Poptropica Realms Guide

Walkthrough written by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: Brave Tomato, HPuterpop, Eb, & Spotted Dragon

Welcome to Poptropica Realms, an exotic create-your-own world full of endless possibilities. Build your dream home. Create crazy landscapes. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you can do in Realms!


A journey of infinite discovery awaits you in Poptropica Realms. Create a brand-new world, and then use the power of Svadilfari to shape it into any form you can dream. Explore randomly generated terrain. Meet strange creatures. Build never-before-seen structures. In Poptropica Realms, the only limit is your imagination!

Realms is available via Steam. It was first released in January 2015 after players spent the previous year testing out alpha versions of the feature (then known as Land) via Poptropica Labs. This video offers a first look into Realms:

Obtaining Svadilfari

If this is your first time on Realms, you’ll want to go right a couple of scenes until you come across the legendary Svadilfari hammer shining above an old anvil. (Just for fun: make your own Pop hammer IRL out of paper here!)

Once you have the hammer, you can get started with what Realms has to offer!

The Basics

There are lots of features within Realms, but let’s start with the basics. If you click the question mark button in the corner, it will bring up a help panel that should explain what all the other buttons mean.

help realms

Game Modes

In the bottom left corner, you can switch between game modes:

  1. Explore (compass icon): free run; explore freely as you would in an ordinary Poptropica island
  2. Mine (hammer icon): use your blue magical hammer (called Svadilfari) to destroy existing materials and find Poptanium (bundles of blue minerals used as a mode of “currency” in Realms)
  3. Create (paintbrush icon): build and erase materials; see ‘Materials’ below

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can tap these keys on your keyboard any time to quickly activate a function:

  • 1, 2, 3: switch between game modes
  • Tab: open or close the material panel
  • + or -: zoom in (+) or zoom out (-)
  • S: take a screenshot (save your creation to your computer as an image file)
  • Arrow keys: pan camera (what the screen is showing) when you’re in Create mode
  • F: cause an avalanche!
  • T: click “Save” in the corner to select an area to save as a template (xml file on your computer), then click “Load” to paste it somewhere (see image below)
template paste on realms


In the bottom right corner, you can access various tools when in Create mode:

  • Material (plus icon): add materials to your palette (holds up to 7 at a time)
  • Brush size (circle icon): select small or big brush to control the size of the material you’re building
  • Layer (square icons; star indicating layer): swap between editing the foreground or background

Stats Bar (Poptanium, Level, Health)

This one isn’t in the Help menu, but if you look in the top-left corner, you’ll see some stats. Poptanium and level are covered later in this guide.

Health is pretty self-explanatory, but there are ways you can lose health when in your environment, such as by touching certain materials or unfriendly creatures (more on that below). You can regain health by moving away from whatever’s decreasing your health, and also by eating food props.

realms top left corner

If you run out of health, you’ll simply respawn again at the start-up point of the realm you’re in, but you’ll also lose 50 Poptanium.

Realms: creating and visiting your worlds

When you click on the globe icon in the bottom right corner, you can access all your Realms – each a different little universe floating in a bubble. To create a new world, click on an empty bubble.

realms floating

Other than Asgard, which is the world you first land on, you can name all the worlds you create. If you can’t think of a name, Realms automatically generates a funny-sounding one for you.

Next, pick the type of biome you want your world to have. There are seven biomes: forest, ice, desert, swamp, lunar, fire, and crystal (the latter two are members-only). Each biome also comes with its own unique awesome soundtrack.

Anyway, when you’re creating a Realm, you can also choose the size your biome starts out with. However, this can always be expanded by continuously exploring your world. When you’re satisfied, click Create!

create new realm

To access other worlds you’ve created, click on its bubble when you’re in the Realms interface, and it will come up with info for that world: name, type, size, and last visit. From there you can visit, share, or delete that particular realm.

Mining Poptanium & Leveling Up

Poptanium is how the economy system of Realms runs: for every piece of Poptanium you find, it’ll award you 10. Every time you build something, you spend 1 Poptanium, but this in turn gets you closer to leveling up. Leveling up allows you to unlock more materials.

To search for the blue Poptanium, you need to be in mining mode. As long as you are in mine mode and have the hammer, simply click on what you want to destroy (usually large chunks of rock) and every so often, a piece of Poptanium will appear! Occasionally, you may even come across chests or bags of Poptanium that award you more Poptanium than the usual 10.

