Are you ready to unlock some super secrets and become a glitcher?

Glitching, the term used for using glitches to one’s advantage, has a big part in the Poptropica community, and its users are known as glitchers. On this page, we link to several resources for Poptropica glitching. And check out the other cool tricks you can try below!

📺 Ad Transporter: Poptrogiverse »

This website developed by KeithSammut lets you teleport to various retired advertisement buildings on Poptropica so you can play the games, earn the prizes, and just enjoy it for the nostalgia.

👚 Avatar Studio Gift »

ASG gift

Our Avatar Studio Gift is a present to the Poptropica community, containing a compendium of usernames that will allow access to rare (typically uncustomizable) costumes on Poptropica by way of the Avatar Studio Glitch, commonly known as ASG.

🧥 Closet Adder »

This tool created by supersiu allows you to ASG an outfit from someone else’s closet directly to your character. Your data will not be stored.

🎩 Clothing Parts »

This Google document compiled by various glitchers gives the IDs for various clothing parts that Poptropicans can wear. It is best used with iPop (see below).

🎏 Item ID List »

This Google document compiled by various glitchers gives the IDs and other useful info for various items you can add to your account. It is best used with iPop (see below).

🎛 iPop »

iPop is a software developed by Santorno that allows you to easily modify your Poptropican account to your liking. It can add any items to your account, add any clothing features to your character, give you a 5-star battle-ranking, and more!


To download this software, click here. From the next page, click on the green download button to begin your download. Once iPop is downloaded to your computer, you will need to unzip the folder to unlock its contents. Note that iPop does not work on Windows 10 or newer operating systems.

For Windows computers, use iPop.exe for the program, and for Macs, use iPop.jar. You’ll want to use whatever the latest version is (the one with the highest number).

When you open the software, you will be prompted to enter the login details of the Poptropica account you wish to modify, along with an iPop key. You can find the community key in the README.txt file.

The PHB can verify that it is safe to enter your username and password on this tool—your account will not be stolen. However, this tool may not work on newer operating systems. By using iPop, you agree not to redistribute the software publicly without permission.

🎎 Modify A Poptropican »

map pop

Modify A Poptropican (or MAP for short) is a browser tool developed by Red Lizard, no download required. Simply enter your login information (don’t worry, it’s safe), pick the parts you want to change on your character, and click submit. Voila! This program also includes a hair and skin tone Colorizer accessible via the top menu.

🎊 Multiverse Maker »

There’s the traditional way of making a Multiverse room, and then there’s the glitcher’s way. With this tool from KeithSammut, creating a room is just one click away. In addition to regular rooms, you can create ad-based multiplayer rooms that will last up to 4 days! Invite your friends over for a Poptropica party!

🔮 Name Genie »

Just by filling out a quick form on this site by KeithSammut, you can automatically have your very own custom named account on Poptropica!


Please read and understand the following before sending a request:

  1. Custom names can only be applied to new accounts (as in, not existing accounts), so you will need to specify the username, password, and gender you want for the account you want.
  2. Names that are not a standard Poptropica name (see list here) will appear in-game (in common rooms and the friends list) as Poptropican Lizard, but will retain their custom appearance on the Avatar Studio. You may request up to four parts to the name (three spaces maximum) or else there will be an error. We recommend one or two parts. Be creative!
  3. Note that inappropriate names will be blocked by the filter.

Have fun with your new custom name!

🏝 Old Island Directory »

A mid-2019 update to the island map removed all the old-school islands, but with this link directory from idk, you can still play your old favorites.

😎 Old Friends Hub »

With the redesign of the friends page, many features were lost. But using this link from idk, you can get to the old friends hub, which allows you to add friends by username, access the Multiverse, and more.

Promo Codes

Note: Since the Store was updated in 2019, it is no longer possible to enter promo codes on Poptropica.

To enter these promotional codes, go to the Poptropica Store section of Poptropica, and where it says “Promo Code” in the top right corner, type in the code and enter for your cool new freebie.

