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Announcing Island Flash-backs (and honoring a special fan creation)!

Hello Poptropicans! With Adobe Flash having officially shut down, we have finally seen the loss of many beloved classic islands. However, there is hope with the Haxe conversion of these old favorites. Still, the Creators have A LOT to go through, so we thought we’d do something special in the meantime to remember some of the best islands that were in the game. Announcing an upcoming PHB series: Island Flash-backs!

The goal of this is simple: We’ll dedicate each new month to celebrating a classic island from the Flash era, encouraging the Creators to bring them back through all of your fan creations and a special post here on the PHB.

Through this we hope to honor beloved, awesome islands, whether well-known or maybe less popular, showing our love and support for these stories to the Creators! While I have several islands planned for the upcoming months, if there’s significant demand for one I haven’t listed, I will certainly consider it, so feel free to make suggestions!

I had Mocktropica planned for this month (January), but due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to fulfill that post on time. But I will be announcing February’s Island Flash-back soon, so stay tuned!

Before I leave, I would like to quickly direct you to one more thing: a fan project that deserves WAY more recognition: The Poptropica Dating Sim! It’s created by Jia/Magniventris from the PHC, our Discord server, and will continue to be updated.

Including music (lovingly) ripped off from Jeff Heim

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: You date some of Pop’s most infamous villains! It’s got awesome art, witty dialogue, voice acting including yours truly as Ringmaster Raven, and the most attractive Poptropica OC I’ve ever seen…I mean–

Please join us in supporting this fan game and begging for Dr. Morrigan to be an option!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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