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Back Lot Island action begins for members!

“Action!” That’s the cue for all members to log into Poptropica and play the all-new movie adventure, Back Lot Island! No lights and cameras for the login screen – just pure, stampeding action.

Back Lot login

But, non-members, don’t worry. Your time to shine will come. April 25 at 2pm EST, to be exact.


Anyway, our Back Lot Island Guide is up, so if you need help, there you have it! Hopefully the walkthrough (which has pictures) will be of value to you. And to celebrate the new island, we’ve got a Back Lot header up as well. Woot!

In other news, the PHB’s Poptropica Web Directory recently got a revamp. That’s the place where people can post ads for their Poptropica sites, so give them a visit! It’s listed under our Cool Stuff page, which is also home to the recent revamp of our Costumes page if you haven’t gotten a chance to see that yet. Double woot!

aaaand… end scene.

*curtain closes and audience applauds wildly*

“Back Lot! Back Lot! Back Lot!”

8 thoughts on “Back Lot Island action begins for members!”

  1. Stupid back lot! I tried to click and outfit in my closet and it worked the day before Back lot was out, but now that it is out, Some of my outfits that were from ads dissapeared and were exchanged with a really ugly shirt. Alos there is a glitch in Back Lot. The part when your supposed to act like a gorilla is not working. I try to jmp on the buildings, but all that happens is my character just starts bouncing up and down! REstore my stuff in my closet NOW!!!!!!

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