  • GHDBOOK: Galactic Hot Dogs Mega Dog costume
  • POPANYWHERE: Poptropica App – Tablet & Phone
  • SKULLBOOK: Skull Pirate costume
  • BURRITO: Señor Burrito Follower – Timmy Failure Island

Special Effects & Hotkeys

Note: Mac users will need to replace “Ctrl” with the “Command” key for these cheats to take effect. Note: Only works on non-SUIs.

  • Ctrl + Shift + R: Completely randomizes your Poptropica character (may or may not acquire a handheld item, such as a basketball or cell phone) – you will lose your current outfit!
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Changes your character’s skin color
  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Changes your character’s hair color (at first it may just show some computer history, but click on the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it’ll change hair color)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P: Character wears a pumpkin mask
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1: Character does the laughing emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2: Character does the crying emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3: Character does the angry emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4: Character does the jumping emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6: Randomizes character (same as Ctrl + Shift + R, above)
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10: Pauses game (or press the pause button in the upper-left corner)
  • S: Press “S” to skip a character’s dialogue when he or she is talking. You may have to click on the screen to get it to work. (note: does not work on SUIs – sound-updated islands)

combining emotes

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are secret surprises often found in many games, including Poptropica. Listed below are just a few of the many secrets of Poptropica.

Nabooti Phone Codes

The cell phone can be found at Mountains of the MoonNabooti Island, inside the cave lying on the bottom left corner of the scene. Enter certain number codes into the phone to get a cool new costume. Note that this can get rid of something you’re wearing.

  • 1225: Santa Hat and Sack
  • 911: Police Outfit
  • 411: Brain Helmet
  • 1337: Nerdy Outfit (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead)


Skull Mask

There’s a free “Skull Mask” wearable item hidden in a cave in Legendary Swords. To get it, enter the cave from the beginning and pass by the first cave area. In the second cave area, near the place where you find your first Legendary Sword (Rusty Relic), go left and jump up until you reach a brown space filled with strange fossils. Keep going left until you see the Skull Mask, then click to receive it!

skull mask

Viking Suit

  1. On Time Tangled Island, use your time device and click on 831 AD, the Viking time period.
  2. Walk over to the cave area but don’t go inside.
  3. Put on your glider from Leonardo’s workshop.
  4. Jump on the right side of the cave to get the bonus Viking Suit. Glide from the Viking mountain until you land on the ledge with the suit tucked away in the upper righthand corner of the Viking time period.


Hypnotic Costume

Here’s how even non-members can get an otherwise members-only costume! The prize is hidden at the Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island. Go left until you stop at a green tower, jump up four stories high, and find the window pane in the middle with the orange flower pot. Click on the top-left corner of that window, and you will receive the “Hypnotic” costume!


Handheld Items

Want something to hold in your Poptropican’s hands? Try these glitches for a fun new handheld item. Thanks to Fuzzy-B, Samwow5, SL, Elphangor, & Mashimai for their help with these cheats.

ScissorsBig Sword, Scissors, Apple, Spears, Hades’ staff, Bongo, Club, Dynamite

  1. Add the username 55990022567 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

HandcuffsBig Spoon, Book, Swords, Feather, Paddle, Handcuffs

  1. Add the username everything173 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

Cup of colored juice

  1. Enter the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island.
  2. Go to the drink-filling area on the left and get any color of juice you want.
  3. Log out and log back into Poptropica.
  4. You’ll be carrying a cup of juice of the color you chose!

Candle & Fire iron

  1. Go to Great Hall in Bram’s Castle on Vampire’s Curse Island.
  2. Click on a Candle or Fire Iron so that you are holding it.
  3. Turn on a Store item card like Torch or Electrifier (you may also be able to use Ctrl + Shift + S).
  4. Turn off the Store item card’s effects.
  5. Exit the Great Hall and you should now be able to hold the candle or fire iron anywhere until it is customized away!


  1. Go to Game Show Island.
  2. Go to your items and turn on the Fan.
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Walk into a room and you should now be able to hold the fan anywhere!


