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Guess That Poptropican, Round 2 โ€” Answers

Howdy Poptropicans! It’s LJ with the answers for the second round of Guess That Poptropican! Continue reading for the winner later in the post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Poptropican 1

  • I can be seen on two islands
  • My name is alliterative
  • I have a villain sibling
  • I have my own store
  • I like my comic books

I am Ned Noodlehead from Super Power Island and (sometimes) Reality TV Island!

Poptropican 2

  • I own a beauty company
  • I’m constantly searching for rare plants and creatures
  • I occasionally wear fashionable sunglasses
  • I have a beauty mark
  • I have attempted murder

I am Gretchen Grimlock from Cryptids Island!

Poptropican” 3

  • I take on many different looks
  • I can help you with all of your shopping needs
  • I hover
  • I am not a Poptropican

I am Quippy!

Poptropican 4

  • I go by two different names
  • I have my own Draw My Life video
  • I’ve worked on the Creators’ Blog
  • I like video games

I am Abe/Gamer Guy from Zomberry Island and (rarely) Poptropicon Island!

Poptropican 5

  • My name is a pun
  • I blast lightning bolts
  • The quest from which I come from has never appeared on the map

I am Dr. Cumulo Nimbus from Blimp Adventure!

Poptropican 6

  • I am a former child actor
  • I long to have a serious role
  • I’d like to show my dark side

I am Willy Bingleman from Backlot Island!

How many did you get right? Congratulations to Barefoot Knuckle for being the first person to get them all! Shoutout to Jumpy Fang, I am an affront to God, Paris, Magic Fire, pegs, Silver Horse, and Smart Icicle for also guessing correctly โ€” and of course, good job to everyone else who tried. I really appreciate the participation. Alas, here’s the Pop Portrayal prize! I hope you like it.

Barefoot Knuckle

How do we feel about a round 3? Sound off below and I’ll see you in the next post. Pop on!

โ€“ LJ ๐Ÿ€


17 thoughts on “Guess That Poptropican, Round 2 โ€” Answers”

  1. Wow! Thank you so much, Lucky Joker! And great job to everyone who participated. I had tried to do the last round but lost so who knows, keep persevering and you could be next! Also, that drawing of me/BK is killer its just the way I picture her (totally righteous, spunky, and glamorous)! And btw I LOVE those shoes and leggings! Wished I owned that outfit in real life.

  2. Congrats! I totally want a round 3. I have a feeling i’m not going to win, but it’s fun to try!

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