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Old island makes a splash: Mission Atlantis on Haxe’s horizon πŸŽ₯🌊🐑

Hey Poptropicans, a classic island is making a comeback!

Poptropica recently dropped a new YouTube video offering a quick glimpse at something to come. It’s got bubbles and submarine pods β€” can you guess what it is? (Oops, the title of this post gave it away.)

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll probably recognize the beginnings of Mission Atlantis Island in this clip. Oddly, the original trailer video has disappeared, but you can watch the full clip in this old video from Thinknoodles, which also has Daily Pop sneak peeks:

Mission Atlantis originally released in 2014 and had three episodes, all of which disappeared in the transition to Haxe in 2020. (You can still play it on the Poptropica app, though.) In this island, players discover something amazing at the bottom of the sea… if only you can get inside and figure out how it works.

While Mission Atlantis may not have been as popular as other past islands, it’s nevertheless exciting to see that we’re getting closer to another classic returning to the Poptropica map! 🏝

Although the Haxe map currently contains only the first episode for other episodic adventures like Survival and Arabian Nights, we’re hoping that the rest of the story eventually comes along, too. And while we wait, join us in jamming to “Backspace,” our anthem for the old islands!

Also on the Creators’ Blog is another video from guest writer Invisible Ring, who picks up from her last post where she spotlighted Perfect Sky, a Poptropica fan movie creator on YouTube who is no longer active. This time, Ring shares how Poptropicans have been hoping for someone to continue Sky’s legacy, and how she could be that person.

So, inspired by Perfect Sky, Invisible Ring announces that she’s working on a “full-length movie,” and drops a trailer for her upcoming creation. “Poptropica: Battle Morale” tells the story of one little girl standing up to the winds of change in the Poptropica universe. Where others are pessimistic on Pop’s future, she’s optimistic, refusing to let naysayers have the final word. Watch it here:

The world of Poptropica could certainly use more hope, and “Poptropica: Battle Morale” might just be able to offer that light to the fandom. Best of luck on the movie, Ring!

Across the fandom, other stories are being told in still yet spectacular pictures. Just take a look at the latest fan art of haunting characters and places on Poptropica’s Instagram stories!

That’s a wrap for this update. Are you hyped for the return of Mission Atlantis? What about the upcoming fan-made movie? Have you started putting together your outfit for our Halloween costume contest? (It was retweeted by the Pop Creators!) Let us know what’s popping with you!


5 thoughts on “Old island makes a splash: Mission Atlantis on Haxe’s horizon πŸŽ₯🌊🐑”

  1. Thanks for wishing me luck on this movie, PHB… And to anyone who may be reading this, hope you like my trailer, and if by any chance you wanna talk with me about my video, I’m not someone you can follow by social media, but the discussion section of my youtube channel is always open.

  2. It’s nice to see that mission atlantis is making a comeback, it was one of my favorite islands! Really gives me hope of the possibility that poptropica is finally gearing up to bringing the missing islands back

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