  1. Travel to Early Poptropica Island.
  2. Get your Jetpack and then go to the left to the Poptropica Towers.
  3. Go down the underground area (Dark Room on your Map) where the boy is holding the skateboard.
  4. Climb down the rope. You’ll be holding a glow stick.
  5. Take off your Jetpack, and climb back up to the rope.
  6. When you exit the Dark Room, you’ll be holding the glow stick!


  1. Go to Cryptids Island and go to New Jersey.
  2. Ride on the Motorcycle and stop at the first pace you can.
  3. When you get off the Motorcycle and are holding the Lantern, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Ride back to the start, you should now be able to hold the Lantern anywhere until it is customized away.

Ninja items: Bo staff, throwing stars, smoke bomb

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and do your ninja training.
  2. When you are done, you should now be able to hold the ninja item anywhere until it is customized away.


  1. Go into Dr. Hare’s dream on Super Villain Island.
  2. Once in and holding the Pickax, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Press “Wake Up” and you are done. You should now be able to hold the pickax until it is customized away.


  1. Go to the Vikings time period on Time Tangled Island.
  2. Wear the glider and enter the cave.
  3. Inside the cave, take off the glider.
  4. Exit the cave, and you’ll be holding the torch.

Beards, Facial Hair, & More

If your prepubescent face is feeling a little bare, put on a beard to tell the world what a man you are! Or, reduce your status to Baby with one of Mr. Yoshi’s costumes… it’s up to you. Thanks to Nice Dragon, SLPoptropicaaGCHelpFuzzy-B, Elphangor, and anyone else who helped in discovering these cheats.

Short Beard

  1. Go to Wild West Island and use the Beard Brew.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Go into a new room and you should now be able to keep the beard anywhere until customized away!

Pointy Beard for Boys

  1. Get Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab from the Poptropica Store and go there.
  2. Enter the orange door to start the mini-quest.
  3. Walk right and jump on the platform there.
  4. Jump off to the left and hide behind the crate of carrots.
  5. Wait for one of Dr. Hare’s minions to walk by on the platform above you.
  6. Click on the Costumizer and then on the Dr. Hare minion above.
  7. Customize his pointy beard!

“Dog” Beard

  1. Go to Lunar Colony Island and click on the guard dog outside Mission Control.
  2. Click on your “Friends” button immediately after clicking on the dog.
  3. Immediately click on your first friend and scroll to the right until you can not see them anymore.
  4. Click on the “customize” button inside the “Friends” feature and customize your “Dog Beard.”

Mr. Yoshi’s Game Show Costumes

  1. Go to Game Show Island and go on the “Mr. Yoshi” game show in Tokyo.
  2. While wearing whichever costume you want (Baby, Chicken, or Bowling Ball) press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Continue on through the game show. Once you leave, you should be able to keep whatever costume you wanted until you customize it away!

Poptropica SWFs

There are links to Poptropica SWF (Shockwave Flash) files, eg., where you can see various Poptropica item cards. Replace “13” in the URL mentioned with different numbers for more item cards! Items in the 1000s = island medallions, 2000s = advertisement items, 3000s = Poptropica Store items.

Find more backdoor Poptropica files on the Behind the Scenes page!

If you know of any other working cheats, glitches, and codes that you’d like to share, comment below! And check out all the comments below for even more cheats.

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2,406 thoughts on “Glitching

  1. Gentle Flame says:

    Is this supposed to happen? i used medusa on myself and it gave it to me and the only way i can get rid of it is if customize it away!

  2. fishmcfishfish says:

    new glitch!!(DO THIS BEFORE BEATING THE ISLAND) go to spy island then look for the random person. wait for their hair to get zapped off, and then customize them. you should get a top hat the same color as your hair

  3. greedyshadow says:

    I found another glitch! In Wild West Island, when you drink the shrinking soda, and then hop on your horse, dismount, then get back on, wait till it poofs you, your horse will make your horse bigger! 😀

    • greedyshadow says:

      Also the SUI customizing glitch doesn’t seem to work. And the dog, cat, and robot glitch sort of works, I could get them on the customizing window, its just that I can’t customize most of them. 😦

  4. Detective M.S.B says:

    Fishy, how do I get the ‘Customize Everything’ glitch to work? I try to customize the racing girl in plaid’s lips on Monkey Wrench, but it never works for me.

    slanted Fish: That glitch doesn’t work anymore, but you can use ASGs to get lots of cool costumes. 🙂

    • Lava Rock says:

      Apparently, there’s a new download, but I don’t know how to get to it! (If, of course, it exists.) PLEASE HELP!

