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Community Creations: August 2021


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the August recap for Community Creations! August’s theme was Flight, so be sure to check out all the featured artists (not in any order)!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

Maroon’s Blimp by happyclonetrooper

Wow, this work is stunning, right? The dramatic lighting, dynamic clouds, and wide camera angle make for an intriguing composition to say the least. But beyond that, just look at that cool blimp design! I love seeing a twist on the classic yellow blimp, familiar to any and all players. The alterations seen here make the ride much more interesting and personalized, especially with that clever Maroon Ring logo. Find her Instagram here and check out the blimp design up close.

Adventure Awaits by PegaKid

Adventure awaits!!! This work is filled with tons of joy and excitement, making me want to set off on my own adventure right away. The close up shot of this blimp makes the viewer wonder what lies beyond it and what the characters spot ahead. Plus, who wouldn’t want to travel with such an adorable cat by their side? Find her DeviantArt here.

Full-Power Betty Jetty by AdventurersNHunters

I’m loving this twist on Betty Jetty! Stepping away from her typical pink color scheme, it’s clear that this fully-powered version of her shouldn’t be underestimated. Betty Jetty is an iconic choice for our flight theme, and the green glowing effect really emphasizes her abilities. The skyline is a great addition to the composition and her billowing scarf adds a lot of movement to the scene. Find her DeviantArt here.

Poptober: Blimp by Gentle Dolphin

Uh, you doing ok there, guys? Originally made for the Poptober “Blimp” prompt, this work is excellent. Not only is it made with crisp colors and smooth line art, but it also tells a compelling story. The emotion expressed by the characters is hilarious and honestly pretty relatable for those with a fear of heights. Who really needs a compass to fly anyway… right? I love seeing Amelia in the spotlight, as well as the individually recognizable islands in the background. Find her DeviantArt here.

A New City by Dangerous Dragon

The prince was tired of living in the palace. He wanted to have a normal life. Do hard work. So in the yard of the palace there was a great hot air balloon, left by his great great grandfather. He was the first one to discover and rule Poptropica. Seeing an opportunity to leave as his father/king wasn’t home, he set out on the old hot air balloon.

Well, prince, you shouldn’t have done that. As he left around 4 in the evening, there were great winds. A storm approached. As it was an old balloon, it flew far, far away from the kingdom. He fainted.

He woke up later when the sun was setting. He looked below—It was nothing like his kingdom. It was a city, but he didn’t know what a city was. Still, he decided to land. He remembered the day he reached the city. He painted this artwork:

When the prince had landed that day, he had asked some people where the land of Poptropica was. They said that the kingdom was here before, but now it was a city. Now he works as a normal person in the city, keeping his secrets close to his heart. To this day, having learned about technology, he is still are astonished because if he was from the olden times, then how did he reach the future? Time travel?


Oooh, quite the intriguing story, huh? Plus, the artwork really adds depth to the narrative. I’m already hooked and curious to see where this prince ends up. Though he obviously spends his time flying in a blimp during this short, I have a feeling the real meat of this tale lies in that new city. Who knows? Maybe he just got mixed up on Time Tangled Island? The theme of “flight” is just filled with so much potential for adventure, so I’d love to see this adventure continue! Find Dangerous Dragons often in the comments section.

Honorable Mentions

Wow guys, you really reached new heights this month! I’d say that all these submissions were pretty fly. But before I take off, let’s learn a little about next month’s theme…

September: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Pop clubhouses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is September’s theme? September’s theme is…


Any punk fans in the audience today? Cinderella’s transformation on Fairy Tale Island got me thinking that this would be a super fun theme for Community Creations. Fans are no strangers to punk edits of their favorite characters, afterall, and Cinder has quickly become a favorite.

If you’re a bit unfamiliar with what punk means, don’t worry, you’ll pick it up quite quickly! I’m talking black eye liner and black nail polish, I’m talking mohawks, choker necklaces, plaid pants, and rock music. Anything a bit edgy and alternative works, as long as it stays appropriate. Just take some inspiration from Cinder!

Maybe make some Cinder fan art, or redesign a Poptropica villain with a more punk aesthetic. Create your own in-game punk outfit, or even write a story about Cinder’s first poppin punk concert.

  • Submit: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created, email it to the PHB team on our Contact page, OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitter, or Discord.
  • Results: Next month, I will feature 5 submissions that stood out to me the most as well as some honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Just make sure you relate to both the theme and Poptropica (and nothing NSFW or otherwise inappropriate).
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


5 thoughts on “Community Creations: August 2021”

  1. These are all so great, and I feel that my character would totally be freaking out if I were in Gentle Dolphins place as well!

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