To make it easier to search for Poptanium, try mining where there are large masses of rocks. When you’ve cleared out those spaces, simply create more rocks there and go back to mining. In other words, have a “mining Realm” specifically for farming Poptanium!

As you level up, you’ll also unlock more abilities with your hammer. Ground Pound (unlocked at level 5; press 4 to activate) allows you to smash the ground to destroy more at a time (see below), Hammerang (unlocked at level 10; press 5) turns your hammer into a boomerang and destroys what’s in front of you, and Super Jump (unlocked at level 15; press 6) makes you jump up really high so you can bound over tall structures.

ground pound

Here’s a tip for if you’re not interested in mining for Poptanium and just want to start building things – visit Invisible Drummer’s Realms with the codes bhj26 and c2tp6 and pick up all the Poptanium bars laying around in one convenient location. No more having to dig for your own Poptanium!


For a limited time during June 2015, a Lightsaber was added as a promotion for Star Wars Rebels and it was able to help you collect Poptanium faster, destroying larger amounts of material when deployed, either by swinging (like a sword) or throwing (much like the Hammerang power).

As mentioned above, leveling up allows you to unlock more material, and you level up by building things. This image gallery for most of the “level up” moments shows what you unlock at each level (click to enlarge):

Unlockables: Materials & Props

The above “level up” gallery shows what you unlock at each new level, but just what are those things? Well, you can use these various materials to modify your world as you like. Below is a compiled list of what’s available and any effects they may have.


To access the unlockables, click the paintbrush icon to enter Create mode, then click on the “+” icon to select a category (natural materials, constricted materials, and props).

  • Natural materials: stone/ice/rock, mud/(frozen) dirt, grass/snow/sand, light wood, light leaves, dark wood, pine leaves, bush, flowers, vines, thorn (stings), cactus (stings), cobwebs (slows speed), water (decreases health), steam (floats you up), lava (decreases health)
  • Constricted materials: logs, log circles, wood, light wood, bamboo, wall for ruins, wall for pillars, stone wall, brick wall, ceramic tiles, metal, circuitry, red roof tiles, blue fabric pattern, canvas, wooden sticks, metal bars, wooden lattice, glass, rope (climbable), barbed wire (stings), spring (bounces you up), conveyor belt (left), conveyor belt (right), TNT (explodes if zapped in mining mode), crumbling tiles (crumbles when you walk over), crystals (makes sound when hit)
  • Props: cup, chair, wooden table, anvil, crate, barrel, stone pillar, milk, lunch tray, kitchen cabinet, front-facing door, window, cardboard box, side-facing door, loaf of bread, cupcake, spaghetti, blue bed, pink bed, bookshelf, another wooden table, lamp, dresser table with mirror, toilet bowl, drawers, closet, tire lying flat, tire standing up, ceiling light, washing mashine, strawberry and kiwi cake, strawberry tart, framed blue mountain landscape, blue couch, long ceiling light, potted plant, cake with green icing, framed orange rock landscape, sink, treasure chest, water cooler, popcorn, oven, couch chair, baseball, soccer ball, framed landscape of palm trees, framed picture of unicorn, shower, basketball, (American) football, sewing machine, standing lamp, fireplace, microwave, cup with handle, disc player, television, banana split, radio, purple jar, safe, bicycle, potted cactus, heavily layered sandwich, motorcycle, computer, digital camera, chocolate cake

Just select the material you want, and place it where you want it on the grid that shows up in Create mode. Remember that you can build some things in the foreground and others in the background by switching layers.

Food items can also be eaten, and they regenerate your health more quickly – great for times when you accidentally fall into lava. There are also more interactive props to play around with, so explore them all!


Have fun constructing!

Realms Nature: Sky, Twilight Pixies, Creatures, & Weather

Another cool feature: as you stay in a realm for a period of time, the sky will slowly change to reflect the passing time, cycling from daybreak to nightfall and so on.

However, watch out for the Twilight Pixies that come out at night and just before sunrise – every time they swarm you, they’ll steal 10 Poptanium from you per hit. As a result, you’re forced to either try to combat them with your hammer, or possibly make a little hidey-hole to keep away from them if a lot are looking at once. If you’re quick enough, you can hit them with your hammer while they are fleeing to get the stolen Poptanium back!

freaking fairies

Occasionally you’ll come across creatures of various sizes and with animal-like appearances. Some of them are tame, but others will attack you, decreasing your health. You can attack them back by zapping them with your hammer – zap long enough and they’ll disappear (poor buggers).

