Pop Fan Artist Spotlights

Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: BlazingAngel123

Hello, Poptropicans!

It’s Lucky Joker here starting up a new PHB series called Pop Fan Artist Spotlights!

🖌 What are Pop Fan Artist Spotlights? 🎨

These posts showcase artwork from an individual Poptropica fan artist and invite you to check out their links, where you can view more of their art. It’s essentially a combination of our Poptropica Portfolio and Community Creations series. Let’s get into it!

To kick off the series, I’d like to feature the work of one of my personal favorite artists, BlazingAngel123, also known as Blaze.

Blaze is all about creating stunning Poptropica fan art in a signature cartoonish style, and also contributed to the ever so popular Danganronpa the Island fan fiction by MissEligon (which won the Best Fan Fiction award in last year’s Poppies!).

Check out this collection of some of her work below:

Awesome, right? 😀

Blaze says her proudest piece to date is “The True Mastermind,” because it shows how much she’s improved over the years.

Believe it or not, Blaze says she started drawing since she was only eight years old using just crayons and papers, then drawing with MS Paint, to now creating her stunning visuals using her trusty tablet and other computer programs. She also says that she started drawing after being inspired off of cartoons and anime she used to watch. Neato!

Blaze isn’t taking requests or doing art trades at the moment. However, you can still browse her gallery of works on her DeviantArt page if you’re wanting to see more awesome art. Trust me, there’s lots of great stuff there!

To finish off this artist spotlight, here’s a word of advice from the artist to other aspiring artists out there:

My advice to any artist is that keep your chin up and keep going at it! If you feel unhappy with your art, try something new! Don’t be afraid to experiment, and check out references for poses, clothing and other things believe me it helps a lot!

I hope you enjoyed this look into a Poptropica fan’s artwork. Perhaps you’re even encouraged to make Poptropica fan art yourself. If you’ve created some of your own, we’d love for you to share it on our DeviantArt group gallery at We-Love-Poptropica.

– Lucky Joker 🍀


16 thoughts on “Pop Fan Artist Spotlight: BlazingAngel123”

      1. Blaze and Brave Tomato are my top 2 favorite fan artists (you guys are all great too!)

  1. I should share some of me arts… I don’t have DeviantArt (I’m only 11) but I could try to send them to you on Discord, but it has not been working for me lately… oh well

    1. Well the costume is a teeny bit different from the Haunted House quest one. The HH guy doesn’t have a belt if I remember correctly.

      1. Nah, I checked. He did had the belt. Although, it’s kinda odd that they haven’t included the sithe.

  2. PHB, have you guys got any idea what are the Poptropica creators trying to get at here?


    Also just when will they stop with this? They are just posts that aren’t news, and people can care less about them, especially when there has not been anything on any update or new island. I am just getting tired of this. 😕

    1. It’s called advertising. Anybody know the MLP fan song Buy our Toys? I made a parody called Play our Islands!😝 Still, the Creators should just stop. They aren’t Creators if they don’t CREATE THINGS.

      1. If they are advertising, then why not do that outside of their blog or twitter? It doesn’t make sense to promote their islands on their blog if only people who play their game can see it. As for the newcomers, they can just go towards the island discriptions on the website let alone in game where they would probably go first.

        Besides, they haven’t said a THING about their latest island, Greek Odyssey (other than the walkthrough, although we all know people like Thinknoodles would do it before they will).

    2. It’s baffling. We touched on this in last week’s post about the weak communications, but now they’re not even trying to describe the outfits (and of course there’s the fact that these are not the kinds of posts most fans are interested in). They also haven’t responded to our tweets about this, but continue to tweet out old news.

      So what’s up? Seems like they’re trying to put out content on their social media, but they don’t know what they’re doing—and not helping their case by ignoring the fans. It’s very unlike the care that used to go into the communications from the likes of Skinny Moon and (the former) Captain Crawfish—whoever’s doing it now could learn to take a cue from the former Creators before they lose their audience.

      1. Just… who’s the head of this operation? And where the heck is Jeff Kinney at?

        I have a bad feelling this game is going to go out of business sooner or later if they keep up with this garbage.

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