  5. Just a quick question... says:

    Hey, so I tried downloading the iPop thing but when i click on iPop-R3.exe it says: This application was configured to use a bundled Java Runtime Environment but the runtime is missing or corrupted.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Little Singer says:

    I don’t really understand how to do get the gold cards from the Poptropica SWF cheat into my Poptropican’s inventory. Could someone give me a step-by-step version?

    • derrick says:

      Thats what ipops for, just type the item code, for example number 13 is the shark fin, if you type that in, well you get it!

    • derrick says:

      It’s simple, go to the Avatar Studio, type in a user name hit the re load button at least 5 times then go to your game and hit refresh, the button near the arrows at the top.

  7. tall socks disapproves says:

    I thought I might as well add this, although it’s not really a glitch:

    When using iPop, you don’t have to log all the way out. Just go to your friends lists and exit it, it sort of works as a replacement.

  8. EliteTrollBob says:

    I cannot enter my account! I log in, then the interactive loading sign comes up but goes on forever and I can click on the black to make the “Poptropica” logo freeze… HALP :(((

    • Friendly Foot (a girl) says:

      Um, I’m not totally sure if this will help but if you’re on incognito mode poptropica won’t work. If your on a regular browser try logging in on a different account and friendyiur main one. If that won’t work then maybe you could get the app and import the look and see if anything is wrong. Or try a friend’s computer…

  9. Silly Bubbles says:

    This is the message I get when I try to launch it.
    “The Java JAR file “iPop-R3.jar” could not be launched. Check the Console for possible error messages.”
    What should I do?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Try re-downloading iPop and opening it again from the new download this time, discarding the old one.

      The issue seems to happen when you don’t properly sign out of an iPop session (by clicking sign out and then close at the bottom), and/or could be caused by checking the box that says ‘Remember me’ (which isn’t working in the R3 version).

      • Silly Bubbles says:

        Oh, okay! I’ll try that! Thanks!

        P.S. Can you add “slenderman2371” to to the asg list? Thanks again! 🙂

    • derrick says:

      Number 1 Theres way to much stuff in poptropica for that to happen. Number 2 You can add stuff like backgrounds and special effects to your player, but they have like 1% chance of glitchers ever finding them. Number 3 Ad costume codes like ad_dxd_ironman have expired and even if you typed them in things like ipop or M.A.P they would never appear.

  10. Sydney says:

    Do you have any more dummies with dummies in their closets?Please bring more!I am desperate!And I know I am stupid But PLEASE!!!!!!

  11. Loud Noodle says:

    Okay, so this glitch is weird. The Poptropica store deleted winter popgum from my items! When I tried to buy it again (when I had enough), it didn’t let me (but it didn’t say I didn’t have enough). Someone please HELP!!

  12. derrick says:

    Hey I got a new glitch! In sui islands, pick any character that you wan’t the facial hair from
    and put that character in your customize window. Go to the square wear it you see the customizable parts. then click it again. Then click the blue sign on the right. Pick any costume. Then the facial part should be their.

  13. james says:

    I think I found a new glitch but I’m not sure.I went Wild West Island while wearing Hades’ Helmet (from Mythology Island) and holding a shrink ray gun. Then I shrunk someone and I turned big! I shrink someone else and the effects reverse, I become normal sized again. (This doesn’t work on Home Island… and I’m pretty sure it only works on Non SUI islands.

  14. Kirby says:

    So… I tried out the Ad Transporter… And… uh…
    Here I am at Shark Tooth, an Island I hadn’t been to before using the Ad Transportor. Notice the inventory? The vent blueprints from 24 Carrot has mysteriously gotten into it! None of the other inventory sections that have these ad items included anything as strange as the blueprints.

