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The new login screen is live!

Hey, Sporty Boa here! What’s up Poptropicans? I’ll tell you what’s up โ€” it’s the brand new login screen for Poptropica Original!

That’s right, yesterday the login screen we caught glimpses of was released on Poptropica Original. And who else to greet us into this new experience but the pink fluffy bunny himself, Dr. Hare?


He’s not the only one โ€” throughout the new login sequence, you’ll find other fan-favorite Poptropica pals!ย New players will still be able to customize their age, outfits, and name, but the user experience is different, bringing a bright and poppy twist to the old classic screen that had been around for 11 years.ย (More on the changes were covered in our original sneak-peek post about the update.)

So whatcha waiting for? You can go experience this new login screen for yourself on Poptropica.com, as well as voice your opinions in the comments below.

I personally really like this change, as it gives a fresh new take on the old login experience! Well folks, stay awesome and I’ll catch you later. Boa out!

2 thoughts on “The new login screen is live!”

  1. This new login screen is pretty glitchy in some occasions (I didn’t notice the eye thing cuz I wear shades all the time and I’m curently wearing a robot head), but I like the effort they’re trying make… Worlds stuff would be nice thing to though…..

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