If you leave food (via the props) for the monsters, they will eat them and can even be tamed that way! Plus, when they’re full, they’ll also drop Poptanium for you.


You may also experience the occasional weather change while you’re exploring Realms. The forest biome has rainstorms, the snow realm has snow, the sand realm has sandstorms, the swamp biome has acid rain, and the lunar biome has… meteors. At least the meteors are safe – in fact, they award you Poptanium!

rain weather

An umbrella might be a good idea, too. 🙂


To get a free Realms Builder costume, simply enter the promo code GOREALMS. Click here if you need instructions on redeeming a promo code.


You can also grab a selection of Biome Hats for free from the Store. (Like in Realms, Fire and Crystal are only for members.) For a tribute to these fun hats, check out this PHB special post.

biome hats

Finally, if you reach level 15, you’ll earn a special Master Creator costume. It should look familiar, because it’s the outfit of the Viking dude who’s been giving you tips as you went along. Enjoy!


Sharing and Visiting: Public Realms

In late June 2015, the ability to share and visit people’s Realms became a feature. To share a Realm, visit the Realms menu (the bubble in the lower-left corner) and select the Realm you’d like to share, then click the “Share” button (only members can do this).

realms share3

Once you do, it’ll be sent to the Creators for approval, and as long as there’s nothing inappropriate, it’ll be visible to the public shortly. When it’s approved, you’ll see a Realm code in the Realms menu that you can tell people about so they can check it out.

But everyone can visit other people’s Realms and give likes – just navigate over to the menu in the top-left and click the dropdown button for “Public Realms”. You can also enter a Realms code, if you know a specific one you want to visit. If you’d like, you are welcome to share your Realm code(s) in the comments here for people to check out your creation!

For a closer look at some Poptropica Creators’ Realms, check out this PHB post!

The above images are the beautiful backgrounds from the Realms menus, which you can enjoy here. The images can also be tiled.

Gallery of Realms-Land Creations

Check out this gallery of worlds Poptropicans have made using this feature, and perhaps you too will be inspired to create something great. (Click to enlarge pics.)

To read more about the previous incarnations of Realms, known as Poptropica Land, click here. Hope you found this Poptropica Realms Guide to be helpful! Go forth and make a masterpiece! 🔨

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      1. To leave Realms, click on the Menu icon in the top corner and click the yellow blimp to return to the Map. This goes for any colored area on the Map. 🙂

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      1. Maybe, thanks heaps for replying back to me, that’s never happened before. I agree with you saying that the animals are randomly generated, because they sort of look like a hybrid of a couple of different real life animals and a couple of fantasy ones(i.e dragon, dwarf or something). And also I discovered that some of them are first in water and look like water dragons and some of them first come on land, but I’m not sure if they all swim or if some drown. I might check that out. Lastly, what is the PHB’s email?

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      2. No, not unless you were trying to ruin your friendship! Does your friend know you were waiting for him to help you finish islands? It’ll probably help to talk to him about it. The guides on the PHB are here if you need them! 🙂

    1. Click on “realms” and then click one of the bubbles floating around and create your new realm! Hope this helps.

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    Slanted Fish: Seems like it! 😛

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        Which can be a great troll >:)

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    slantedfish: Go to the menu and click on the yellow blimp. 🙂

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    1. Just click on the Menu in the top right corner, and from there, click on the yellow blimp to return to the map. Also works with any island that has the updated menu (newer islands that have sound and a bigger screen).

    1. Yep, learned that the hard way. I think I spent a few minutes running around trying to figure out why my health was mysteriously decreasing.

  7. A few other things to add:
    – You can’t get Poptanium from constructed blocks or props (excluding poptanium bars, chests and bags).
    – Non-members can have 3 realms at a time, and members can have 20.
    – Worlds aren’t infinite, they loop.

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    slantedfish: Click the menu at the top and click the blimp to go back to your Map. 😉

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    slantedfish: I haven’t heard otherwise, so probably yes. 😛

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    Any suggestions would be appreciated,though.