  15. Blobfish says:

    An easy way to save outfits is to make a new account and put them in that outfit and then return to your normal account and ad them as your friend.

  16. turtles-_- says:

    Flight glitch -_-
    1. get a costume with a sword(samurai, sky hawk, masked hero, ***)
    2. costumize the sword
    3. get on a high place
    4. start running
    5. when you are about to fall off press space
    6. you should glide for a few seconds

    Double jump -_-
    1. do steps 1-3 in the flight glitch
    2. jump off and press space as soon as you jump
    3. if you hit the ground before you jump again then you start rolling

    *** ALMOST any handheld item that does something when you press space works(most store bought items from costumes should work)***


  17. turtles-_- says:

    HELP! I can’t play any episode of survival island and i completed every islands besides the members only and most of the Bordem Busters! (It’s a problem with my account because I can play it on my friends account!) (It’s not a problem with my browser either) (log-out log on doesn’t work) (It might be my wifi but i still can play multiplayer games) plz HELP!

  18. Turtles-_- says:

    Room codes are the thing you put after the
    the desc=NabootiMain&island=Nabooti would be the room code

  19. Turtles-_- says:

    Could you devote a new place for the comment s there are so many and it keeps bumping me back up to the top of the comments because more r loading(i think)

    • Slanted Fish says:

      This page doesn’t display every comment all at once — you can view even more by clicking “older comments” near the top of the comments section. If it bumps you back to the top, just scroll down to find your comment among the more recent ones, which should be at the bottom.

  20. Turtles-_- says:

    Hey does this count as a glitch: When you get the bat rangs from the lego batman movie ad and knock someone back with it gravity wont work on them

  21. I just use this site sometimes says:

    I recently completed Red Dragon Island, and discovered that keeping the items used in training is a lot simpler than you’d think- I merely made sure I had the item I wanted to continue holding equipped before the dragon battle began. I still had said item when I left. You might want to address on the page that changing you skin color may not be required for this to work.

  22. I just use this site sometimes says:

    Also, I have a request. I take it that you yourself, Slanted Fish, have used the ad transporter before? I’d like if you could recommend certain ads that offer cool costume parts or effects that are only obtained through said ads. There are SO many ads on that transporter, and I don’t have the time to sift through them all for the coolest items. Any particular ads you’ve used?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      I have given the ad transporter a try, but not enough to know which ads have the “coolest items.” If you’re wondering what each ad contains, you can try searching for its corresponding post in the PHB post archives. We have written about many of the ads when they were around, though perhaps not all of them.

      If it’s clothing you’re after, you may want to check out the “Ad Attire” section of the Avatar Studio Gift page, which has costumes from lots of different ads.

  23. I just use this site sometimes says:

    Another question! Regarding the name genie- if I have my name changed through the name genie, but the name is a possible in-game combination, will it still show up as “Poptropican”? And if said new name is an in-game combo, ( Fierce Crown, for example, is my Poptropica provided name ), then will I still have to create a new account?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      With Name Genie, any custom name you create has to be a new account, meaning you can’t change the name of an account that already exists. If the name you choose is a possible in-game combo (like Fierce Crown), the name you chose will show up in-game. If not, it will show up as “Poptropican” in-game, but you can still see the custom name on the Avatar Studio. Hope that helps! 😉

  24. Red Tomato says:

    Hi! I need help. I want to play PoptropiCon Island but I do not want to lose my current outfit. And I am not a member so I cannot use the Closet. How can a non member save their current outfit?

