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The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

For walkthroughs on Back Lot Island, scroll down.

Released: April 4, 2013 (for members)
or April 25, 2013 (for all)
Common Room: Celebrity Wax Museum
Preceded by: Night Watch Island
Succeeded by: Virus Hunter Island

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Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Samwow5 & Skyboy303
Special thanks to: Incredible Bubbles, Slanted Fish, HPuterpop

When you first arrive on Back Lot Island, the paparazzi will be all over you until they realize you aren’t famous.

Happy Joker Dance

They’ll run off to a celebrity named Willy Bingleman, who was going into Queequeg’s Coffee Shop. Follow them. Inside the coffee shop, talk to the raggedy man. It’s former child star Willy Bingleman!


He’s surprised you’ve never heard of him before. Leave the coffee shop, and go one building over to the left. It’s called One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency.

Once you get inside, go all the way to the right. There will be a woman at the desk. She says you look like a star, and if you pay a thousand dollars, she’ll help you get started on your career.


What!?! A thousand dollars? I don’t have a thousand dollars! But then she tells you to go to Harvey Scoops if you’re looking for money. Leave the building and head right to the next area: Sunrise Street.

Once you get there, head past the Chinese theater and souvenir shop until you get to a wall with a guy standing next to it. He says he’s Harvey Scoops!

He’s investigating the place because rumors have swirled that someone’s been working in there. Ask if you can help, and he says yes, you can climb the building and get a picture. He’ll give you a Telephoto Camera, but when you try to use it, you’ll realize something’s wrong with it.


Maybe someone else can tell us what’s wrong with the camera? Go all the way to the far left on Main Street, and you will see a guy with camera in front of the Celebrity Wax Museum. Click “Use” on the Telephoto Camera and he will give you some Camera Film.


Now, go back to where Harvey Scoops is, and climb the building beside him. Go to your items and click “Use” on the Camera Film to use it with the Telephoto Camera. Now, click “Use” on the camera and take a photograph of a man with a beard near the entrance of the movie studio.

Once you take the photo, you’ll feel an earthquake, and then you’ll fall into the back lot property.


After regaining consciousness, run right and click on the door to enter the stage.


When you click on it, the assistant director of the movie, Sofia, will come out. She asks if you’re security, and you say no. She’s happy about that because she doesn’t want the movie to be interrupted. Ask about the movie, and she says it’s being made by Carson Willis, the greatest filmmaker of all time, who has been missing. After you finish talking to her, enter the building.

Kirk Strayer

Once you get there, run left onto the stage, where movie star Kirk Staryer is acting. He gets mad that someone is always interrupting his scene, so he runs off with director Carson Willis chasing after him, trying to get him back so they can continue the filming. The cameraman will tell you that Kirk’s a jerk, but popular in the industry.

You're kind getting wishy-washy now.

After Kirk and Carson leave, follow them. Once you get outside, you’ll find the assistant director, Sofia, freaking out about the schedule, telling you to go get Kirk back. And… you get a sweet ride in the deal! Your very own cart! It’s all mine baby, it’s all mine! MWHAAAAA!

It's all mine baby, It's all mine! MWHAAAAA!

Now you’ll need to look for Kirk’s trailer. Here’s a map of the entire back lot to help you out. Kirk’s trailer is the blue-topped setup in the middle.


Drive straight down until you reach the far bottom wall, then turn around and go up to the right a little bit and you will see his trailer. Here’s a close-up:


Getting the coffee

Once you get there, knock on the trailer door. Kirk Strayer will tell you to go away, but you ask him what it’s going to take to get him out of there. Strayer says he wants a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Expresso on the double, then throws a coffee cup down for you to pick up. What a diva.


Hop on your cart, and head back to Soundstage 1. Then go all the way to the left and open the gate so you can get out and fetch his coffee.


Run all the way back to Main Street, and enter one of the two Queequeg’s Coffee Shops to refill Kirk’s cup. The guy at the register will tell you he is out of that particular drink so you will have to choose another. Choose the coffee shown below (Espresso, Infant, Decaf) to get an Infant-Sized Coffee (decaf espresso).