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    slantedfish: Click the menu at the top and go to your blimp to travel to another island. 😉

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    slantedfish: Yup, feel free to share here! 😀

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      slantedfish: You can upload pics on an image sharing site like imgur or tinypic, then share the links to the pics here. 🙂

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        So here’s my realm that I made! It’s called Lorsieab2’s Awesome Abode! (That’s my username) It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen/dining room, a panic room/basement (I saw Cool Boa’s panic room on youtube and thought it was cool) and some poptanium storages (again, I thought that having some poptanium stashes would be cool to have like how Brave Seagull has a lot in her realm). I hope you like it. I wish I could share it! 🙂

  17. Fun fact: Just like a planet IRL, you can go all the way around your realms and end up where you started. If I counted right, there are 20 stages on the original, Asgard.

  18. Here are a few of my Realm codes and names:
    7hm6p- Beam of Wonders
    c3hym- House for the Hungry
    7dqdz- Alfheim
    c3j46- Sparkling Majesty
    c5r7v- Glacier Realm
    5rqy7- Midgard
    cqxj8- Land of Lava
    7h845- Beauty from Simplicity
    chv49- Bow like the Willow

      1. I unfortunately couldn’t get the code,but the name was ‘Log Cabin’. You can also go to bhj26 and c2tp6 to get more Poptanium.

        But be warned,if you find this world,the way to this pyramid is long,painful and monotonous.

      1. Also,my apple tree is amazing. I love it mainly because of its simplicity,and the fact that it actually has apples on it is an idea I’m surprised no one’s done before! I’m quite proud of the others as well,but the apple tree takes the cake!

        And yes,that is a mini Great Spruce in the distance. I planted it in homage of the original,which was helpful to me in Land long before doors could open. Let’s hope he grows as tall as his predecessor!

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    1. Minecraft isn’t the only game of its kind. And,I know people are going to say,”Oh,but it’s not even that old,and it’s better than those old games anyway!” Well,you’re wrong. The most common examples are Terraria and Roblox,if you’re talking about its reminiscent-of-old-games style,and as for it’s building-creating-destroying part,take a look at the Civilization and Sim games. So,if you’re saying that Realms is ripping off of Minecraft,you’re wrong. Realms is just borrowing some of its style from other games,and isn’t as pixelated as Minecraft. Actually,the former also applies for Minecraft as well,so there.

    2.Realms is much more different than Minecraft is,as well. Leveling up,how you level up by creating,the various power-ups,the lack of crafting…the list goes on. It’s also overall a much more simpler and easier game to understand than Minecraft,since you don’t even get a tutorial in the game for anything except opening your inventory (excluding the console version). And yes,I know that an open-ended game can be a good thing,but Minecraft is absolutely so vague in explaining how it works that you can’t even progress fully in the game unless you either know the controls,mechanics and everything else about it or just go look everything up on it’s wiki. Realms at least gives an explanation of all you need to know.

    3. This is the biggest reason why I find this comparison completely illogical: They are both completely different games at the core. I mean,think about it. Minecraft is a 3D pixelated game reminiscent of older games which allows you to do whatever you want,with Multiplayer options and also available on other consoles.Realms is a 2D game which doesn’t really resemble any old game that I know of,emphasizes mostly on creating (and a little bit of exploration,I suppose),without any Multiplayer options (though you can share your world with other people) and only available on the PC version of Poptropica (though I could be wrong here,I don’t really play the Poptropica App).

    As you can see,I’m only scratching the surface with their differences here. I could write a whole list on that,but I won’t; since (I hope) you should understand what I’m getting at here. They are completely different at the core and no one should say they’re the same thing just because they share similar mechanics. That’s like saying apples are like carrots because you can eat both. Having a black and white view on something is not something I encourage.

    Either way,I hope I didn’t bore you with my seemingly endless rambling. I hope that I presented my view on this topic well (I wrote all this in a single sitting,so I might have gotten a few things muddled slightly). If you agree with me,then thanks. It’s nice to see that someone else shares my view on this. If you disagree with me,feel free to correct me below. Just don’t act all rudely,like “OMG SC UR SUCH A N00B APLEZ & CAROTS R TEH SAEM THING!!!1111”. I hate it when people do that. Anyway,thanks for sitting through this long comment of mine,and goodbye!

      1. It’s more common than you think,you can see it in this page. Heck,at one point even I made the comparison!

        But when I started thinking about it,I realised how stupid of a comparison it was,and wrote this.

