Master/Mistress Mime might NOT be bad…you just never know. I don’t know WHAT to think of the French tour guide girl.

  22. Sorry if someone else has said this, but this clip isn’t on VladtheViking, it’s on a new one, I think called PoptropicaCreators or something.

  23. If you pause the video around 0:40, you can see ‘your character’ (or at least the character that you’re supposed to be playing) carrying off one of the paintings. Maybe you get tricked into stealing one of the artworks and thats how you end up in jail?

      1. That’s a good observation, he does look quite suspicious. He might be one of those guys you think is on your side, but it turns out he’s really the villian.

    1. Correction: at 37 sec your in jazz cafe and your screaming Stop thief! at 36 sec your in jail and i just had a pretty good idea for the thief the girl thats like the head police shes putting all the smart detectives in jail and at 40 sec your running with a painting because she told you so you can bring the painting to her then she puts you in jail PS when its all flashin pause it you can get some info

  24. Oh…not to be of topic but I found track and find in the game section of the bag. Also, in preparing for counterfeit, the put counterfeit in the bag for items.


    counterfiet island JUST CAME OUT like a minute ago

    I JUST GOT THE EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ***UPDATE! UPDATE!***

    Counterfeit Island Early Access pass is NOW available for 500 credits in the Poptropica store! LOOK AT THE CREATORS’ BLOG! And Counterfeit Island will be released to the public in January 2010!!!! Awesome! 😀

  27. And if you go to your “Stats” on Poptropica, the medallions you get are all switched around. Also, the map is switched around, to make room for the NEW island. Strangely, Counterfeit Island doesn’t seem that big when you click on the map icon. I thought it would be a LOT bigger. 🙂

  28. My sister is doing Counterfeit Island with her pass, and can’t get past the “rebounding balls” game. Oh well. and I’m PRETTY sure that the museum lady is a theif, or is bad. How do I know? Well, when you get off the blimp, you click something/someone (I forgot), and it/he/she says something about Black Widow. (I KNEW the hourglass had something to do with it!) OK, what colors are black widow spiders?? What color clothes is the museum lady wearing? Maybe just a coincidence, but I am suspicious of that lady! And the mimes don’t seem bad at all.

    There needs to be a new post out about the Early Access pass! 😀


    if you pause at the EXACT end of the video, you can [i]clearly[/i] see an outline of a black widow spider. This could mean a clue to the main plot…

    Hijuyo: The Black Widow is a villain on Counterfeit Island, presumably named after the black widow spider. 😉

  30. Wait, I just checked the PCB. The picture was Director D., but it said it was by Shark Boy. I have an idea to what is going on. Maybe the Creators are just into little Counterfeit sprit and are using other Creator’s pictures.

    Sorry if I was off topic.


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