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All aboard for alternate endings to Poptropica islands ๐Ÿš‚

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Icy Crown (Emu), who explores the idea of alternate endings to Poptropica islands with the example of Mystery Train. Can you come up with your own?

Hooked: The hook brings you back.

Heyo! Icy Crown coming atcha with a guest post for the PHB. ๐Ÿ’•

One thing I’ve always wondered as a Poptropican after finishing an island is, “What if (so and so) didn’t do that?” or “What if ___ never happened?” So I thought, “Hey, someone should do that.” Today I put forth the challenge!

This post is all about how much I love Ned Noodlehead alternate endings for my favorite islands.

Of course I had to pick one of the greatest islands (haters gonna hate): Mystery TrainSpoiler alert: the ending of this game is given away. But don’t worry, If you have played it but scarcely remember, you can always check out the PHB’s Mystery Train Island Guide. Here’s the synopsis:

How do you solve a mystery when everyone is a suspect? Itโ€™s 1893, and some of the worldโ€™s brightest minds are traveling by train to the Worldโ€™s Fair in Chicago. But after a dastardly crime puts the fate of the Fair in peril, only you can piece together the clues and collar the criminal. All aboard for a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the last twist of the tracks!

All Is Fair: Let’s skip all the exposition, shall we?

In the original ending, we find out the culprit is Mademoiselle Moreau (or as the PHB guide affectionately calls her, “Frenchy”), and we have to chase her to take back Tesla’s transformer. In the heat of things, she’ll fall into a water tank, trapped! From there, the fair is saved.

Now here’s my alternative version of events:

As you approach Frenchy on the ferris wheel, she throws the transformer into the air, but somehow it manages to land safely on a platform a few levels below. At this point, it’s a race between you and Frenchy to retrieve the transformer, and you’re well ahead of her. Just as your fingers brush the side of it, someone pushes you onto your stomach and yanks you off the ledge as you plummet down and plop into a… water tank? Turns out Erik Weisz was in on it the whole time. You think it’s over, done, the fair is ruined. There’s no way you could get it back, let alone get out of the tank!

But then, out of the blue, a green-faced Mark Twain jumps down and snatches away the transformer from Erik’s own two hands. The fair is saved! Mark unlocks the tank and you are able to catch your breath. Victory is yours!

There you have it! What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

But before I send you loose, I have a challenge for you! Following my example, create your own alternate ending in the comments below. Remember to be creative and original!

It’s time for me to sign out, but keep on poppin’ readers!

~ Icy Crown

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Icy Crown (Emu). If you did, you might also enjoy a guest post by Comical Carrot that brings a twist to the topic with Unsatisfying Island Endings.

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15 thoughts on “All aboard for alternate endings to Poptropica islands ๐Ÿš‚”

  1. It would be really cool if you could choose your own path and get different outcomes in the upcoming islands (though, there might be only one true ending since some of the islands come through a certain continuity. Ex: Super Villain island). This either way would bring so much more replay ability to islands.

  2. Interesting idea emu! I love to see a alternate ending for some islands that can be really nest and something to look at!

    I wonder… If Super Villain Island has a ending where you defeat zeus but in alternate end you fail to defeated him leading to the other villains actually taking him down and then they leave after saving you.

  3. a sinister ending would be that Frenchy was just a distraction so that the real thief, Edison, would not get caught stealing a poor man’s invention.

      1. I think he was saying that Edison stole it from a poor man, and was pretending it was his own…

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