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Pop Petition: Bring back old features

What’s up, Poptropicans? Lucky Joker here popping in with a brand new Pop Petition! Here, I’ll be listing what I would like to see added (or in this case, re-added) into the game to make the game even more enticing. Let’s pop right into it, shall we?

1) Multiverse

In my opinion, Multiverse was one of Poptropica’s best features. It was first introduced to the game in the summer of 2009 and offered a great hangout-with-friends experience in the largely single-player-based game that Poptropica was and still is.

Sure, we have our common rooms. However, they’re not as good for meeting up with specific friends (and even posed a challenge for us when organizing our most recent Poppies party). If that’s not bad enough, most of the minigames were withdrawn along with the removal of Multiverse. These include: Paint War, Hoops, Pathwise, Soupwords (one of my favorites), and Sudoku (my absolute favorite!). I hope Poptropica can convert Multiverse into AS3 (their newer game engine) soon.

2) Friends Page

“LJ, there still is a friends page, silly. What are you talking about?”

Right you are, anonymous reader โ€” and I really like it too! The wallpaper and sticker wall customization is a plus, and the friendship interaction options such as the like button and message board are things we didn’t have before. On the downside, though, there’s a ton of stuff missing that I took for granted on the original friends page.

Firstly: pop quizzes (Tall Melon also talked about this in his Pop Petition guest post last year). These have been gone a while โ€” even before the old friends page was replaced. It was nice to be able to show a bit of your personality through answering various things about yourself, and it was just that little extra something to do when you were bored.

Second: in-game stats. On the current profile page, it displays how many islands a person has completed, but not which ones exactly. It was really convenient to see which islands you’d completed by viewing your medallion collection. Now, you have to go to the map and check more carefully… oh wait, some of the islands aren’t even there anymore (more on this later). Also, the battle ranking and tribe tiles are completely gone. Not to mention only 25 of your friends will show up on your friends list at a time. If you have any more than that, sorry!

3) Costume Collector

screenshot from Magic Heart in Poptropica

Although this feature at face value may seem pointless considering we have a costume closet with a much larger capacity of outfit space, it actually had some good use, and it’s sad to see it gone.

For one, who wouldn’t want three extra costume slots, am I right? Also, I know a few people who had rare pieces stored in their costume collector from years ago. They were pretty upset when those were suddenly gone. Creators, please bring this feature (and our costumes) back if at all possible! ๐Ÿคž

4) Original Islands

graphic from Reddit

This is probably the feature that everybody definitely wants back. Just recently, many of the older islands were removed.

Some of Poptropica’s greatest adventures โ€” the ones that shaped most of our childhoods and made Poptropica what it is today (like Counterfeit, Nabooti, and Cryptids) are no longer playable. It just isn’t the same without all of our beloved islands on the map, and in fact, it feels like a huge part of the game has disappeared (after all, 29 of the 42 islands are gone!).

I can only hope the Poptropica Creators are actively working on bringing these islands back, and all of the other features for that matter.

As some of you may know, these features are still accessible through idk the glitcher’s teleporter link, but Poptropica’s vast majority of players are unaware of this and don’t have that option.

I’m sure there are more features we’d all like to see make a comeback in the future, but that’s for another Pop Petition. So, what do you guys think? Do you agree with my list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading, and I’ll talk to you in the next one. Pop on!

โ€“ Lucky Joker ๐Ÿ€


20 thoughts on “Pop Petition: Bring back old features”




  2. One main difference between the closet and the magic mirrors is that you don’t have to pay actual money for it.

    The club houses are kind of like the multiverses except that they aren’t really fantacy themed unless you made them to be. Oh yeah, and they’re heckin buggy too.

    And the islands coming back is kind of inevitable.

  3. Thanks for the interesting insights; I never really thought of it before, but the costume collector would definitely be nice to bring back, (or the devs could just expand the amount of costumes one can access from their closet,) and would give non-members a better sample of closet features.
    Though the multiverse is nice for parties and whatnot, the clubhouse does serve the same purpose, and you can even customize it more fully to your heart’s content (unlike the multiverses). The only downside is actually getting to a specific room, which could easily be fixed by adding a search feature that by entering one’s username and taking you strait to their page, or implementing a way to add friends by their username.
    And yes, we all miss the old islands, but Poptropica themselves have confirmed that they are being ported and will be available by the end of 2020, when flash shuts down. Until then, let’s just stop pestering them and apply patience to the situation until they are ported to a new non-flash engine.

    1. Also, if you haven’t noticed, most, if not all of the non-SUI common rooms have already been ported, so they’re making progress!

  4. I agree with all of this, especially what you said about the Friends page (and the islands, of course). I wanted to do a guest post about this, but now I don’t have to. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also would like to see the maps within each island return, as well as more items from the old store.

  5. I was actually trying to find the costume collector card very recently. I was disappointed to find out that it doesn’t show up in the SUI inventory, and store items can’t be viewed in any of the old islands like before. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Additionally, the friends page update removed the island photos, which is where I would have gotten my costumes from otherwise.

    Bring back old features? Ha. Bring back the old site. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    1. Well, they are still working on bringing all of the store items back, they’re just not all there yet. And I think** you could access your old stuff by going to the old island generator. (glitches page I think)

      I’m not entirely sure where you could access them, the old island generator is the first thing that comes to my head.

      1. I guess I didn’t really specify, but I didn’t mean that the store items can’t be viewed in any of the old islands because the old islands are gone: I tried viewing all of my inventory items through the old island directory, but only the island and advertisement items were available.

      2. Try the old friends page directory: poptropica.com/base.php

        Either go to a multiverse. (make or go click “look for friends” by clicking the +)

        Or go to the old pop store tab. In there you should be the brown bag to access them.

      1. Btw, has it not occurred to anyone that there is no log off button or anything? Cause I don’t know if that’s all that safe.

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