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Lost items for inspection

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Slanted Fish here with a few fun glimpses into parts of Poptropica typically unseen, with thanks to Sleimok and idk for sharing these images.

First up are a couple of lost items of Poptropica! These items didn’t make it into the game, but the backgrounds clue us in on where they were intended: the Petri Dish for Virus Hunter Island (was actually used in the bonus quest), the X-ray Device for Counterfeit Island (which we do use in-game, just not as its own item), and the Snoozing Crepe, also for Counterfeit.

The crepe can be seen in the guard room (the room between the interrogation room and Black Widow’s art gallery). idk adds, “This room’s code contains unused code for a dog character. If I had to guess, this crepe would’ve been used to incapacitate the dog.”

Curious about other lost items of Poptropica we’ve uncovered? Check out this 2014 post and this 2016 post for more!

Can you guys guess where this next one is from?

geyser guess zoomout

If you thought of the Geyser Guess game from Reality TV Island, you’re absolutely right! This is a zoomed-out view, of course, that includes details out of view in the game, like the bird’s nest, or the fact that this geological feature is floating in air.

And one more, from SOS Island


Whale, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this peek into the underbelly of Poptropica, and as always, keep on popping!


5 thoughts on “Lost items for inspection”

      1. Maybe they will keep adding more lost items to other items and then finally make a lost items island where you lost all of your items and it is up to you to find them!

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