Now exit the coffee shop and run to the left until you get to the other coffee shop. Talk to the lady at the register and she will also tell you she is out of that particular coffee. Order as shown in the picture below (Latte, Infant, Full) for an Infant Sized Coffee (full latte).


Now open your menu items and choose one of the Infant Sized Coffees. Pour both cups of coffee into the larger cup and you will have made the coffee that Kirk ordered – a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Espresso. Tadaah!

Go all the way back to Kirk’s trailer after you have done this. Knock on his door again and you will tell him you have his coffee. He’ll decide to return to the set to continue filming.



Jump back into the cart and head back to Soundstage 1 in the top-left.

The director, Carson Willis, will ask you to help him with the camera since the camera guy won’t work overtime. Jump up the wooden stairs and click the camera. When using the camera, just make sure to keep Kirk in the middle of the screen at all times, or else you’ll have to start over.


Screenplay gone astray

Once you’ve finished filming, exit Soundstage 1 and jump into your cart again. Go all the way to the right until you get to Soundstage 2. Enter the soundstage and talk to Sofia, the lady there. She’ll tell you to go find Goldie, who’s supposed to hand over the screenplay.

Exit the soundstage and go back to Soundstage 1. Jump to the top of the building using the ledges on the left. Talk to the guy on top of the building, Goldie, and his precious screenplay will be blown away to Sunrise Street. See the instructions below for how to fetch the four pages.

backlot screenplay pages

First, go to Sunrise Street on the left and go back to the top of the teal building. There will be a Screenplay Page on the TV antenna on top of Juan’s Celebrity Souvenirs.

Continue left and get to the top of the Chinese theater building. To get to the top, use the red sides of the roof to help you bounce high enough. You will find another Screenplay Page on top of that building.

Keep going left until you get to the first Queequeg’s coffee house (right of the talent agency), where you should find another Screenplay Page on the neon sign at the top. Keep going left until you get to the Celebrity Wax Museum and the last Screenplay Page will be on the far left of the roof of that building.

Once you have all of the pages, go all the way back to the right and talk to Goldie on top of Soundstage 1. Give him the pages and jump back into your cart.

Go back to Soundstage 2 and talk to the lady again. Now it’s time to put the script pages in order. Open the scripts from your menu and rearrange them so that the third one is first, the fourth one is second, the first one is third and the second one is fourth.

Playing the part

Lead Actress

Over in Soundstage 2, Sofia will hand you an Actress Headshot and it’s your job to find someone that looks like famous actress Lacey Williams to play a lead in the movie.


Exit the soundstage, go back all the way to the beginning of the island, and enter the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency. Give the lady at the desk the headshot. The lady at the desk will surprise you – she’s actually Lacey Williams!

Acting as the Navigator

Now head back to Soundstage 2. Once you get there, you will have to play the role of the navigator. Go to the left and jump up to change into costume.

  1. The first thing you say in the film is “But-”
  2. When it comes up, offer her a compass.
  3. Next, say “Safe journeys! I’ll never forget you!”
  4. After that, your last line is “Noooooo!”

Prop train

Now exit the soundstage and go to Soundstage 3 (located opposite of Soundstage 4 and to the bottom of the back lot road map). Enter the stage and talk to Sofia again. Now you will have to put together three puzzles to build a prop train. You’ll be given more than enough wood pieces, so there are multiple ways you can finish the puzzle, but here are some possible solutions:

Casting the cowboys

Once you’re done, run to the right, jump above the door, and grab a couple of cowboy hats – you’ll need a white one for the hero and a black one for the villain.

Now exit Soundstage 1 and go back to Main Street to find some actors. The first one will be in the first coffee shop – remember raggedy Willy Bingleman? Give him the Black Cowboy Hat (go to your items and click “Use” on it).


