Pearly white sights for your hideout

Hey Poptropicans—it’s remodelling time, and this season’s color, apparently, is pearly white. From knit wall pieces to shiny bikes, there’s plenty to choose from in the latest update to the clubhouse store!

While new players got a set of special housewarming gifts a couple weeks ago (and old players were left out 😢), this update (on both Flash and Haxe) is for everyone—though a little under half of the items (including the “POP”-branded transistor radio) are for members only.

I took the liberty of going on a little shopping spree to showcase some of these slick new furniture items in my crib (including the intriguing head of the mythical jackalope!). Anyway, it turns out the (free) white wallpaper really goes well with a lot of this stuff…

In other news, there haven’t been any new items to the regular store since last week (despite the Home Island billboard’s promises of weekly updates), though some of the items did get shuffled around. But hey, I guess if we’re counting the clubhouse store, then we got some pretty sweet stuff.

If you’re in the mood for some home decorating, consider entering your clubhouse into our Tribal Tournament! Any Poptropica-related works of art, including costumes and clubhouses, can count for points towards your tribe. Plus, don’t miss out on this week’s round of Genius Games! 🧠🏅

That’s all for this post, but plenty more is happening with our ongoing tournament, especially on the PHC. Keep up the flame of the Games! 🔥

~Slanted Fish 🐠
(if I may be biased for a sec, go Nightcrawlers! 🐛)


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