Outfits of weak communications from Creators

Hello, Poptropicans!

It’s Lucky Joker here and if you’ve been following the Poptropica Creators’ Blog lately, then you know a new series has been introduced called “Outfit of the Week.”

You might also have noticed some discrepancies between the image and the actual descriptions on how to get the costume. We poked fun at this in our April Fools prank when contradictions appeared last week, but the inaccuracies have only continued. In this week’s Mermaid costume, again in contradiction to the image itself, the avatar’s skin is anything but blue, and there is no fin to be seen. See for yourself:


“So the writer made a mistake—cut ’em some slack!”

Well, considering it’s not the first time, we’re worried that the bad blogging will be a pattern. Take a look at the inconsistencies from last week’s Hippie Hitchhiker outfit:


As you can see, there are a lot of issues here, starting with the lack of a beanie or dreadlocks. On top of that, they didn’t even bother to give that post a title.

We know that Captain Crawfish, who signs off most posts on the Creators’ Blog, used to be the alias of Mitch Krpata, one of several Poptropica staff who was recently let go. Crawfish is still signing off these posts, so it seems likely someone else has taken over his alias to resume the blogging.

But still, it’s not unreasonable for us to expect them to write something better than the short and irrelevant posts we’ve been getting—that’s if we get anything at all.

We do appreciate that the Creators are giving us some content between island releases, but we’d appreciate a little more effort in their communications. In fact, while they’ve been silent on the blog for three months, then writing about islands that came out more than two years ago (which we also poked fun at), they’ve made zero mention on the blog of their most recent Worlds island, Greek Sea Odyssey. The lack of proper attention in recent posts is concerning and even a little saddening.

On the topic of Outfit of the Week ideas, here at the PHB we’ve got 100+ creative outfits over on our Costumes page with contributions from many Poptropicans over the years. We can guarantee that, for the most part, the descriptions there are pretty accurate.

What are your thoughts on the Creators’ communications lately? Share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

19 thoughts on “Outfits of weak communications from Creators”

  1. And on that note…

      1. But seriously. Mystery of the Map is not a very resent island (they haven’t said a thing about Greek Odyssey, other than the walkthrough (even though people like Thinknoodles already do that stuff)). They are really seeming to keep us patient, ironically not even trying their hardest to.

        Like, come on, give us some sneak peaks, or dev blogs at the very least. :/

  2. Those are outfits of the Weak alright…*gets flashback to April fools day* BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SOOOO FUNNY!

  3. Gosh… Just Gosh…. I do not know what to say about this downfall of Poptropica. This blog post on the Poptropica Creators is a whole new level of low. Like oh my gregarious gosh what in the name is going on in the Poptropica Headquarters. Who even wrote this blog post in the first place like oh gosh…….

    1. To be honest, you can literally get the entire thing at haunted house (AS A BONUS, A COOL SITHE, I MEAN, IT’S NOT LIKE AS IF GRIM REAPERS HAVE THOSES). Then again, they didn’t even say where you can get the outfit. I have a feeling that whoever is running this garbage is some sort of fraud, I have never seen this such stupidity from Poptropica, ever. They have fired their social media person, some of their best devs, and are posting irrelivant stuff after that. There is no way the devs are that ignorant to not know about our thoughts about this, there is no way!

      1. Tbh, the moderation thing is getting anoying especially when it’s where no one will find it in order to get modified unless you say something

    1. Heh, Thanks. I forgot that it was in the Haunted House quest. Very forgetful I am. But they still should have mentioned it. (Also please excuse my lack of a dictionary, what does “moderation” mean in this context. Did I do something?)

      1. mod·er·ate


        make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent.

      2. That’s one definition, but “moderate” or “moderation” here means “to monitor (an online discussion) for inappropriate or offensive content.”

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