Snap a Zomberry selfie on the Worlds app!

Hello, everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here sharing some news from the Creators’ Blog and an update on Poptropica Worlds! Let’s start with the Worlds update.

As you may recall, last month, the Creators posted this two-frame GIF sneak peek:


Well, the new update is exactly as it seemedโ€”it’s a Zombie Machine (branded by the Zomberries of course!).ย The new Zombie Machine can be found on Home Island on the Poptropica Worlds app only.

When you enter the machine, you’ll find yourself in a small room standing next to a purple lever. Once you pull it, you’ll need to grant Poptropica Worlds permission to access your camera. If you’re familiar with Snapchat filters, this is a lot like it.

Here, you can take photos of yourself with a Zomberry head over your face. There are three headย options to choose fromโ€”one with short hair and a death stare, one with a brushed up hairstyle and a mouth opened wide enough to smell berry breath from the other side of the globe, and last but not least,ย one with a fabulous wispy hairdoย and a slightly opened mouth. Here they are pictured below:

In addition, you get a zombie face mask added to your closet once you finish your picture taking. Here I am modeling it for you all:

Don’t I look gorgeous? No? Okay…moving on!

In less exciting news, Virus Hunter Island takes the spotlight in the newest Island Highlight post on the Creators’ Blog. Last week, it was Mocktropica Island โ€” a little ironic, considering the circumstances and the island’s storyline: “The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to be found, and you can’t take two steps without running into a game-breaking bug.”

There’s a new Guess the Island trivia post as well. This week’s screenshot for the Guess the Island trivia shows a Mythology surfer character in a room with dark blue-greenish walls with gray machinery all around.

Guess the Island 2

Look familiar?ย I’ve already made my guess in the comments section under the Creators’ Blog postย (and I 100% know I’m correct, hehe), but what do you think it is? Leave your guesses in the comments!

hehehe…too easy Creators!

Thatโ€™s all for now! What do you think of the new Zombie Machine on Worlds? If I’m going to be honest, it isn’t everything I was hoping for, but it is something of interest. Let’s just hope a new island will come out soon.

Thanks for reading as always, and talk to you in the next one.

โ€“ Lucky Jokerย ๐Ÿ€

5 thoughts on “Snap a Zomberry selfie on the Worlds app!”

  1. What happens if the flash is on? Zomberries are alergic to bright light, right? (Ryme not intentional)

  2. Btw, that picture is either Time Tangled or Spy island (one of my other guesses was Moon Colony, but if you were to take that picture, you’ll have to restart the island and go through all the other stuff just to get there).

  3. First the Poptropica Creators are 24 carrot island. Then I think the Poptropica Creators are starting to become Zombarry island now. I just have a feeling that the Poptropica Creators are going to eventually add a Zomberry Island home expansion just like 24 carrot.

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