The second will be in the Digital Dreamscapes studio. He’s the guy wearing a motion capture (mocap) suit, who’s acting in front of a green screen. Give him the White Cowboy Hat.


Calling the shots

Head back to Soundstage 3. Once you get there, talk to Sofia again. You will now be the stunt coordinator. All you need to do here is press on the buttons that relate to whatever the director calls for: a tornado, a villain (hat), or a buffalo.


Gorilla gone wild

Once you are done, exit the soundstage and go to Soundstage 4, which is all the way to the right and down a bit. Enter this soundstage, and you will come just in time to see Kirk Strayer throw a tantrum about how he doesn’t want to be a gorilla. When he storms out, the director, Carson Willis, will offer you his role.

Click on the discarded ape costume and you’ll put it on. Hop onstage, and get ready for the role of a lifetime! Your task is to jump on the rooftops all the way to the top to collect the red balloon. Be sure to pop all the green balloons on the way.

While you’re jumping, cannons will be shooting at you, slowly lowering your “life” bar. You can destroy the cannons by hitting them, and you can smash the army men by landing on top of them. The toughest part has three army men roaming on a building; try to jump on all three of them at once. When you get the red balloon at the very top, you’ll be asked to do a graceful fall, and that’ll be a wrap.


Post Production

Once you are done filming, exit the soundstage and go to the Post Production building, which is the one across the street to the left.

Film Editor

Talk to the director and then head to the film editing computer to the left. You will have to cut some shots out. “Can you find the mistake? Scrub through each scene and locate the frame with the error, then splice it out with the razor.”


You’ll see three rolls of film. In each roll, there’s something that is off. The first one has a yellow banana, the second one has a boom mic in one shot, and the third one has stuffing coming out of the bear.

Use the bar at the bottom of each roll to move it forward or backward one frame at a time. When you see the mistake, click on the razor blade at the right. Then click and hold to cut between the green lines. Cut above the film cell and below it to splice it out. Do this three times to finish.

Foley Sound

Click on the director, who will tell you it’s time to add sound. Follow him into the sound editing (foley) bay to the right. Click on one of the sound effect props.

“Each of the scenes needs four sounds added at the right time. Click on the correct sound when you see the indicator flash on screen.” There are 16 sound effect (SFX) buttons along the bottom. In the middle is a rolling film. At the top is a digital screen which will flash and tell you which SFX button to hit.

First clip:

  1. Rain (rustling paper)
  2. Thunder (metal sheet)
  3. Balloon popping (balloon)
  4. Balloon hitting water (cup of water)

 Second clip:

  1. Fireplace (match and can)
  2. Plates rattling (plates)
  3. Bear growling (bear)
  4. Ghost moaning (ghost)

Third clip:

  1. Buffalo (buffalo)
  2. Horses galloping (coconuts)
  3. Train (brushes and whistle)
  4. Punch (paddle and meat)

Fourth clip:

  1. Airplane (fan)
  2. Kong landing on building (anvil hitting box)
  3. Gorilla howl (gorilla)
  4. Kong falling (bottle)

Once you are completely done editing the film, talk to Carson Willis again. He will give you Film Reels to take to the Chinese theater!


The Many-Splendored Zephyr

Head all the way back to the theater on Sunrise Street. Talk to Sofia, who’s standing outside, and ask about Carson, saying, “He’s a strange guy, what’s his deal?”

Enter the theater and run to the right, then jump up and use the seats to go all the way to the left to the projector. Use the film reels to insert the movie into the projector, and enjoy the show!

Once the movie is over, exit the theater and talk to Sofia once again. She will give you your Island Medallion and credits for the Store! Congratulations, you’ve completed Back Lot Island!


Bonus Quest (members only)

But wait…there’s a bonus quest to be had. Sofia tells you that a camera was left on in Soundstage 1. The bonus quest description is this: “Sneak into the studio and evade security to win a new prize in this island’s bonus quest! Plus, get a bonus prize pack of costumes and items.”

