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Old sketches, Original updates, and a mass unfollowing

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with some social media news and special art!

To start with, Nate Greenwall, the inventor of Dr. Hare who was recently let go from Poptropica, tweeted some really cool sneak peeks of old sketches! These drawings include costumes, buildings, and diagrams of islands.

The first photo contains many of the costumes we know and love today (including Captain Crawfish’s costume itself), but the second photo is where it gets more interesting. Most of the drawings are of scenes we have already seen from Shark Tooth, but there is one piece of paper that is cut off, describing an unknown island. It appears to end with an R, and there is a sketch labeled “GHOST SHIP” that has jellyfish obstacles, requiring you to talk to ghosts to get a combination for a chest. It looks less fleshed out than the other sketches, so it’s likely that it was never planned to be released.

The items in the third photo are also interesting, especially since you can see a small portion of what looks like an early version of the Flying Squid tribe room. There are also some sketches of the cheese curd factory on Mocktropica, including an odd drawing of a machine twisting a cow to get milk.

In other news, recently on Instagram, user karin2_arts asked under one of Poptropica’s photographs (@poptropicacreators) whether there will be any more updates coming to Poptropica Original. And somewhat surprisingly, they said yes!

Pop Update

So what could these updates include? Well, I have a feeling there won’t be a new island; after all, Poptropica Worlds will likely have all of the Original’s islands eventually, so there wouldn’t really be a point. Some more plausible updates could be new costumes, updates to Home Island, or possibly even a new mini-quest if we’re being ambitious. But who knows? Maybe the Creators will surprise us again!

Speaking of Creators, the official Poptropica Twitter (@Poptropica) has unfollowed hundreds of people, narrowing it down to just 19 accounts (the PHB’s Twitter is one of the few not unfollowed). One of the people unfollowed includes Jessica, also known as Skinny Moon, the previous social media manager. She tweeted:

She’s not wrong. After all, she brought the community together and made people excited for updates; Poptropica should value her opinion. Elitism creates isolation, and isolation creates unhappiness. Jessica also mentioned that this new social media direction could be because of employee changes:

We’ve known that some senior Poptropica employees have recently been let go, but she says “most of the company is gone.” What does this mean for Poptropica’s future? How will updates be done in a timely manner with few employees? Right now, the future of Poptropica is looking pretty grim…

What do you think of the sketches? Or the promise of updates coming to Poptropica Original worked on by unfamiliar employees? Leave your thoughts below!

–SW 🐺


47 thoughts on “Old sketches, Original updates, and a mass unfollowing”




    1. Yeah, I’ve been a pretty big downer in my posts recently, but, I mean, there’s a lot to be down about. Firing an accomplished writer that’s worked for over 10 years? Not looking good. And I agree; all the new islands seem rather short to me, and they’re few and far between.

  1. NOOOO, it really is so sad to see Pop go out this way,. I hope they can find a new niche to thrive in.

  2. Lucky Wing is right. Pops fans should buy Poptropica and run it! I can’t believe that Pop is dying. Somebody really needs to do something. This is one problem our heroic Poptropicans can’t really be able to fix unfortunately. I just really hope thinks turn around soon, because Pop has never gotten this bad. If Pop keeps going downhill, it is going to lose one of its most devoted fan!!!-RT

  3. So let me get this straight

    Jeff Kenny has been focusing on Diary of a Wimpy Kid more than Poptropica

    therefore, Poptropica hasn’t been getting that many fequent updates(other than Greek Odyssey)

    then the team fired one of their best devs

    and now they are unfollowing their own imployies

    It’s not even like they didn’t chose to do this… Unless…

    Was it because Jeff Kenny wasn’t focusing on the game so much that Poptropica isn’t doing finanially well, so therefore they decided to ditch the game, but slowly because they don’t want to make fans cry if closing suddenly? 😕 *sigh* 😔

  4. Oh yeah, by the way, I came back from watching the new Nintendo Direct all hiped…

    then I came back here…

    Ps: Honestly, I haven’t had this much worries/feels since Club Penguin Rewritten shutted down.

      1. Lots of very awesomely hiped stuff I probably don’t want to spoil for…

        Wait, I’m stupid, there’re like thumbnails of it on YouTube everywhere.

      1. (If it is confrimed that it’s shutting down) How many of you guys know how to code Flash/Unity games? (Not me tho, I got a C at comp. tech, whatever it was called)

      2. I’m working with coding in Java in my Computer Science class, with me attempting to learn HTML in my free time, but I should probably start working on Unity.

        Learning Flash at this point is futile, due to the fact that it’s been confirmed Flash is basically shutting down in 2020.

  5. OMG… wut if they hire new creators that secretly work for another video game and we all have to team up to save them from ruining Pop and they turn into a giant robot and we throw plastic money at it! (That was a joke to cheer us up during this sad time.)-RT

  6. Hey Silver Wolf,

    They put Poptropica on, this site with a bunch of games on it. Shocked to find it there!

  7. GREEDYSHADOW YOU READ MY MIND! Let’s think of a plan to save Poptropica from Club Penguin Island!

    1. In all seriousness, unironically, Poptropica is having the opposite situation of CPI. CPI is doing financially well (not critically), but Poptropica…

      *rereads the comment and realizes the point of it*

      Uhh.. Never mind.


  8. I hope that they’ll transfer old Poptropica to Unity or at least turn them into islands in the mobile games so that they’ll still exist somewhere, but with 2 years left and Poptropica Worlds seeming to be their main focus now, it’s unlikely. Gonna have to replay the old ones while I still can! Seriously though, the things they’ve been doing keep damaging Poptropica. Letting go experienced team members and unfollowing so many social media accounts(who knows they need what remaining connections they have to players)…they can’t be planning to let Poptropica die right? 😦

  9. WOAH! this might end up in Greatest PHB posts! Look how many comments this has! As i am writing this there is 41 comments!

  10. Just saying fans planing to buy Poptropica would be a really good island idea! Oh and u guys should totally take over Poptropica!! Ok, that sounded more evil then it was meant to. Can I be the Island idea person. One more thing I think that island looks a lot like Mission Atlantas, does anyone agree? No? Ok, just me.

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