  21. Alright,my Realms has been updated. Code’s above. Introducing:

    -A Playground
    -A Well
    -A Pool
    -And a few treacherous secrets…

    Go to my realms to see all these! Reply if you find any secrets though…there’s one which is extremely difficult to fully complete…

  22. Phew,16 people like my Realms?! Thanks guys!

    I just finished working on a lot of things and I’m currently waiting for it to be approved. Keep in mind that I haven’t finished my Realms completely yet,but I’ve just finished setting the foundations for something great. Keep an eye out for it,okay?

      1. Now it’s doubled:50! Thanks everybody for you support! Chole here is nearing completion!

        Until then,is there anything else you’d want me to build in the future?

  23. I’ve noticed that in Serious Bird’s land,there are 2 eatables in the shelves that aren’t there in Realms: the brown pastries with green icing and the pink cupcakes. Why do you think they were removed?

    1. There are slightly twisted animals in the realms. Bobcats, oxes with mustaches, etc. The ones with red eyes are not tame, they will hurt you. Tame them(with food in the props section, run away, or make them dissapear with your hammer. Tame ones, when fed, can give you Poptanium.

      1. Use the props, and get something (e.g, apple, cheese, spaghetti, etc) to feed them. Place them on the ground. The animals will eat them. However, you have to unlock the foods. Level up by building.

  24. My mom is overprotective and won’t let me get membership, even with my own money!!!!
    What do I do?

    slantedfish: Check out our Membership Tour page for some tips on asking permission from parents! 🙂

  25. awesome cheat! Find one of those things with poptanium (bag, double bag, barrel, chest) and click twice when you find it. It gives you almost double the poptanium! 😀

  26. okay so, the first time i began playing the realms part of poptropica, everything was fine. but now everytime i go back into my world, everything is gone! i cant mine, i cant create, and i cant go the the realms icon to go to my other ones or public ones. all i can do now is walk around. whats going on??

  27. I found the coolest realm EVER! I got over 1,000 Poptanium from it… Here’s the code: cwtvm

    1. Serious Bird’s realm (code: 4zyy4 mentioned above) lets you earn 24 000+ poptanium (the current amount of poptanium I have), and I can build unlimited houses here. A lot more than your 1000 poptanium you earn by clicking bars that you only get 10 poptaniums. In his realm you can earn maximum of 400+ potanium in one click.

  28. i left food for my pet/creatchur and thay arnt tame thay wont ete it help i love my pet i want her to be tame

  29. After over a year,Chole is finally finished now! Thanks to all 57 people (as of now) who’ve liked it! It really helps,and now that it’s finished (with tons of revamps and secrets),you can now enjoy it to the fullest extent! The code is 3vpqv . Please leave your criticisms below.

    For now,I’ll be taking a break from Realms until I’m ready to make another one. Until then,what do you want me to build next? I have two things I want to build soon,so which should I build first?

    α. A Town in the wild,wild west (DESERT)
    β.A medieval castle (SWAMP/SNOW)

    Also,if you pick β,please specify the biome you want it to be in. And if you choose α,it would be nice to say what kind of town you’d like it to be. And if you’re wondering why I’m using the greek alphabet(a),well….it just looks cool,okay?!

    1. Oh,and I forgot:here are some rules/tips for you when you’re playing it!

      α. Please do not use the – button to zoom out. It could potentially spoil the map for you,and could be used to cheat as well. The + button is fine,though it could be a bit confusing.
      β. The F Button cannot be used to summon the avalanches,as they can be used to cheat through the area.
      γ.All the jumps in the map can be made,unless they are not meant to be jumped from. So, Super Jumping is not necessary unless there is no way out by normal means (which does not include the F Button). So don’t use it unless in such a situation.
      δ.Glitching through the map is not allowed.
      ε.Most poptanium is in the background,where you can’t get it. But there are a few hidden throughout the map,so look hard and find it.
      ζ.No other forms of cheating or hacking are allowed.
      η.There are a few points in the map where dying is inevitable,so I’d recommend storing your poptanium before entering.
      θ.When you spawn in,you will most likely be in midair on top of some weak rocks. For some reason,I cannot fix this,so please jump down without trying to jump upwards.
      ι.All cannons in the map have been tested previously,so they can be used (unless they’re in the background),and are meant to be used.
      κ.If you’re wondering why there’s a cactus impeding your path to the left,don’t worry! It’s intentionally present to make sure you go right. Once you get to the other side,there is a way to properly remove it so that you can have free reign over the area.
      λ.There is a point in the map where there is a start flag and another where there is a finish flag. Here,there are three different paths you can go to reach the finish flag. Each of them are unique in their own right. Think you can discover all of them?
      μ.Finally,and most importantly,remember to have fun! This was made with the pure and sole intention of providing players with entertainment (though it might provoke other feelings in players too!),so don’t get too angry!