  25. Mighty Fang says:

    Oh my gosh, the craziest glitch just happened to me!
    I signed in and went to the common room on Home Island. When it didn’t come up that quickly, I just gave up and pressed the back button, and it loaded fairly quickly. But then I saw the most monstrous character anyone could ever have seen in their life! (Sosososososososososooooooo sorry to anyone who’s outfit looks remotely similar to this.) She had bright, eye-scorching primrose-coloured hair that belonged to the purple surfer girl from Mythology Island, and brownish skin. She had a purple and pink striped tank top on, and I couldn’t even tell if she was wearing shorts or a skirt! And her mouth was grumpy. Enough said. And I was like, OMG PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN’T MIGHTY FANG PLEEEEEEEEZ and I went into Friends, and it was like, First ya gotta save your game! and I was like oh, phew. Then I closed the tab because I had enough of this nonsense.

    • Mighty Fang says:

      Um, did I mention that Amelia was just asking me that question she asked, and I was like NO, and then I was like I’M READY TO GO, BUT THE ENTIRE TIME I COULDN’T MOVE THAT POPTROPICAN????

  26. Miss Fabulous says:

    Hi, Slanted Fish!
    Thanks for all the great glitches and help 🙂

    I’m using the amazing program iPop! I wanted to see the different items that I could put into my account using the Card ID’s. It’s really helpful to preview the items on the SWF links so I can see them. However, all card ID’s over Card ID 3376 cannot be viewed on the SWF links. Is there any way that I can view them?

    Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your amazing help! I love this website!

  27. Selina says:

    I have this yellow smiley balloon that I cannot seem to get rid of and it it driving me crazy! Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks!

  28. Massive Monster (MM) says:

    The description on supersiu’s Closet Adder is incorrect; it’s basically just an ASG Machine. thanks

  29. Cool Typhoon says:

    Don’t know what happened, but I closed my laptop while I was in the 24 carrot common room, and when I opened it again, it said I was disconnected from the server. I clicked Okay and i was somehow teleported to reality T.V, even though it’s members only and I’m not a member.

  30. I'm-Jacob1 says:

    Just a heads up: The Item IDs for iPop are a little outdated. (store items, AD items, member Gifts) If anyone knows codes, please tell me lol

  31. Lavender says:

    Ok, I actually thought of using iPop but saw how it doesn’t work on Windows 10 and newer operating systems which is quite unfortunate for me. But I’m only after the costumes, and ASG is not doing quite well for me. Well, MaP did the trick, it’s more efficient to use and I don’t have to go to this Glitching Page anymore (for the non-SUI link directory ’cause they removed old-school islands last year). MaP is quite useful for me, and I regretted discovering it only yesterday.

  32. Levi Koral says:

    I have a problem because I fixed a glitch on “escape from pelican rock” and it sent me back to the dining room. I had the mixer, but when I sneaked out of the vent at night, and tried to pop open the cover for the drainpipe, even though I had the mixer, it would not let me. I then went back and tried to start the food fight all over again, but when I tried to mix the potatoes, after turning on the fan, it would not let me. SIDE NOTE: when I tried turning on the fan then stirring the potatoes, I would have started the food fight all over again, and I would have started the food fight all over again. Can somebody tell me how to fix that problem, if possible, for I do not want to have to start ” escape from pelican rock” all over again. say ” Levi ” in quotes or something, if you are addressing me.

  33. Levi Koral says:

    Never mind.
    I fixed the problem by connecting the drill bit to the mixer. Sometimes, you cannot believe how easy something is, even though you do not make it easy

  34. Mess of a Being says:

    I can’t play Lunar Colony with the Old Island Directory for some reason… When it comes to the part after the asteroid belt, it’s just glitchy. I can’t grab the toolkit and I also can’t go down because I’m just walking on air instead of floating

    • Slanted Fish says:

      A lot of the older islands were built on Flash, a technology that’s now outdated and will soon be unsupported on web browsers. This means that there may be bugs in the game like the one you encountered, and unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about it.

  35. Not-So-Chilled Playa says:

    I’m pretty annoyed because when i try to use the Old Island Directory, instead of taking me to the island, it takes me to the original menu, when my account didn’t exist. Is there anything you tell to fix this problem? If so, please do it soon. Kind Regards, Not-So-Chilled Playa.

  36. Mess of a Being says:

    Is it still possible to make ASG accounts? I tried making one and it has the bowtie but the ASG Machine says it’s not a valid account

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