Outfit of the Weak… 😪


We’re kicking off our new PHB blogging style with a fun Outfit of the Week Weak: the Burnt Out Big Boy! Here’s how you can dress up like this sleep-deprived sucker:

  • Dye your skin tone a sickly yellowish shade with the Colorizer on Home Island.
  • Perk up a little with glasses from the resource manager on the fourth floor of Mocktropica Island HQ. You still gotta look like you’re a little alive, at least.
  • Down in the basement of Mocktropica HQ, grab the “SLEEP” eye mask and the sweaty sweatpants from one of the overworked developers.
  • Because you’ve still got a little decency even though you’re barely pulling it together tbh, put on a dress shirt from the Home Island clothing generator.
  • Try on a cuddly handheld toy like the Dr. Hare Plushy. Not pictured, but at least we have the decency to tell you so, unlike a certain mention of a Rastafarian beanie we saw somewhere

Rumor has it this is what the average Poptropica Creator probably looks like…

#burn #justkidding #maybe #examseasongotuslike

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