Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab Guide

Walkthrough written by Neat Whale & Slanted Fish

Note: You must get “Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab” from the Poptropica Store to play this quest. Once you have it, open it up in your Store items inventory and click “Visit” to go there.

To begin, run right and jump up onto the rocks and ledges until you reach a metal cave door with a Rabbot sign above it (that sign never stops scaring me), and enter.


You will appear in a metal-walled room. Why all the metal, Dr. Hare? Just wondering. It makes your hideout standout. Get it? …um, moving on…

Go right over to the floating platform to the right (very nice, Dr. Hare. Ads. I love it.) You’ll come across a man with a pink eyepatch (not very manly, sailor), a pink lab coat (again, not manly) and a clipboard. Talk to him. He will tell you that you are in one of Dr. Hare’s secret lairs. He was a mind-slave of Dr. Hare, and he made a very creepy-looking robot to the right which will help him with his evil plans. Again with the evil plans. Why not good plans? Why?

Click on the robot cage to your right, and you’ll note that you need three colored cards. Go back on the sliding-down platform and go right once you reach the bottom. Enter through the big red door.


Red Keycard

Go right, making sure to avoid the annoying laser beam, and get on the floating platform with a box. Then, let it pull you up until you’ve reached a platform with a red button at the end of it. Push the box onto the red button. The blocked door above will open.


To get to the upper platform, go left and hide behind the carrot box so the guards won’t catch you.


Then jump up, jump right, and get the red keycard.

Purple Keycard

Now, go left above the bearded guard, and hop onto yet another floating platform with a box. When you come across another platform, push the box onto it so it will press the purple button.


Then jump back onto the floating platform and ride it up to the other platform with bearded guard on it. Hide behind a box, then jump up to the now-unlocked area with the purple keycard.

Blue Keycard

Now, go down down down, below the red entrance door, and land on the platform with a box at the end. Push the box off the end and it will fall near or on the blue switch. Push it onto the blue switch if it isn’t already on it. (Note: If it fell below the platform with the blue switch, you may need to start over.)


Run over on top of the other platforms with the lasers, onto the moving platform, and into the area with the blue keycard.


Now all that’s left to do is grab the blue keycard, scream with joy, ride the floating platform back up again, and go out through the red entrance door.


Rush up to the top where the robot is, click on it to open it up with your keycards, and you’ll be awarded credits. Congrats! You also get to customize a Rabbot costume.


Update: From September 13–17, 2018, Poptropica re-released this game with minor aesthetic updates, including a re-colored Rabbot costume prize, as pictured below.

harelab robot

Now where’s Dr. Hare? I wanted to blast him off into space again because it was fun last time. Well? WHERE IS HE?! Wait, he’s still in space? Aw man… well, that was fun anyway!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


90 thoughts on “Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab Guide”

      1. I got the mask from the guards and put on the body of the evil bunny robot or something, i made me grey (i have the half robot face) and now i look like a robot! :v lol, nobody cares xD


    The ability to fly will help you get the cards quicker and avoid being noticed by guards. Go to Early Poptropica and put on your Jet Pack, then go visit Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab. You should still be wearing your Jet Pack. Use this to your advantage and you should finish this quest without difficulty.

  2. the rabbot sign totally freaks me out too! I know this will make me sound lame but i had NIGHTMARES about 24 carrot! BAD CREATORS!!!!!

      1. I know right? I mean, seriously, my first time playing I screamed and it totally freaked me out! 😦

      2. I knew that if I was going to beat the island I would have to see it, so I told my sister to do it for me. She didn’t know about it and got really scared. Lol

    1. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

      If that rabbot sign is the thing above the entrance door then it doens’t scare me!

      1. no,my username is knucklehead5249,now why would you think that the long thingy is my username?

  3. Uh I saw the security alarm on 24 Carrot Island twice. It was so scary. I screamed so loud that my parents would hear me. I saw the security alarm at Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab and saw it ten times a long time ago and it didn’t scare me. In November 2010, I saw it four times and it scared me. OOOOhhh Those security alarms scare me. Um, was Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab the sneak peak for 24 Carrot? Yes, I have seen the Jersey Devil on Cryptids and he looked ugly. He’s old. Better close your eyes if you’re going to see him

    1. No, Dr. Hare’s secret lab was an extra. The creators started doing sneak peaks when Great Pumpkin was being released

      1. yep! when the great pumpkin was out i looked in the sneak peaks it was there. and get this! i was 5! so bet that!

      2. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897/hip hop lover/17-time winner of Reality TV island/Poptropica girl with 2576 friends with membership/has all 35 medals/knucklehead5249 call me any of that. says:

        What security alarm?

  4. You want to know something? Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab is very far away from 24 Carrot Island. Same water and same sky if you haven’t completed 24 Carrot. You can’t get to Dr. Hare’s Secret from 24 Carrot. First of all, if you have the mini quest, go to 24 Carrot outside the factory then to go the mini quest but you can’t swim there. I tried that and it didn’t work. 😦 If this comment is on topic, great! If not, just sayin’. :mrgreen:

    1. You messed up, most likely, then. Missing a card or something, or you have it, just did not notice it.

    2. i didnt get 50 credits either and i followed the guide exactly! anyone know what happened? (my name on here is my poptropican user name in case anyone wants to add me,just saying in case your curious)

  5. Hmmm.. If I can shrink Dr Hare, that would be nice, better than throwing him into space, cage up Dr hare and make him live like a rabbit lol.

    1. acaully you could on 24 carrot if you did not complete it you could buy the shrink ray it is for members and non members

  6. I’m new to here so do you need to like sign up to change your picture or something..

    Slanted Fish: You can create a Gravatar account to change your picture on this blog and other sites that also use Gravatars.

  7. How do you exit out of the game?

    Slanted Fish: Exit the lab and go left until you reach the water, where your cursor will change to let you exit.

  8. Fishy, could you put this in the description as a cheat? If you have got the flying power from Super Power, then activate it and go to Dr. Hare’s Secret Lair. Once you get there, you will be able to fly. This might work for Haunted House and Energy Hog, I haven’t tried it.

    1. lol too bad im not a member but i dont care about membership because
      a. most of the member items luck toooo basic perhaps? (i think thats the word)
      b. i like non membership because people dont get too jealous…
      c. i like words no potatoes only woooords! Ella likes woorrrdsss

  9. Don’t you get really annoyed when poptropica takes FOREVER to load, and then it logs you out? ITS SOOOO ANNOYING (pls add meh!!!)

  10. i only went on this one because i reallllllly want the masked hero costume to complete my Hero’s of Olympus: Hazel costume but i have mentioned this before as a reply to someone else but it seems quite a lot of us are not getting the 50 credits to spend in the poptropica item store which is disapointing so could someone please tell us why we are not getting the reward as i didn’t get the Rabbot suit either again disapointing…well if anyone knows please tell me why

    1. After you finished it (3 color cards) Go out of where you got the cards and go to the man who is wearing an eyepatch. Talk to him and after doing that,customize the rabbot using the customize shirt button.

  11. hey. this is the first time i posted. i did the island exactly like the guide said but no matter how many times i click the robot suit it does nothing. PLEASE help me out. i’m so Frustated. my poptropican is named speedy raptor btw.

  12. when you are in dr hare’s lab before that go to super power island when you finnish the super power island go to dr hare’s lab and you can fly now

  13. “Why all the metal, Dr. Hare?”
    Wouldn’t you say he’s getting into… HEAVY METAL?!?
    Alright, I’ll leave…

  14. Guys, I can’t find any of these mini-quests anywhere. I tried getting the items with iPop but not even that works.

    I miss these islands… :C

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