Enter the studio and go to Soundstage 1. Jump up to the camera to grab it. Just as you do, the Warren Sisters, who own Grand Majestic Studios, will catch you and accuse you of trespassing. You hightail it out of there.

Avoid Back Lot security

“Avoid and outlast the Back Lot security. Collect (rockets) for speed boosts. Collect (green balls) for extra protection.”

You’ll be in your cart and need to dodge the security carts that come after you. The trick is to just stay to the outside roads as much as possible. Don’t try grabbing the rockets or green balls, just keep moving. It’s a little challenging, but not super difficult.

Another tactic for finishing the bonus quest is to get a maximum of two carts after you and go to Soundstage 4. Make sure that the two boxes at the end get piled up on top of each other so that even if security pushes them over, they can’t get to you. Make sure you do this after you push yourself in there. They can surround you for about 15 seconds without them catching you, so you’ll have enough time to move the non-mobile cart. Voila!

The reward is a cool hand-held Movie Camera! Congratulations!

movie camera

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Back Lot Island is Poptropica’s 34th island. The name of the island was leaked early, on March 8, 2013, by a Creators’ Blog post that was quickly replaced, and the leaked post was re-published onMarch 21. The countdown began on April 3 and the island launched for members on April 4. The login screen featured a director calling “Action!” followed by several Poptropicans (including Kirk Strayer) running across the screen. There was a demo available, and the island opened to non-members on April 25, 2013 at 2pm EST.
  • *Starting from April 2013, a photo booth where you could get a picture with famed Back Lot Island movie star Kirk Strayer appeared on many islands such as Night Watch. Despite the epic preview images, there was only one outcome – your excited Poptropican smiling with a bored Kirk Strayer looking at his phone. This photo is added to your Photo Album.
  • Common room: Celebrity Wax Museum (parody of the Hollywood Wax Museum)
  • The Celebrity Wax Museum has wax statues of Elvis Presley (2nd floor, left), Groucho Marx (2nd floor, right – this statue’s eyes follow your mouse and occasionally winks!), Marilyn Monroe (3rd floor, right), and Audrey Hepburn (3rd floor, left).
  • A backlot is an area behind or adjoining a movie studio, containing permanent exterior buildings for outdoor scenes in filmmaking or television productions, or space for temporary set construction (source: Wikipedia).
  • You can enter Kirk Strayer’s trailer, although this is optional. Inside, you’ll find dummies you can Costumize from (including costumes inspired by Indiana Jones and Elvis Presley), as well as Kirk’s awards (presumably Oscars).
  • You can put makeup on your Poptropican’s face in Soundbooth 3.
  • The golden statuettes in the Celebrity Wax Museum are similar to the Academy Awards (Oscars).
  • The plot about the famous director Carson Willis sneaking into an abandoned lot to make movies was actually based off of one of the most famous filmmakers of all time: Steven Spielberg!
  • The main thoroughfare in Back Lot Island, Sunrise Street, is a parody of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
  • When your Poptropican wakes up after the fall from the earthquake, a gray dog barks and your Poptropican says “I don’t think we’re in Poptropica anymore.” This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy, with her dog Toto, says “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”
  • The movie poster for The Hobo is a parody of the one for The Hobbit.
  • The Chinese-looking theater on Sunrise Street is a depiction of a real life Chinese theater in Los Angeles along the Hollywood Walk of Fame (also depicted here!) — The TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theater).
  • The Chinese theater mentions Cactus Von Garlic 2: Deadly Breath, the sequel of Cactus Von Garlic mentioned on the cinema of Vampire’s Curse Island.
  • Also depicted is a movie poster for George Washington vs. the Space Aliens, a parody of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
  • The guy in front of the Queequeg’s Coffeehouse to the left says he’s got a great script idea: mixing astronauts with medieval knights and robots. You tell him it’s already been done, referring to Astro-Knights Island.
  • The logo for Digital Dreamscapes is a boy and with a laptop sitting on a crescent moon, a reference to the icon of DreamWorks Studios, featuring a boy holding a fishing pole sitting on a crescent moon.
  • The creature portrayed on the monitor in the Digital Dreamscapes movie studio looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The lady at the Digital Dreamscapes movie studio says they’re working on “Lord of the Witches 5: Redemption,” the sequel to “Lord of the Witches 4: Retaliation,” perhaps references to the Lord of the Rings film series.
  • The part in which you dress and act as an ape is reminiscent of the King Kong scene where he fights airplanes atop the Empire State Building.
  • At Soundstage 2, outside of the recording studio, there’s a stage prop of a moon with a rocket in its eye. This is a reference to French director Georges Méliès’s movie A Trip to the Moon, which is one of the earliest movies ever created.
  • After the premiere of The Many-Splendored Zephyr, one of the viewers wishes she had thumbs to give the movie (referring to Poptropicans’ lack of fingers and giving thumbs-ups in approval). However, Carson Willis clearly has ten (albeit stubby) fingers imprinted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Chinese theater.
  • While in the driver’s view at Soundstage 2, you’ll see the rover from Lunar Colony Island “for sale.”
  • One of the movie critics is based on Gene Shalit.
  • The Warren Sisters is a pun on the company Warner Bros.
  • In the One of a Kind Talent Agency, on the wall behind Lacey Williams, you can see pictures of several famous silent movie stars, such as Mary Pickford, Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Kirk Strayer’s name may possibly be a reference to the Homestuck character Dirk Strider. A kirkcan mean the Church of Scotland while a dirk is a type of Scottish blade; a strayer walks away while a strider walks forward.
  • Queequeg’s is the name of a coffee chain in the video game universe of Deus Ex: Invisible War. Queequeg is a fictional character in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick. Queequeg’s Coffeehouse on Poptropica may be a reference to Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse company, which also happens to have a round green logo.
  • The lady at one of the Queequeg’s asks if you’d be interested in fair trade organic coffee.
  • In June of 2014, there was an ad for the 7th Dork Diaries book which gave away a costume that included members-only Back Lot bonus handheld items (Movie Camera & Clapperboard).
  • The screenwriter’s name “Goldie Millman” is an homage to a real screenwriter named “William Goldman.”
  • Bonus quest: The back lot’s owners have returned — and they want you off their property! Can you outrun studio security and get away with a valuable souvenir? The prize is a handheld Movie Camera.
  • Members’ only items: Members would get an additional Back Lot Island gear pack, which included the Film Director costume, Silent Treatment power, and Clapperboard item.