      Phew,I’m pretty sure those are all the rules of my Realms. If you have any additions or modifications to the rules,please state so below! Just remember to use greek letters or I’ll ignore it! (kidding) If you also have any doubts with my Realms,please ask so below as well!

      1. Uh… I think you got your directions wrong. The cactus is on the right side.

      1. More than 4 months later,we’ve approximately gained ten more likes! So that makes it 108. Thank you all! As usual,constructive criticism would be appreciated. I started off rather small and here I am now. You may or may not find out about my beginnings soon. Heheheh

  30. if you press F on other people’s realms if its a little hard to get up a bunch of rocks and dirt come down and fall like meteorites so you can jump up more easily. (try it for yourself)

  31. I found another realm with a lot of Poptanium–Eath, made by Invisible Grape, realm code prvwj.

    1. Here are some tips how to stay safe from the Pixies:
      1. Zap the Pixies with your hammer(they will go away.
      2. Use materials and make sure they go all around you(no gaps)so they can’t get you.
      3. Do both at the same time! Make sure the layers are thick, because you have to dissolve some of it to shoo them.

      1. Actually,I don’t think layers affect a darn thing. They can just go through it with ease. Using the hammer against the, is the only way,but even then,you’re probably going to break something,you ding dong.

  32. My computer froze and I had to reload poptropica BEFORE I got the hammer. When I re-entered Realms, it spat me out in a random spot and I’m trying to find my way back or find a way to restart it.

  33. Why are the realms freezing? (just came back from being gone for a year or so.)
    also friend me @lovepuppiez

  34. Had anyone experienced the time when you’ve just started playing realms and ended up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere WITHOUT the Svadilfari hammer?

    1. Yes I’ve been asking the people who make poptropica about it, and they keep saying it’s my fault for using the wrong web browser, and I’ve used all of them except safari… Since I’m not the only one with your very same problem, I’m sure if enough of us complain about it, they’ll fix this issue. It’s like we really wanna have fun and experience this island with ease, but it’s soo frustrating when they’re to arrogant to help or even understand. What makes it worse is they don’t have a reset button for that isle…………..

      1. I’m sorry you’re having this issue, but I don’t think the game developers are trying to be arrogant. They do read every bug report and try to figure out what’s wrong so they can solve the glitches and make the game run smoothly like it’s supposed to. They are not trying to tell you it’s “your fault,” but the suggestion of using a different web browser has helped in a lot of cases.

        So try Safari, since you haven’t tried it yet – or even use a different computer. Make sure all your web browsers are updated to their latest versions. Again, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing bugs, but know that the game devs want you to have a good experience just as much as you do, and they’re working on fixing these issues that get reported to them.

  35. is it just me or when i visit one of these annoying ad areas(u need 2 go through them to enter a new area) and i get to the new area it my poptainium level and heath reset. I keep my poptainium in bars but the level change is so annoying!

  36. i havent used realms in almost 1 year but like to be honest i really wanted to play is but now that its having problems I’m starting to wonder when it will get back up again because ive been trying to get in for 18 days now it it dont work so…..that is what it is then so no more REALMS i guess for a WHILEEEE!!! 😦

  37. btw REALMS IS a awesome game HOPE YOU FIX WHATEVER IS GOING ON SOON OK WISH U THE BEST OF LUCK 🙂 (plz dont take forever to fix it tho ok )

  38. It’s still down… this was literally one of my favorite not-really-an-island islands because of the sandboxness. D: I really hope they fix it soon… unless they’re adding new stuff. .-.

  39. I never got to actually play, I played once but no matter how far I went it showed no hammer. Then 2 months later I checked in on Realms but it was down.

  40. So…is Realms going to be fixed, or is there some other reason it’s not working? Because according to the timestamp of some comments, it’s been down for months…and I kinda wanted to share a Realm while I still had my membership.

    1. We don’t know, unfortunately. It doesn’t seem to be a big priority for Poptropica at the moment, since they are working on creating more content for Worlds, and Poptropica Original will likely be discontinued after Adobe Flash retires in 2020.

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