lights, camera, action


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  24. I somewhat feel bad that the highlight of the island is standing on the side of Sunrise St., after the completion of the island, so the paparazzi will get hit by the car going by.

  25. The paparazzi following you after you complete the island are so annoying. Just like the real paparazzi xD

  26. okay, when i went into the coffee shop thingy, i didn’t find the actor, i refreshed and even started over and nothing. is there a reason for that or does the game just hate me? (please help, this is one of the last ones i have to beat.)

  27. Actually, I think this whole Lord of the Rings/Hobbit business is actually just a parody and diss at The Hobbit franchise. They have a “The Hobo” poster, parody of The Hobbit, and the ticket seller says there’s nothing good to watch, implying that The Hobbit isn’t worth watching. Then when you go into the movie studio, they say they’re making the sequel to something similar to Lord of the Rings; the Hobbit, even though a prequel, was made after, and many thought they were milking it. Then, when talking to the mocap guy, who is clearly Andy Serkis playing Gollum, is unhappy with how everything is digital while making the LotR sequel; The Hobbit, at the time, was criticized for using too much CGI. Once you give him the cowboy hat to play a different role, he’s like “No more of this middle-earthiness for me”; LotR/Hobbit takes place in Middle Earth.

  28. Was I the only one who zombiefied the journalists at main street and had them chase me like I’m being chased by zombies?

      1. You would probably have to wait until Halloween, since that’s when it’s released. Or is it out all year?

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